Private Dance Lesson Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear on my dance lessons?

We always recommend wearing comfortable clothing on your private dance lessons so that you are not restricted in your movement. For shoes, please wear what you would wear out socially to your dance lessons. For example, if you are interested in Country Western dancing, Cowboy boots would be your best bet. For Salsa Dance Lessons, a pair of heels with a strap around the ankle for ladies and leather bottom shoes for guys are recommended.

How often should I come in for my dancing lessons?

Your progress is dependent upon how often you are able to come in for your lessons. Keeping your lessons close together, especially while your foundation is being laid, will ensure the best results in the shortest amount of time. Several times a week would be appropriate for beginners.

How long is each Private Lesson?

Our Private lessons are 50 minutes long.

I don’t have a dance partner. Can I still take Private Dance Lessons?

You certainly can! You will dance directly with an instructor, which dramatically boosts your rate of learning.

Do you have more than one location?

No. We are, however, centrally located amongst all of the major East Valley cities. Dance FX Studios is on the border of both Tempe and Chandler in Mesa, Arizona. We are just off the 101 highway just minutes from Scottsdale, downtown Phoenix, Queen Creek and Gold Canyon.

Should I start with Private Lessons or Group Dance Classes?

Private Dancing Lessons are the fastest way to become a competent dancer. You will have healthy dance habits with tips and details that can only be given through one-on-one instruction. Once your foundation is laid and you begin to become a proficient dancer, Group Classes are great supplements to Private Lessons for picking up new moves and dancing with a variety of partners.

How much are Private Lessons at Dance FX Studios?

Our New Student Offer is just $25 to get started. From there we offer two Foundation Programs including our most recommended, which is a five lesson Foundation Program for $295 (this breaks down to $59/lesson.) This program includes a Foundation Program discount and is where we will focus on the core moves and turns in the dances of your choice.  A breakdown of our Private Lesson rates are shown to our students at the end of their first dance lesson.