Frequently Asked Questions About Swing Dancing

Are there different styles of Swing dancing?

Yes! there are 24 swing dance variations including West Coast Swing, Country Swing, Jitterbug and Lindy Hop. While each swing dance style has it’s own look and characteristics, swing dancing in general is a must-have for any social occasion. Please consult with your instructor as to which swing dance is most appropriate for you.

My partner wants to start with an easy dance. Is Swing dancing a good dance for beginners?

Swing dance lessons are great for beginners! Because swing dancing is so useful, it is a social dance that everyone should know. While not every swing dance style is equally “easy” to learn, beginners in particular will benefit from learning to swing dance for its versatility and fun factor.
Isn’t swing dancing just about “swinging” my partner around?

Not quite. This misconception often leads to sore shoulders the next day for ladies in particular. Believe it or not, swing dancing is all about finesse. Yes-even Country swing! With private swing dance lessons, guys will learn the techniques needed to become a great swing dancer without ripping out their ladies arms.

Do you offer Country Swing dance lessons?

Yes! Country swing dancing is very popular here in Arizona with all of the Country bars in the Phoenix valley. Generally, untrained Country swing dancers take liberties with their dance partners that are unsafe on the dance floor. Let us show you how to keep that Country style while making swing dancing fun and safe for all.

Do you offer Swing dance lessons for all ages?

Dance FX Studios offers swing dancing lessons to couples and singles ages 18+ in private and group dance lessons, with the exception of our Semi-Private Dance Lessons, where you can learn to dance in a group of just your friends or family.