Salsa Dancing…Get Addicted!

istock_000004681092smallSalsa dancing can make you come alive! It is an energetic and fun dance that will have you wanting more. With private or group Salsa classes, you’ll be shaking your hips in no time!

THE SALSA BASIC: There are many different types of Salsa dancing but this month we will cover the basic steps for one of the most common styles. In Salsa dancing, there are four beats but only three of them are going to involve taking a step. You can also count out all eight beats, but similarly only six will have steps to them.

To start off, face your partner in closed position or hold hands. If you choose to hold hands, the leader (usually male) will hold his hands as if he were holding two cups and the follower (usually female) should put her hands within the top of his. For the first step, the leader should take a step forward with his left foot and the follower takes a step backwards with her right foot. The second step involves the leader taking a step in place with his right foot and the follower taking a step in place with her left foot. The third step is going to bring your foot back into starting position, so the leader should be moving their left foot back and the follower should move their right foot forward. The fourth beat is a pause so you do not have to move at all. That completes the first four counts.

The next four beats are similar to the first four, but they are just slightly different. The leader is going to step back onto their right foot for the fifth beat and the follower is going to step forward with their left foot. As you may have guessed, the sixth beat has the leader stepping in place with their left foot and the follower stepping in place with their right foot. The last actual basic step includes the leader stepping forward with their right foot and the follower stepping back with the left foot, so they are both back in starting position. Finally the last beat of the sequence, the eighth beat, is just a pause with no movement. That completes the last four counts of the Salsa basic.

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