In social partner dancing, great posture is everything! Learn few ways that your perfect posture will aid you in becoming a confident social dancer.

What’s Happening on The Country Dance Scene in Arizona

Have you ever shown up to a local Country bar where the dance floor is packed with guys turning, dipping and even flipping ladies? Quite the sight, isn’t it?! You probably wonder, what are they dancing? How do they do that? Can I ever do that? You find yourself on the edge of the dance floor looking to join, but not exactly knowing where, or how, to start.

That is why Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona is the place for you! We want everyone to have the tools and confidence to step on to any dance floor with ease. Whether you are a man wanting to sweep his partner off of her feet, or a gal looking to have the self-assurance to even approach the dance floor, we can help.

Dance FX Studios offers Adult Dances Lessons in popular Country Dances like Country Swing, Country Two Step and West Coast Swing. Most of what you are seeing on the Country floors in Phoenix is a blend of Country Swing and Country Two Step. There are also a lot of social dancers who are bringing West Coast Swing to the Country scene!

Country Swing is a Fast tempo Country Dance that has recently become a trend within the past 10 years. It includes a lot of turns, leans and dips, which are always fun! At Dance FX Studios, we teach our leaders to take care of their partners on the dance floor through Private Lessons, so that every movement feels safe and comfortable for her. We never her to be dropped or hurt on the dance floor, of course!

Then there is the Country Two Step. Also known as Arizona Two Step or Rhythm Two Step, the Country Two Step is a perfect style for medium tempo Country Music. This cool dance doesn’t have to travel and therefore works on any size dance floor, big or small, which makes it perfect for Arizona Country Dance venues!

Why is having both dances important? It allows you to dance to both fast and medium tempo songs. This way, you never have to miss the opportunity to dance.

Lastly, there is West Coast Swing. This is considered an intermediate dance as once you get past the basic steps there comes room for improvisation, which provides a lot of self-expression for both parties. Don’t let the word intermediate scare you though… This dance is great to set as a goal we can work towards. 😉

So, where do you start? Our New Student Offer is the perfect way for you to get your feet wet and allow us to show you that YOU CAN DANCE! We will go over how to connect with your partner, the three ways we move on the dance floor, and of course, we will go over the first movement in each of your dances.

The best part is that we work with your schedule. Dance FX Studios is open 12-8 Monday through Friday, and 11-4 on Saturdays we are meant to make this easy for you.

Today is your day to start your dancing journey. We never want you to be on the outside of the dance floor looking in… so here is to being ON the dance floor looking smooth, natural and confident!

COVID-19 Safety Measures for Dance FX Studios

Safety first! We have taken specific measures to ensure that you can be as comfortable as possible at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona until COVID-19 is under control. That being said, we know that for your mental, physical and emotional well-being, Private Dance Lessons for couples and singles, along with small Group Dance Classes are just the thing to lift your spirits! Below are the measures we are taking to keep you safe.

Private Dance Lessons:

  • All staff will be tested prior to reopening (May 2020).
  • A maximum of 15 people (a combination of staff and students with appointments only) will be allowed in each ballroom until further notice.
  • Tables, chairs and restrooms will be sanitized hourly.
  • Students will be asked to confirm both verbally and through a waiver that they do not knowingly have Covid-19 and are not showing symptoms.
  • Staff’s temperatures will be taken daily.
  • Non-students, walk-in’s and guests will not be allowed into the studio until further notice. Dance FX Studio’s website and phone number are available on the doors of the Studio on the west side of the building for further information.
  • Hand washing at the studio with antibacterial soap is mandatory for both staff and students prior to each lesson.
  • Face masks are mandatory at all times inside the studio until further notice. Instructors will stay in open frame when dancing directly with their students until further notice.
  • Instructors will remain six feet from students with partners when possible.

