Beyond The New Student Offer…

To become a comfortable social dancer, Private Dancing Lessons are the key! One-on-one time will allow us to focus on your specific needs and goals, helping you to get out on the dance floor that much quicker. Here’s what Dance FX Studios’ offers beyond your New Student Offer.

Dance FX Studios’ Foundation Program: After your introductory dance lessons, we’ll continue with lessons where we begin laying a solid foundation in up to four social dances of your choice. This is where the fun really begins! Private Foundation Programs start at 5 lessons and are tailored just for you.

Dance FX Studios’ General Studies Program: Once your foundation is laid, we will customize a program for you that takes you from walking through the moves to becoming a great social dancer! You will be dancing on time with the music as well as be able to identify what dances to do to various genres of music. Our step by step process (no pun intended! :)) will help you to see how much FUN it is to learn to dance!

Dance FX Studios’ Continuing Education Programs: Continuing Education students are able to dance socially with confidence and ease on small, crowded dance floors. They are combining elements together and working on styling and more advanced concepts and techniques as they make dancing a life-long hobby that can be used anywhere!