Prepare for Your Consultation

Prior to your Wedding Dance Consultation, please prepare a list of possible song options that may be of interest to you. You may bring in your favorite songs on a CD, ipod, iphone or flash drive for us to hear. When choosing the right song for you, the sky is the limit! Gone are the days where you must dance to a slow, sappy love song on your wedding day. Be creative, we can choreograph to almost anything! Believe us, we have! 🙂 Whether you like Salsa, Country, Rock, Pop, or Argentine tango music, we can give you the first dance of your dreams.

Also, an image of the bride’s dress, dance shoes and dance floor dimensions are very helpful. This way, we can deliver a first dance that is appropriate for you and your surroundings.

Lastly, wear comfortable clothing and bring shoes as similar to those that you will be dancing in as possible for the dancing portion of the consultation. You will be dancing in a portion of your consultation so come in non-restrictive clothing that will allow you to relax and enjoy your first steps together on the dance floor.

We look forward to making your dance experience an exciting and special journey.


Dance FX Studios, located near Chandler, Tempe and Gilbert, Arizona is just off of the 101 highway in Mesa. We are less than 10 minutes from Scottsdale in the East Valley of Phoenix. For a Phoenix dance studio that has over a decade of experience with Arizona brides and grooms, Dance FX Studios is the perfect place to learn to dance for your wedding.