In social partner dancing, great posture is everything! Learn few ways that your perfect posture will aid you in becoming a confident social dancer.

How Learning to Country Dance is as Easy as Tying Your Shoe

beginners swing dance lessons mesa, az“We are at our very best, and we are happiest, when we are fully engaged in work we enjoy on the journey toward the goal we’ve established for ourselves. It gives meaning to our time off and comfort to our sleep. It makes everything else in life so wonderful, so worthwhile.”  Earl Nightingale

Ahhh I love this quote. It reminds me that anything worth doing takes time, effort and patience. Even more, there’s nothing more rewarding than knowing what it feels like to finally reach your goal.

Whether you’re tying your shoe for the first time, or learning to Country dance or Swing dance, there’s a process involved. Did either habit/skill come overnight? Hardly. Today’s youth has it easy with the internet, but not everything can be learned online, as you will soon see.

What steps would you take if you were discovering how to tie your shoe, or how to Country Two Step dance, for example? After thinking about it, I realized that what I would do to tie my shoe would be very similar to the actions I would take to learn to dance. Here’s how…

Step 1: Try it Myself

First, I have seen many people tie their shoe, and cut a rug on the dance floor. They both seem fairly easy, so I would start by giving either a shot just by mimicking what I have seen in the past. Make two loops, cross them over and pull, right? Hmmm. Why isn’t this working? What am I missing?

Meanwhile…on the dance floor…I take two steps to the left, spin myself and yes, I’ve got it! Uh oh! Disaster strikes as I fling myself into another couple Two Stepping next to us. Oh no! This is not how I saw it all playing out in my head. How does she make it look so natural? Country dancing is not as easy as it looks. Maybe not, but there’s no reason to quit. Dancing is so popular and fun, and tying my shoe is kind of important, so back to the drawing board I go.

With a positive attitude, I know there will always be another chance to dance, and another way to learn, right?  Now that I figured out that going at it alone is out of the question, I can move on to my next brilliant idea. On to Step 2…

Step 2: Look Online

Of course! Why didn’t I think of this sooner? There are videos on how to do just about anything online . Surely I can find out the answer to these two easy things. Tying my shoe kind of worked, especially when I followed that little rhyme that went along with how to do it, but learning to Country Swing dance, not so much. How is it that I look like a clumsy mannequin literally made of plastic and the girl in the video looks so smooth and natural? How does she make those spins so fluid anyway? I’m doing the same steps as the people on the video, but I just don’t feel very cute, like the girls in the Country bars and on screen.

Knowing where my feet go certainly don’t make me the social dancer that I want to be, so how can I take this even further? Aha! Another idea! It’s time for a dance class! See Step 3.

Step 3: Go to a Free Country or Latin Dance Class.

What do I have to lose? I’m not paying anything to finally learn to Country dance. YeeHaw! After all, Group Dance Classes are a great way to get out, make new friends and learn to dance, right? The first two parts are true, but when it comes to learning to dance, it’s easy to get lost and confused in a group setting. You wouldn’t know this until you gave it a shot, but now that you’re in a room with 30 other people, it all becomes clear. Group Classes are not at all ideal for beginners. Everyone is at a different level in their dancing, people learn differently, and some are slower (or faster) than others, making things frustrating and overwhelming.

I don’t want to get lost in the shuffle. I don’t want the world to know that I suck and I’m the slowest one in the class, I just want to dance! Well, a “free class” is free for a reason. Dancing takes time to do well, and that comes with having detail, technique and quality instruction, none of which you can get in a group learning environment unfortunately. Just taking the step towards becoming a confident social dancer is a huge accomplishment, so I keep plugging along to finally enjoy Country dancing. We’re almost at Step 5, where you’ll discover what it truly takes to be great on any dance floor, anywhere.

Step 4: Ask a Friend/Your Spouse

Yes, we can do this one-on-one and I can get some great tips from my best friend, or better yet, my spouse. Getting desperate, are we? Let’s think this one through. First, if your buddy or lover knew already how to Country dance, you’d think this was where you’d start in the first place. Then you’re reminded of what learning from a friend/lover means. If bickering, fighting, or wanting to pull your hair out is your thing, then stop reading this blog now and stay at Step 4. . Problem solved. You’re good to go! Wait, what? You have tried this already and you know that your partner or friend don’t exactly know; A. How to do your part, or B. How to teach you how to do your part. Being a self-assured dancer comes with time and experience, but it does not mean that you can necessarily transfer those skills on to someone else.