Group Dance Classes:

  • All staff will be tested prior to opening.
  • A maximum of 15 people (a combination of staff and students with reservations only) will be allowed in the group class ballroom.
  • Tables, chairs and restrooms will be sanitized hourly.
  • Students will be asked to confirm both verbally and through a waiver that they do not knowingly have Covid-19 and are not showing symptoms upon entering the studio.
  • Staff’s temperatures will be taken daily.
  • Hand washing at the studio with antibacterial soap is mandatory for both staff and students prior to Class.
  • Face masks are mandatory at all times inside the studio until further notice. Instructors will stay in open frame when dancing directly with their students until further notice.
  • Instructors will remain six feet from students with partners.
  • Students will be paired in advance. We will not rotate partners unless requested.

Having a safe space to come unwind, be a part of a supportive community, and have some FUN is what we’re all about! We can guarantee you that dance lessons at Dance FX Studios are just what the doctor ordered! Let’s burn of some steam and re-connect with each other on the dance floor! Come explore exciting dance styles from Salsa to Swing to Country Two Step with us!

Beat the Summer Heat With Adult Dance Lessons

How do you plan to beat the heat this Summer? If you’re looking to pass the time indoors, I don’t blame you. It’s darn near 120 degrees here in the Valley of the Sun, and the end is nowhere in sight. 🙁

Now there are lots of ways to make time fly inside this Summer, but none that are as much fun as Social Dance Lessons for Adults. Think about it, you can start Couple’s Country Dance Lessons now and be twirling under the stars by the time it starts to cool down. That would be cool, right?

If Country Western dancing is not your thing, that’s OK! Give Salsa Dance Classes or Swing Dancing a try. There are some pretty fun Ballroom Dances too, like the Foxtrot or Waltz, that will wipe away those Summer blues. And of course, you can always heat things up a bit with the sensual and seductive Argentine Tango. Si señor!

Regardless of the dance style you choose, they’re all incredible for keeping fit and having fun this season-and that’s without hitting the gym. Speaking of how Social Dance Lessons can benefit you, here are just a few more reasons why you should start dancing now.

Get Social.

A big reason why people begin with Adult Dance Lessons is to meet new friends. Maybe you’re in the same boat. Oftentimes when we start a new chapter in life, be it moving to a new area, or exiting a long-term relationship, it can be a challenge to start over. Having a group of friends who enjoy similar interests can make life so much easier.

Social Ballroom Dancing is an exciting way to connect with others, so why not give it a shot? With partner dancing, making new friends is easy! You need someone to dance with, and so does the other person, so you’re always going to be in a situation where you get to interact with others. How perfect! Yes, this may be a bit intimidating at first, but keep in mind that everyone is shy in the beginning, so go easy on yourself the first few times you venture out. Before long, you’ll be mixing and mingling with the best of them!

Get Confident.

Once you have taken a series of Private Dance Lessons in Country, Swing and even Latin dancing, and hit the dance floors around town to test out your new set of skills, your confidence is sure to rise! Knowing how to dance is definitely a boost on your self-esteem, especially since so many people would die to be fearless, kick-butt social dancers. It’s a matter of taking the time to learn by attending regular classes before you see the results, and most people don’t want to put in the time, or are too afraid to. Don’t be that person who sits on the sidelines and watches everyone else smiling, laughing and meeting others. Get out there and discover how to move!

When you become a confident Country dancer, or Swing dancer, doors will open left and right. You will be in demand on the dance floor, that’s for sure. I mean, who doesn’t want to be the one out there having a blast with a great dancer? I know I always scope them out first, so I can have the best time possible. What a great way to enjoy an evening, and all because you took the time to learn first.

There’s nothing more attractive than self-assurance, be it on the dance floor or in the board room. Watch how your confidence soars in all areas of life once you know how to dance. I’ve seen it a thousand times as an Instructor, and it’s incredible to witness. A once shy, meek man turns into a superstar and sweeps every woman off her feet in the Country bars around the valley! Now that’s a way to spend a Saturday night!

Get Ready for Your Big Day!

