The Salsa Dance Evolution!

Salsa dance lessons ArizonaIn researching the history of Salsa dancing, there are a few different opinions on the origins of what most of us consider one the spiciest Latin dances. One common opinion is that it emerged out of Cuba from a “Country dance” and found its way to New York where it was termed”Salsa” and then blossomed into what it is today. Another opinion is that Salsa’s origins come out of Africa, which explains why the movement is not up and down, but a low hip swaying glide forward and backward, because the movement was performed in the sand.

The New York dance scene coined the name “Salsa”, but it did not create the dance. The name Salsa, was actually a nickname for a variety music that hit the scene from several countries of Latin influence including: Bomba, Charanga, Danzón, Són, Guguanco, Cubop, Rhumba, Són Montuno, Guaracha, Mambo, Cha Cha, Guajira, Cumbia, Plena, Festejo and Merengue. Some of the Latin dance music was mixed and became Salsa while others maintained their original sound and dance style.

When you are dancing to Salsa, you will hear several of these Latin styles mixed together, old styles mixed with modern beats. Often new instruments and additional percussion was added to Colombian, Puerto Rican or Cuban rhythms. For example, Mambo came out of Cuba and is a perfect example of a music and dance style that evolved into a something new and maybe more exciting: Salsa!

No matter what the origin, we who dance and those who seek to learn to dance are happy that Salsa dancing is around! Salsa is a sexy, steamy and emotional dance and, exactly like some popular Country dances – Salsa can also be done in a line with a large group of people. How about the music?!? Is there any other music that catches your attention so quickly and then causes your body to open up and express itself more? Personally, I don’t think so!

Nicole Dekavallas, one of the owners of Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona, would agree with me. Salsa is her go to favorite social dance- especially when she is “alone and in need of releasing stress”. She also “loves Salsa in particular because it’s wild and freeing. The freedom of expression and letting go, that is what does it for me. A stress reliever, lots of hips, it’s sexy! I am a Latin Dancer…that is what I do!”  Her other top Latin dance favorite that she shares with her husband Adam, is the Argentine Tango.

As you can see, Salsa was born from many different origins and emerged as one fun and worthwhile dance to learn. Since Salsa dancing is an amalgamation of so many styles of Latin dancing, it is a good way for a beginner Latin dancers to nurture their love for Latin music and dance.

There are many social dances to learn these days, from Swing dancing to the Country Two Step, Bachata and more!, Many of these dances emerged from combinations of other dances, which is what makes the evolution of dance so cool! Dance and music will always be changing, and that is a good thing in my opinion-especially when it comes to freedom of expression.

You too can be a part of this evolution by choosing to start taking social dance lessons for beginners today! See where your dancing journey takes you with Dance FX Studios’ New Student Offer and let the magic of dance fill your life with excitement.