Group Dance Classes

Reserve your spot in one of our fantastic Group Dance Classes! Classes are held every Tuesday and Thursday at 6 pm and vary to include Country Western, Swing and Latin dances. Couples and singles of all levels are welcome.

Classes are $10 per person, per class, or $99 for six months of class with a Club FX Membership (see details below). More information, including How to Register, Rotating Partners, and Class Ratios are listed below the Class Calendar.

CLUB FX MEMBERSHIP: Get six months of classes (one class per week) for $99 total with a Club FX Membership (1 membership per person). Club FX members also get discounts on special events, retail items and more! Club FX Memberships can be purchased through our FREE App (Dance FX Studios), or in our Online Store.

IMPORTANT CLASS NOTE-PLEASE READ FIRST: We strive for an even ratio of leaders to followers in our classes. Upon registering, you will be asked to add yourself to a waitlist. PLEASE DO NOT SHOW UP FOR CLASS UNTIL YOU HAVE RECEIVED A CONFIRMATION TEXT.

HOW TO REGISTER: Click “Sign Up” on the class of your choice. For couples, choose the payment option labeled  “Couple’s Pricing- 1 Per Partner” to show that you are registering with another person. Once both people sign up separately, you will each be added to the waitlist. From there, we will send you a text confirming that you are in the class. Again, please do not show up for class until you have received a confirmation text.

Singles, upon payment, you will be added to the waitlist. When another single of the opposite sex signs up, you will receive a text confirmation to come to class. Don’t worry! We usually get fairly close to an even amount of leaders to followers. To be safe, sign up early and you will be notified via text when you are confirmed. First to sign up, first to get in.

ROTATING PARTNERS: You will not be asked to rotate partners if you came with someone/found someone and want to dance with them throughout the class. Otherwise, we rotate partners to help you to become a confident lead/follow on the dance floor.

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