Finally, if you’re at the point in life where you’re about to tie the knot (maybe you met her/him on out dancing with friends ;)), Wedding Dance Lessons are a must! Most people don’t get married in the dead of Summer here in Phoenix, but when the weather breaks, wedding season kicks into high gear. Don’t wait until then to get ready for the most important day of your life. Start with Wedding Dance Lessons this Summer to really shine by the fall.

No, I have not yet developed that magic pill which will help you look incredible on your wedding day with only two weeks of lessons leading up to the big day, so do yourself a favor and begin learning the language of dance now. Ballroom Dance Lessons are a whole new experience, a great bonding opportunity for brides and grooms, and a super-fun hobby that you two can use for years to come. Preparation is key, though, so throw those dress shoes and heels in a bag and bring them in on your Dance Lessons this Summer to really look your best by your wedding date.

Learning how to Country, Latin, or Swing dance is a wonderful way to spend your Summer months. Do something for you this season that will make the months and years to follow that much more fantastic. You deserve some fun, now go out and get it! Now you know my secret for how to beat the heat and stay cool in Phoenix this, and every, Summer to come.

Come Back Buddy Plays at Dance FX Studios!


Tickets are selling out quick for a Swing Dance Party on Saturday, March 25th, 2017 that you won’t want to miss! Held at Dance FX Studios in Mesa from 7-10 pm, our party will feature Arizona’s premiere Oldies Band, Come Back Buddy.

At Dance FX Studios, each event is a one-of-a-kind experience, and this one is no exception. Now you may be wondering if you need dance experience to attend the festivities. Absolutely not! If you love live music, especially music by Come Back Buddy, and you want to learn to dance, hang out and meet new friends, and support a worthy cause, this night is for you!

Our party will be jam-packed with excitement for you and your guests.  From amazing food catered by Macayo’s Mexican Restaurant, and a cash bar, your evening will just be getting started. A Swing Dance Class for all levels, Special Dance Performances, Refreshments, Dessert and General Dancing is also included. Phew! What a night!

All of the proceeds from the cash bar, and a portion of your entrance fee, will be going to the charity Medicine for the People. If you haven’t heard of this cause, they advocate and educate people on alternative and natural means of healing, rather than (or in addition to) going the traditional medicine route. Throughout the event, donations will also be accepted to help fund this local, worthy cause.

Dance FX Studios’ Events are open to the public, so invite your friends to join in the fun! Tickets are just $35 per person, or 4 tickets for $120. They can be purchased online through our secure website. Hope to see you there!


4-Week Group Dance Courses are Back!

Dance FX Studios’ 4-Week Progressive Group Dance Courses are back! Join us for four weeks of fun, starting in April 2017. Each four week class is jam packed with great tips, techniques and cool moves that will help dancers of all levels, from beginners on up, to become more confident on any social dance floor. We will go through many of the most popular social dances in each month’s course over the next few months, from Salsa to Tango, and Two Step to Swing, so keep an eye out for the course that is of interest to you.

In April, we are featuring the Salsa and the Argentine Tango, two incredible social dances that are both beautiful and playful. Both classes begin on Monday, April 3, 2017, however the Tango class will be held at the studio, while the Salsa course is online via our closed Facebook Page, Real Dancing for Real People.

Did you know that our courses can also be taken at the Studio or Online? This exciting new feature allows you to learn from the comfort of your home, or in person, whichever is better for you. And…if you’re feeling adventurous, you can sign up for both In-House and Online Courses. 🙂 Why not, right?! What’s great about the Online courses is that they are posted each Monday and stay up for you to view for an entire week before the next week’s class is released. This way, you can study the techniques and new moves over and over again. Of course, theres also perks to coming to the studio to learn to dance. Our in person classes offer you the benefit of being able to meet new people, and ask the instructor questions throughout the class.