I can only imagine how annoying it would be to watch your significant other twisting and twirling out on the dance floor with someone else. It would make me quite jealous! Why should he be out there sweeping other girls off their feet? It’s not fair! I think it’s time to seek professional help to finally be the dancer you want to be, and there’s nothing wrong with that!

Step 5: Find a professional.

Who else but someone who creates dancers day in and day out would be able to teach me how to Country dance? The answer is no one. Not your spouse, not your friend, not yourself through online videos. A professional instructor, though… now you’re thinking! When you find an instructor who not just knows moves, but who can break down how to lead, follow, and perform a variety of techniques that will make you an outstanding dancer, you have struck gold! Yes, you will be paying for their time and knowledge, but investing in Private Dance Lessons is the key to dancing with confidence, without a doubt.

To begin your search, go online and look up local dance studios for adults near you. Take an Introductory Private Country Dance Lesson and see how you do. If all goes well and you find the right place, you will walk away with more knowledge in that one hour than you have gained thus far. Victory! Keep going with your lessons and you will be Country dancing in no time! How amazing is that!?

Going back to tying your shoe, I see a parent, teacher, coach or guide as someone who is best for teaching a child to keep those shoes on his feet without tripping. For adults, that coach is your personal instructor when it comes to learning to dance. He/she is the one who has the tools you need, whether it be in shoe tying or Country dancing, so seek them out and you will be moving effortlessly through life, one step at a time.


Make New Friends and Build Your Confidence With Adult Dance Classes

adult dance lessons arizonaToday there are so many chat rooms, dating sites, and new ways of meeting people. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t, but have you ever thought of going back to a more traditional way of making new friends? Maybe you are wondering where you can go or what you can do. I have just the thing! Have you ever thought of learning to dance? Yes, believe it or not, social dance lessons are an incredible way to develop new relationships. Not only will you be discovering and new and useful skill that you can use for years to come, but you will be building confidence! Put the two together and you’re really putting your best foot forward!

When you think about it, what are we without confidence? Shy, meek and insecure? Why be that person when you can turn over a new leaf this season just be learning to dance. Beginner Dance Lessons for adults can be for couples or singles, so let that not be an excuse to step out of your comfort zone and into your local dance studio.

It takes time to learn how to Country Two Step, Swing, or Latin dance, but once you know what you’re doing, you’ll be a cut above the rest. Building confidence takes more work than what most people believe. Not everyone is willing be vulnerable enough to walk into an adult dance studio and admit they need to learn to dance. Those who do, though, reap the benefits of being able to sweep any woman off of her feet, or accept a dance with the assurance that you will make him look good! That alone is worth what it takes to develop your new skills and confidence!

“What does dancing have to do with gaining confidence?”, you ask. Easy! Dance lessons actually have a lot to offer! From the physical benefits of burning up to 500 calories/hour to the emotional rewards of relieving stress during your busy week, taking adult dance lessons is a great addition to everyone’s lives. Walk taller with more self-assurance, attract someone special, and get fit, all by exploring social dancing this holiday season. Think about it. What girl doesn’t love a guy that can Country Dance or Salsa dance? Ladies, what guy wouldn’t be attracted to a girl who has all the right moves on the dance floor? Discover your inner diva or manly man and make yourself stand out-just by knowing how to dance. Even more..enjoy showing off at weddings, holiday parties and anywhere music is being played once you have taken a series of Private Dance Lessons. You will be the envy of all your friends!

Another fantastic means of finding friends is through Group Dance Classes. Once you feel ready after a series of Private Dance Lessons, you can sign up to mix and mingle with others in a group setting.  Group Classes won’t give you the details and deeper techniques within each dance, but you will already have that with one-on-one instruction. Then you can apply your skills with a variety of people to see what you know. In most Group Dance Classes, students are encouraged to change partners. Some people who go to these lessons may be coupled already, but others may be single. Not only can you meet people in your dance class, but you can also use what you learn from your dancing class and go to bars, clubs, and dance venues. Bonus! Asking someone to dance, or just knowing how to and accepting an invitation, is a great way to break the ice with someone new.

Now that you are excited to get started with adult dance lessons, you just need a place to start dancing. Come into Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona, and begin building your confidence with us. For your convenience, we offer Group Dance Classes and Private Dance Lessons!

Why Country Dance Lessons are Great for Couples

Country dance lessons in ArizonaAre you a little bit Country, but your boyfriend is more Rock-n-Roll? That’s OK! Let’s talk about something perfect for both of you to enjoy together… Country dancing! And what do you need to become awesome Country dancers? Well, Country Dance Lessons, of course.

