Frequently Asked Questions About Latin/Salsa Dance Lessons

Is there anything in specific that I should wear to my Salsa dance lessons?

It is best to wear comfortable clothing to your Salsa dance lessons. Because Latin dancing has a lot of turns and hip action, you will want to account for range of motion. For shoes, a small heel with a strap around the ankle is recommended for ladies. Guys can wear shoes with leather or suede bottoms for the best Latin dance experience.

Do you offer Salsa dance classes for beginners?

Yes! We strongly recommend that beginner salsa dancers start with private Latin dance lessons rather than group courses. This way, we can show you the leading and following techniques, frame and partner connection needed to truly enjoy any of the Latin dances. From there, Latin group dance classes are a great way to maintain what you have learned. Latin dance classes are also great for meeting new people and learning new salsa dance steps.

I don’t have a partner. How do I learn to dance Salsa as a single?

As stated above, we recommend starting with private Latin dance lessons prior to joining our group classes. Progress even quicker in your dancing with one-one-one dance lessons by dancing directly with your instructor.

I can’t find the beat in Salsa music. How do I know how to hear salsa music?

Understanding and identifying Latin/salsa dance music can be a process. Through private instruction, you will receive the tools needed to hear salsa music and get your body moving on time to the beat.

What are the main differences between the Latin dances?

Although the signature characteristic style to Latin dancing includes hip action, not all dances look the same. The bachata, for example, is much slower than the Salsa, Merengue or Cha Cha Cha. What is wonderful about Latin dancing is that all of the elements are interchangeable so you can apply the moves from your Salsa dancing into the Bachata or Merengue and vice versa.