Semi-Private FAQ’s

How long is each class? Each class is 50 minutes in length including a 5 minute warm up and 5 minute cool down for practice and review. Accommodations can be made for longer class times.

Do I need a dance partner for the classes? Please organize your group in a way that everyone has someone to dance with, especially for partner dances including Salsa, Swing, Country Two Step, Tango and Ballroom. Your instructor can dance with an extra person, however, that would take away from his/her ability to move freely and help the rest of the class.

What do we wear to class? Comfortable, non-restrictive clothing is recommended. Shoes that have leather bottoms are best. Avoid wearing flip flops, sneakers and rubber soled shoes if possible. For ladies who are comfortable in heels, a strap around the ankle for support is ideal.

How many people does it take to form a Semi-Private? Semi-Private Dance Lessons consist of four or more people. Our facility will hold up to 60 (30 couples) comfortably at one time. Please mention the size of your group upon booking your appointment.

How many dances do you recommend learning at one time? One to two dances within an hour is perfect. With our unique style of instruction, you will soon discover that learning multiple dances is actually easier than learning just one dance at a time.  An instructor will meet with your group or a group leader to discuss your dancing goals prior to your first class.

How do we pay for Semi-Private Lessons? All classes are pre-paid for before they are scheduled. To continue learning as a group on a regular basis, you may purchase a five classes in advance after you try out your first class. That way, we can schedule out future days and times that work for your party.

How long does it usually take to learn to dance comfortably? Becoming a confident social dancer can take time. The key to feeling comfortable is repetition and keeping your lessons as close together as possible. For even faster results, you can schedule a Private Lesson with your instructor (for a single or a couple) and not be limited to the availability of your larger group.

How often do you recommend that we come in for our classes? A minimum of once a week is needed to truly get results. Anything more than that will get you out on the dance floor even faster!

Do we rotate partners in Semi-Privates? Rotating partners is completely optional. These are personalized classes that are customized for you. Let us know at the start of your first lesson if you would like to rotate partners or stay with one partner.

Is there a minimum age requirement in Semi-privates since you generally teach ages 18+? We are open to instructing youth in our Semi-Privates. Please be mindful of not bringing in children who cannot be left unattended as we are an adult dance studio.

Become a great social dancer with ballroom dance classes at Dance FX Studios! We will customize your classes for you. From Country Two Step to Argentine Tango, you will learn the dance or dances that you want at your pace. Dance FX Studios is located in the Phoenix East Valley just east of Tempe and north of Chandler in Mesa, Arizona. We are just minutes from the 202, 101 and 60 highways for your convenience. Begin dancing today and enjoy life more tomorrow!