Our four week courses are perfect for dancers of all levels, whether you’re learning from home or your laptop! Exciting course material will build from week to week, giving you as a student a chance to put together all of the pieces of each dance, and begin to become fluid and natural by the end of the course. This way, you won’t feel like you’re starting from scratch each time you come to class, as you would in a Drop-In Class.

Two courses are beginning right around the corner from now, so sign up ASAP to reserve your space.  On Monday, April 3rd, our Argentine Tango Course will begin at 7 pm, and will be held at Dance FX Studios. We are located just off the 101 highway on the south east Dobson Rd and Guadalupe Rd in Mesa, Arizona. This hour-long class will be taught by the owner of the studio, Adam Dekavallas. With almost two decades as a professional Tango instructor, you’re sure to get great tips in this class. On April 3rd, you will also gain access to our Online Salsa Dance Course once you register.

Each course is just $40 per person for the entire month! With such an amazing offer, you have nothing to lose, but a ton to gain. Knowing how to social dance is a fun and rewarding hobby. Aside from making more social contacts, you will find yourself walking taller, and feeling more confident. In fact, the benefits of social ballroom dancing are truly endless. So get registered today, so you can experience the joy of dance for yourself.

New Group Dance Classes for Adults!

We’ve got great news! Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona is opening up another Group Dance Class for adults. In fact, all of our Dance Classes, be it Private Instruction or Group Classes, are for adults ages 18+, so if you’re looking to try something new and step out of your comfort zone and into an exciting, new hobby, then social dance lessons may be perfect for you!

First, let me clarify the very common question you may have which is “What is Social Dancing?”. Social dancing is what you would use at a bar, wedding, cruise or party. It’s what you would do with others in the “real world” where people are gathered to have a great time and let off some steam, versus a controlled environment, like a competition dance floor, or a big ballroom where everyone knows what they’re doing.

True social dancing includes using popular styles like Country Two Step, Swing and even Argentine Tango, and knowing how to make it fit onto a crowded, often very small, dance floor. At Dance FX Studios, we teach social dances that you can use anywhere so that all of your bases will be covered when you hit the town. From Line Dancing to how to Swing dance to your favorite Jazz tunes, we guarantee that we can help you to navigate around any crowded floor with ease.

Group Dance Classes with us are a fantastic way to get ready for social dancing! With lots of people to learn beside, you will soon see how to maneuver around a busy dance floor. We will give you our tips for keeping your dance partner safe, staying on time with the music, and leading or following fun moves on the dance floor. Then you can really sweep her off her feet!

Now you can check out three fantastic Group Classes a week at our studio: one Country, one Latin and one Swing.  Each class will focus on a specific dance within the general style so you can get a taste of everything. For example, if we are spending the month on Country dancing on Mondays, you will learn to Two Step one week, Country Swing the next, and Line Dance on the third Monday. And, the dance genres will rotate from month to month so if Monday’s don’t work for your schedule, you can learn to Country dance on Wednesdays in the following month. What more can you ask for!?

Classes are $10 per person per class, OR you can grab one of our Club FX Memberships and get six months of Dance Classes for just $99! Read up on the details, you’ll be blown away!

Finally, for those of you who are not lucky enough to live near by our dance studio ;), we offer Online Instruction in our Facebook Live Group Dance Classes. The rates and membership options remain the same, only you get to learn to dance from us from the comfort of your home. How cool is that!

It’s 2017…No Excuses! If you’ve always wanted to be a confident social dancer, now’s your time. Pick a style, bring a partner (or not) and Register Today for one of our FUN Dance Classes! You’ll be so glad you did!

Rent Our Studio for a Unique Party Experience!

Are you looking for a fun and exciting way to entertain guests at your next event? Were you in charge of putting together the next team-building activity at work and have no idea where to start? We have the perfect, one-of-a-kind “Experience” for your friends, family or co-workers!

