Frequently Asked Questions About Argentine Tango

What is the difference between Argentine tango and American tango?

Argentine tango, also known as the authentic or original tango, is a purely social dance that originated from the barrios of Buenos Aires. It is a passionate, romantic and exciting dance that is used socially, often in very small and crowded dance floors at dance parties called Milongas.

The American tango is an offshoot of the authentic tango. With a more staccato appearance and style, the American tango is a competitive ballroom dance that is not often used socially. Because we at Dance FX Studios are a purely social dance studio, we offer Argentine tango.

How many of styles of Argentine tango are there?

The Argentine tango is ever-changing and evolving with the times. From traditional salon-style tango to nuevo (new) tango,this unique dance has made its way into the hearts of young and old dancers alike.

Is Argentine tango hard to learn as a beginner?

As we often say, “If you can walk, you can tango”. While mastering the look and feel of tango may take time, anyone can learn to tango with private dance instruction. With time and effort, the payoff is big for knowing how to dance tango. It is a sensual and intimate dance that can transport you to another place and time with the one in your arms.

How many dance lessons does one need before he/she can do tango dancing?

As everyone learns at their own rate and with their own overall vision of where they see themselves as a tango dancer, you can learn to dance tango within months or throughout a lifetime as part of a journey. In the interim, we suggest going to tango dances (Milongas) around Arizona to observe how the dance is executed. Baby steps from there will help to build your confidence and eventually get you ready for social tango dancing.

Do I need special shoes for Argentine tango?

Shoes with leather or suede bottoms are ideal for both men and women who are learning to tango. You can find shoes online or from several local ballroom dance shoe stores like Great American Dancing Shoes Mesa, Arizona.