From “Two Left Feet” to FUN!

Social dancing is an exciting, romantic and healthy way to meet new people and connect with those you love. At Dance FX Studios, we want you to enjoy the benefits of dancing as much as we do. Each Private Dance Lesson, therefore, is filled with step-by-step, easy-to-learn instruction that is always personalized just for you.

Think of dancing as a new language that you would love to speak. It’s romantic, fluid, exciting, intriguing, empowering-it’s the “language of dance”! With our one-of-a-kind system of teaching, you will begin your journey into understanding the language of dance. We will teach you the ABC’s of dance as well as how to create “words” and eventually “sentences” on the dance floor.

What comes next? Well, before long, you will be fluent and fluid in the language of dance! We will guide you on your journey towards becoming an original social dancer. We will teach you how to hear the music and determine which dances go to what music. Rather than memorizing patterns and footwork, we will even assist you in creating your own dance steps! Are you excited to learn to dance yet?? We can’t wait to teach you!

Food For Thought…

Have you ever wondered why it’s so challenging to watch online dance instruction and pick up the material? What about all of those great “how-to” books and videos that were created with little footsteps to follow? What about YouTube?! Well, we have the answer why and you may want to sit down before you hear it. The reason is because your feet are actually the LEAST important part of partner dancing. YES, it’s true! This concept is so foreign to most people that it’s hard to wrap their brains around the idea.

While resources for learning how to dance exist for much less of a financial investment than learning to dance at a studio, couples and singles who have tried the “shortcuts” soon realize that there is so much more to partner dancing than memorizing steps. Great partnerships on the dance floor begin with understanding each other’s bodies and how to use them as well as each other’s roles as leader and follower. When new dancers are exposed to these concepts with our exclusive method of instruction, the thrill of partner dancing has begun!

At Dance FX Studios, we focus on creating great leaders and followers so you can genuinely enjoy the benefits of partner dancing. You will learn more about true leading and following, as well as our other signature concepts and processes in each and every dance lesson.

What it All Comes Down To Is…

Our particular way of teaching will ensure that you will comprehend the language of dance in no time. For the fastest way to get out and enjoy social dances like Salsa, Swing, Country Two Step and the Argentine Tango, we recommend starting with our introductory private one-hour lesson. From your first private lesson, you will receive the tools and tips needed to be a successful social dancer. Say goodbye to that second left foot and let us show you how to enjoy social dancing with confidence at Dance FX Studios!

What others have to say about Dance FX Studios…

“When my girlfriend asked me to take dance lessons with her I was skeptical. I had never danced before, and wasn’t thinking I was ready to begin any time soon. I had hoped that I would take a few lessons and be horrible at it so that she would let me off the hook. So much for that. The instructors at Dance FX took my two left feet and turned me into a dancer. And I found out that I actually enjoy it! Thank you for giving me a hobby that my girlfriend and I can enjoy.”

-Mark L.

Turn your two left feet into those of a confident social dancer! Dance FX Studios is located in Mesa in the East Valley of Phoenix, Arizona. From Tempe to Gilbert and Chandler to Scottsdale, we are just minutes away from making your dreams of learning to dance a reality. For those in the West Valley or Queen Creek, Gold Canyon or Maricopa, Dance FX Studios is less than a 30 minute drive. For social dance instruction that will prepare you for any dance floor, Dance FX Studios is your destination.