Imagine this…It’s your wife’s 40th birthday and you have no idea what to do. You’re looking for something unique that will involve everyone she loves, and you don’t want to plan the same old dinner in a private room at a restaurant, or bowling as a group. Instead, you want an adventure! You know she’s always wanted to learn to Country dance, so you begin searching online for a bar, only to realize that you can’t reserve space for 50 people next to the dance floor on a Saturday night. Then you search further and find us…Dance FX Studios…and you soon realize that you can host your party in our stunning 3,500 sq ft studio. And the best part of it is that you can also give your wife that gift she’s always wanted..Country Dance Lessons!

How does all of this fit into one night of fun? Easy! With our new FX Experiences, you can make any event a “next level” event! We’ve really kicked it up a notch when it comes to figuring out all the details for you. From bartending service, to 3 Group Dance Classes in the style of your choice, to a DJ and host, your upcoming party will be talked about for years to come!

There are several different Experiences to choose between. Here are just some of the exciting details of each one…

The Full Experience

Rent the studio for up to three hours on a Friday or Saturday night and prepare to have some major FUN! We will teach your guests several dances in 20-minute Group Dance Classes to show them how to strut their stuff in a variety of popular social dances, from Country to Latin and Swing to the sexy Argentine Tango. We will include time for mingling, grabbing a drink, and even catering service, if you’d like to include food. Once everyone can tell the difference between their right foot and their left, we will have a “Dance Off!” for a prize, just to see what everyone learned! Trust us when we say that your friends and family will be surprised with how much they got out of those mini Dance Classes, and how easy we make it to learn to dance. We will pack in great tips to get everyone moving comfortably on the dance floor.

There’s much more that comes with this package. Get more information on The Full Experience by clicking here.

The Mini Experience

A Mini Experience is just what it sounds like! Same exciting dance classes, same great instruction, just less time to play! Shorter events can be booked any day/evening of the week except Friday and Saturday nights, which are reserved for Full Experiences. We can even accommodate your group on a weekday in the late morning hours. What a creative way to get your office together and enjoy be out from behind the desk and on to the dance floor. Yes, dancing may be out of their comfort zone, but it’s a wonderful way to encourage team mates to work together and learn to support each other. For more on The Mini Experience, click here.

Dance FX Studios is available to rent for Corporate Events, including awards ceremonies and holiday parties. Why crowd yourselves into a restaurant with nothing to do but talk when you can be moving and grooving on the dance floor? With so much more included, you will be putting on a party to remember.

Dance FX Studios is located in Mesa, Arizona. We are on the south east corner of Dobson and Guadalupe Rd.’s, just off the 101 highway. For your next party, consider us! You’ll be so glad you did!

Men…3 Reasons Why You Should Learn to Country Dance

Is there a girl that you see every weekend at your favorite Country bar that you wish you had the nerve to ask to dance? If you’re shaking your head “yes”, then now’s the time to get those Country dancing skills in place so you can sweep her off her feet someday soon.

Of course, you could just keep going back week after week and watch her be twirled around by other guys who know how to Two Step and Swing dance, and do it with confidence, but that would really suck, right? I would say so. So let’s explore what dancing will do for you, and your experiences to your favorite Country bar from this point forward.

Dancing Builds Confidence

Well, it’s not actually the dancing itself that builds confidence, but it’s knowing how to dance well that makes you feel confident anywhere, anytime. How cool would that be? Think about it. Wherever you go, from a wedding to a night out with friends, you can grab anyone and show her a great time. That is quite empowering, wouldn’t you say?

I bet you’re wondering how you gain the skills to sweep her off her feet. Simple. With Country Dance Lessons, of course! Country Dance Lessons for Beginners are a wonderful way to begin the process of learning how to lead on the dance floor, and how to do all of the fancy moves that you see others doing so effortlessly. And, if you make the investment into Private Country Dance Lessons, you will get much more in the way of technique and detail so you’ll have the moves in a much shorter amount of time. Even better!

With your newfound sense of assurance on the dance floor, you’ll have the ladies lining up to dance with you before long!

