Wedding Dance Videos

Dance FX Studios has choreographed thousands of first dances since 2001 for Arizona brides and grooms. Enjoy a sampling of Dance FX Studios’ one-of-a-kind first dance, bridal party and special occasion dance choreography with video that we have taken over the years. For more videos of wedding choreography by Dance FX Studios as well as special event footage, please visit our YouTube channel.

Rock Your Reception Wedding Dance Choreography


“My husband and I did a “rock the reception” dance and Rachel choreographed it for us. It was so much fun. We loved every minute. Even on days when we weren’t in the mood her energy completely changed us around (and she put up with my husband’s crankiness and frustration with such grace it would make anyone who knows him proud). If we had shown up with low energy levels, by the time we would leave, even late at night, we would be really pumped up and excited. The guests at the wedding commented that it was the best dance they had ever seen. They all loved the back flip in it, which Rachel called “the flippy thing.” Oh yes, and not just Rachel is great. Both Nicole and her husband, Adam, are awesome people. They were welcoming, very nice, smiling, greeting us every time we went in. They always asked how things were going and wanted to see what we learned. It was well worth the money.”

-Melissa and Brian Rambo

Sweet and Simple Wedding Dance Choreography

“Rachel was absolutely wonderful…Fun, Patient, Sweet, and easy to work with. Whether you are just beginning or an expert, everyone here is very nice and welcoming. We will definitely come back to learn more dances after the wedding!”

– Jana Lemau and Kraig Kubicek

Special Event Dance Choreography


“We decided to get married with less than a month to prepare. We both wanted to impress our friends and family with a special dance. We were referred here by a friend, and it was immediately just what we needed. Dirk’s expertise and experience was evident and his teaching technique is unparalleled. We don’t know what we would have done without Dirk and Dance FX Studios.”

– Sharyn Pohera and Rob Weinheimer

Bridal Party Wedding Dance Choreography



“Our entire experience at Dance FX was great from our first day. We were always looking forward to our next practice. As a couple, planning our wedding dance with Rachel brought us closer together and we had so much fun doing it. The most memorable part of our wedding for everybody there was our first dance which is something everybody will remember. Thanks Rachel and Nicole! You guys are awesome.”