At Dance FX Studios, we offer Private Dance Lessons, Group Classes and Wedding Dance Lessons in all of the popular dance styles including Country Two Step, Salsa, Swing, Tango, Ballroom and more.

Special Gift Card Promotion

For a limited time, get a FREE $15 Gift Card with the purchase of $100 or more in Gift Cards! Come by the studio or purchase a gift card online in increments of $25 in our Online Store. Amounts can be applied towards Retail Items, Group Classes, Private Dance Lessons and Dance Events.

Private Dance Lessons

Private Dance Lessons make a wonderful gift for both singles and couples. With personalized instruction in any of the most popular social dance styles including Latin, Swing, Country Western and Argentine Tango, you will surely reach your dancing goals quickly.

Introductory Offer for Two: $25

Includes one beginner’s Private Dance Lesson for a couple or single. We are confident that all we need is an hour to show you how fun and easy it can be to learn to dance! In an Introductory lesson at Dance FX Studios, you will become acquainted with several dances of your choice as well as key concepts like how to connect with anyone on the dance floor, and how to hold your dance partner properly. We will provide other useful tips to get you ready for any social dance floor. Click here to purchase.  One per couple/single. New Students only. Lesson expires 6 months from date of purchase.

Private Lesson Starter Package: $320  

Includes One Introductory Private Dance Lesson (see above) and 5 Private Beginner’s Dance Lessons for two. Get started with the basics and discover the most important turns and moves in up to 4 dances of your choice (includes Country Western, Line dancing, Latin, Swing and Tango dance styles).  Click here to purchase. One per couple/person. New Students only. Lessons expire 6 months from date of purchase.

Club FX Membership for Group Dance Classes

Club FX Membership: $99   Includes six months of Group Classes (one class per week/per person). Group Dance Classes are a great way to meet new people while discovering how to dance. We will get you moving comfortably with others on any dance floor in no time.

Dance FX Studios offers Group Classes in Latin, Swing and Country Western dance styles. Click here to purchase. One Club FX Membership per person. Membership expires 6 months from date of purchase.

Wedding Dance Lessons

Wedding Dance Consultation: $20

A choreographed first dance is very popular these days! To get your favorite engaged couple started on the right foot, Dance FX Studios offers a $20 hour-long Wedding Dance Consultation for brides and grooms. Wedding Consultations include a mini dance lesson, information gathering and creating a vision for the perfect first dance! Click here to purchase. One per couple. New Students only. Consultation expires 6 months from date of purchase.

Larger Dance Programs

In addition to any of the offers below, we offer larger Dance Packages for Private and/or Wedding Dance Lessons . Please call 480.968.6177 for details.


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What others have to say about Dance FX Studios…

“The lovely teachers at Dance FX Studios were able to accomplish what no other person on Earth could. Thanks to their superior dancing skills and exceptional teaching ability, I have been able to overcome a major obstacle in my life. The entire staff is very friendly and they made coming to learn an absolute pleasure. I highly recommend Dance FX to anyone interested in dancing, whether you are a 2 left legged shlub like me or an experienced dancer looking to fine tune you skills…just do it!”

-Jonathan Shahar