Meet New Friends

Once you’ve got the tools you need, you might as well get out there and use them as often as possible! Be sure to ask a variety of partners to dance to perfect your lead and meet all sorts of new people as you hone in on your Country dancing skills, and kill two birds with one stone!

Relieve Stress

Being active, connecting with others and improving in your hobbies…that’s what it’s all about! Country dancing is an incredible outlet after a long week at the office, filled with meetings and paperwork. Go burn off some steam by Two Step dancing into the night…it’s much more fun that the treadmill!


Are there any other benefits to knowing how to Country dance other than gaining confidence, connecting with others, learning a cool new skill and relieving stress? Believe it or not….yes! There’s so much more that social dancing can do for you! To see for yourself what you can gain by knowing how to social dance, take your first step into your local dance studio for adults today. Yes, it can be a bit intimidating, but you’ll be so glad once your entire world has shifted for the better! You’ll be dancing through life knowing that you have a skill that most people only wish they could do.

iLeaduFollow™ Dance Merchandise is Here!

dancefxstudios-ileadufollow-logo2Ballroom dancers, and anyone who loves to Lead With Love™ and Follow With Faith™-on or off the dance floor-check out our new retail line!

Featured below is some of our newest merchandise including totes, t-shirts, jewelry and water bottles. Our brand, iLeaduFollow™ is all about what we believe in when it comes to ballroom dancing, and that is the true concept of lead and follow on the dance floor.

At our ballroom dance studio in Mesa, Arizona, lead and follow is our main focus. Rather than memorize choreography that you can only do with a particular partner, we introduce the concept of how to lead and/or follow on lesson one. With the principle of partnership and connection between two people at the forefront, anyone can learn to partner dance. It just gets so much more fun from there!

Our signature sayings, Lead With Love and Follow With Faithare gentle reminders to one another on how to take care of each other while enjoying a dance. Whether you’re Salsa dancing, Swing dancing or Country Two-Stepping, you can always lead with love and follow with faith, in other words, trust that your partner will take care of you.

The story behind how each statement came to be is a cool one. In short, Lead With Love™ began as our philosophy on how to live life. From there, we realized how beautifully it tied into ballroom/partner dancing and teaching, our careers. Hence, Follow With Faith™, the other half to leading with love with on the dance floor, was created. How perfect!

Now on to our iLeaduFollowmerchandise…

Lead With Love t-shirtsOur t-shirts are soft, cozy and ready to be worn on the dance floor or out and about. These trendy shirts all highlight our lead and follow quotes in a playful way.

Shirts are $25 and come in traditional adult sizes from small to XXL. For the ladies, we are offering cute, fitted tees and slouch shirts. And for the guys, we’ve got slim fit tees and traditional cut shirts.


Lead with Love Leather BraceletsOur leather bracelets and chokers are a super cool way to show off your style. These one-of-a-kind hand-stamped, hand-made, genuine leather bands and necklaces truly make a statement. Custom orders are available upon request.




iLeaduFollow Water BottlesHave you seen our matte black, aluminum water bottles? These 24 ounce containers are perfect for keeping your drinks nice and cold while you’re heating up on the dance floor. The flip top lids are great for easy access and a hassle free experience.




totesYou’ve got to have a way to carry your dance shoes and water bottles to your lessons, right? Our new tote bags will give you all the space you need! Each canvas bag is made of high quality cotton, and is quite sturdy. With 24″ of room inside, you’ll be able to have enough room for even more fun stuff! A velcro closure will help keep everything together.






Follow With Faith JewelryFinally, we’re thrilled to reveal our gorgeous gold and silver necklaces, designed for dancers, by dancers. With a ton of fun chain and pendant combinations, you’ll have a necklace for every occasion. Dress them up or wear them with jeans. Either way, you’ll shine!

All merchandise can be shipped directly to you, so if you don’t live here in Arizona with us, that’s OK! To purchase any item online, CLICK HERE. You will be transported to Dance FX Studio’s secure Online Store to process your payment and set up shipping options. Happy Shopping!