Enjoy Life and Ballroom Dance!

Have you ever thought about trying a new hobby? What about challenging yourself physically, mentally and even emotionally? Did you know that learning social ballroom dances like Swing, Country Two Step, Salsa and Argentine Tango can offer a new hobby, a challenge, romance and more? It’s completely true! Over the past 13 years, we at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona have watched thousands of couples and singles transform before our eyes through the power of dance. What makes learning to become a confident social dancer life-changing? Let us explain…

1. Confidence spreads. Learning to Latin dance or Swing dance does not necessarily come easy to most adults who have never tried social partner dancing before. It’s something that you tend to watch others enjoy out socially with envy. “Wow, I wish I could look that sexy on the dance floor. If only I knew how to be a great leader on the dance floor like you. How does he do that cool stuff?” Well, once you learn to become a great social dancer through a series of private dance lessons, your confidence will soon soar. You will have a hobby that very few people can do well, but that everyone wants to know. Dancing in Country bars or Tango clubs is an empowering and rejuvenating way to spend an evening. You will have others want to be like you and that is a wonderful confidence-builder! Before long, we have seen the shy and “meek” change into strong and self-assured individuals, all after learning to be a great social dancer.

2. Dancing adds romance. If your relationship needs re-kindling, there’s nothing more exciting than a ballroom dance lesson to help you to re-connect. With more romance in your life, you are sure tho not only live a longer, happier life, but you will have someone special to share it with. For singles who have a new found confidence through ballroom dancing, finding romantic connections is that much easier. What woman doesn’t want to be swept off of her feet and what guy wouldn’t enjoy a woman who moves with poise and certainty.

3. Dancing is relaxing. Why belly up to a bar when you can relieve stress in your dance lessons. Not only can you focus solely one just one thing when you are in a dance lesson, but dancing is going to raise your heart rate, putting you in a better frame of mind by the time your hour-long lesson is through.

Enjoy learning to become a comfortable and confident social dancer with us at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona. We are near Tempe, Chandler and Gilbert in the Phoenix East Valley. In each dance lesson you have here at Dance FX Studios, you will grow into a great dancer that will open up new doors and possibilities. Are you ready to enhance your life? Then try our Introductory Offer and see how dancing can benefit you!