Frequently Asked Questions About Country Dancing

Are there different kinds of Two Step dancing?

Yes! There are Country Two Step variations based on the region of the country that you are in AND there are also various styles of Two Step dancing. There is a “Texas” Two Step and an “Arizona” Two Step dance. Both dance styles are great to know in preparation for going out Country dancing in Arizona, but the AZ Two Step is more often used here in Phoenix and throughout the state. The Arizona Two Step is effective for crowded dance floors as it does not require traveling.

I am afraid to dance in the Country bars since every time I go Country dancing they are throwing each other around. Where do I go and practice my Country dancing?

Country dancing in the bars in Phoenix can be wild and outrageous or more tame depending on which place you visit. We suggest that you take that step out to a variety of social dance venues and observe for a bit to see where you feel most comfortable. Beyond our list of places to go Country dancing, there are many venues, including our studio, where as a beginner you can ease your way onto the dance floor without fear of untamed dancers.

What other Country dances can I learn when a slow Country song is being played? Everyone just seems to clear the floor, but I want to dance.

The Country waltz is a practical dance to know for slow dancing to Country music. Make sure, though, that if you choose to dance the Country Waltz, that the music being played is a waltz. The Waltz has unique timing as compared to other dances. Take a look at our Country music list for beginners to get an idea of what a Waltz sounds like. Another very useful dance is the Nite Club 2 Step for slower Country music. With private Country dance lessons, we will show you how to identify each Country dance and when to use them.

Do you offer Country Line dancing?

Yes! You can learn all of the popular Country line dances in private Country dance lessons and our NEW Country Line dancing class beginning on June 6th here at Dance FX Studios. With a group of friends, you can even create your own small class and learn several other Country dances including the Country Swing and Two Step.

How do I know what song goes with what dance?

We will help you to identify the music in your private dance lessons. Music identification is a key component in being a successful Country dancer and it is not something that comes natural to everyone. In fact, most men admit that they cannot find the beat when a song is on. No worries, we are here to teach you on how to know what dance goes to what music so that you can look your best!

Everyone seems to be doing the same “dance” regardless of the speed of the song, what are they doing?

Most of those that you see on the dance floor, not just those at Country bars in Phoenix, but everywhere, are not trained dancers. They are the everyday person who just wants to let loose and have fun at the end of a busy week at work. We respect that and LOVE that they are getting out on the dance floor and having a blast! This does not, however, mean that they know what they are doing on the dance floor. Proper training is what it takes to get the skill set involved in knowing how to dance. As with any other hobby from guitar playing to learning to golf, you can go out and try and figure it out by watching others or you can take lessons to learn to do it the correct way.

Do you teach flips and lifts at Dance FX Studios?

No. We will teach you how to have a great time Country dancing while leaving all 4 feet on the ground. Dancing can become a liability-especially when mixed with alcohol at the bars-if you attempt tricks that are unsafe. With all of the fun moves that we teach that will keep you dancing all night long, there is no need for the dangerous stuff.

Is there a certain way to do the Country Swing? Most people just throw each other around.

Many people do not know this, but there are 24 variations of Swing dancing. The Country Swing has just recently been recognized as a Swing dance variation and yes, it does have certain guidelines. These “formalities” are in place to keep you on time with the music while having fun on the dance floor.

How do I try my dances that travel when the dance floor is jam packed?

It can be very intimidating to dance on a crowded floor where there is nowhere to move. What is unique about our mode of instruction is that we train you for those circumstances. In private Country lessons at Dance FX Studios, you will learn to maneuver within the small space that you have on the dance floor.

What footwear is good for Country dancing? Where do you recommend going to get boots?

We recommend a good pair of boots for Country dancing. Our favorite local place to get Country dance boots is Boot Barn in Mesa, AZ. We have found them to have a great selection of comfortable dancing boots. Otherwise, please avoid flip flops while on the dance floor. Close-toed shoes come in handy when a few drinks have been had. Getting stepped on is no fun at all!

How long will it take me to be a comfortable Country dancer?

Ahhh, our favorite question. Your progress will depend on how often you come to your lessons and if you apply the training that is provided to you. We want to make everyone we can an amazing dancer in the shortest amount of time possible. With your commitment and our dedication, we can get you to look and feel awesome in a few months time.

I’m happy to have learned to Country dance the right way with dance lessons, but everyone out there at the Country dance clubs is doing something different. How do I fit in?

You fit in by setting the standard for what a great dancer looks and feels like. We know that at some local Country dance venues, crazy flips, dips and spins are the norm. It is our objective to teach you how to dance in a fun, safe and effective manner so that you can be on time with the music, be a great leader or follower AND look amazing with the cool dance moves we teach. Just know that with lessons, you have learned to dance with healthy habits right from the start. As you begin to loosen up and relax, you can get out there with confidence knowing that you made a great investment in yourself!

You can begin your journey into the excitement of County dance lessons with us at Dance FX Studios! We are near Tempe in Mesa, Arizona