Country dancing is so hot right now, that if you don’t know how to Two Step or Swing dance, you’re really missing out. While other twosomes are spinning and twirling out on the dance floor, you’re going to be sitting on the sidelines wishing you knew how to do what they can do. Now that’s no fun! Even worse, she’ll begin accepting dances from other guys and you’ll be bellied up to the bar with your beer all night.

With Country Dance Lessons for beginners under your belt, you’ll have the confidence to take your gal out anywhere, anytime. You’ll see through private dance instruction, which is the best way to learn in my opinion, that all the questions on how Country dancing works can be answered. For example, and this is a biggie, “How do I get her to spin comfortably?” is a common question that guys need to know. With one-on-one lessons, you will learn to lead on the dance floor as a guy, and how to follow, as the lady. With that skill alone, you can do anything. How empowering is that!? I would say it’s the key to a successful night out Country dancing!

For couples, Country dancing can also bring you closer together. (Who knew??) When you take lessons to explore exciting Country dances, from the Two Step to the ever-popular Country Swing, you will discover how to work together as a team. This effort alone will be a fun challenge that will allow you to both accomplish your goals on the dance floor. From there, you can really have a blast Country Western dancing!

And let’s not forget the physical perks of going out dancing on the weekends. When you put down the ice cream and pry yourselves off the couch, you can burn up to 500 calories and hour Country dancing. You will also be using muscles that you didn’t know you had, so be prepared to shed a few pounds and gain some muscle…on your date night with your sweetie! Bonus!

Lastly, dancing is romantic. Whether you’re giving Country dancing a try, or learning how to Salsa dance, you will be doing it together, in each other’s arms. There’s really nothing more intimate than that when it comes to an incredible date night with one another.

In case you’re wondering, “What exactly is Country Dancing?”, let me help.  Like a lot of other current popular dances, Country dancing developed from folk dances to become one of the top social partner dances in the United States today. If Country music is being played, and it is often these days, you’ve got to know how to blend in with the handful of dances are “in” today, including Country Two Step, Country Swing, Line Dancing, West Coast Swing, Nite Club Two Step and Country Waltz. Each of these unique styles will keep you busy on your dance lessons as you become well-rounded and competent dancers.

There’s no doubt that knowing how to Country dance will come in handy if you live here in Arizona. Being that there’s a Country bar on virtually every corner, you can use your dancing almost 7 days a week!  If you are interested in getting started with Country Dance Lessons to build your confidence before getting out on the dance floor, then give us a call! As I mentioned, Private Country Dance Lessons are the fastest way to become a great social dancer, especially since each lesson will be personalized to you. Not only will we get you and your partner Two Stepping in no time, but you will soon see all the fun you’ve been missing. To set up an Introductory Country Dance Lesson, check out our website, or give us a call today at 480-968-6177. We hope to see you on the dance floor soon!

Make Your Reception Special with an Amazing Wedding Dance

wedding dance lessons mesa arizonaHelping our Arizona brides and grooms start their lives together with the perfect wedding dance is one of the most joyous rewards we feel here at Dance FX Studios… especially every time a “thank you” note arrives on our doorstep. We want you to treasure your lives together, so get things going on the right foot with Wedding Dance Lessons from us!

Wedding Dance Lessons from one of our amazing choreographers means that you’re going to get a one-of-a-kind first dance made just for you. Our goal is to give you a routine that will set just the right tone for your guests. Are you looking for a wedding dance that is out of the box? Like original choreography that will really Rock Your Reception? We can make that happen! As an example, Country Western dancing is so hot right now. Maybe starting with a slow dance and then surprising your friends and family with a flashy Country Two Step filled with turns and spins will be the perfect addition to your party that will blow their boots off of everyone. Or how about a sexy Argentine Tango wedding dance? You choose the dance style and we’ll bring it to life, with your personalities and personal style in mind.

We have done it all here at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona. Our talented instructors and choreographers will listen to your ideas about what you would like to express and create something personalized and jaw-dropping just for you! Maybe Star Wars is your boyfriend’s thing? Or maybe Gone with the Wind is your girlfriend’s thing? What if you’re both obsessed with Disney movies? Why not put some time into learning some customized choreography to have a seemingly impromptu space robot dance to the music of Star Wars, Chalmun’s Spaceport Cantina scene emerging from the middle of something sweet and elegant? What a surprise that will be! A treat for everyone that gives you the perfect first dance and will impress your guests, leaving them with something to talk about for years to come.

What about a first dance that is more subdued? Let’s do it! An elegant ballroom dance can be the cherry on top of a romantic wedding affair. We can do a “sweet and simple” wedding dance that will still WOW your audience. Sometime less really is more.

Another priority of ours is to help you create lasting memories as a couple. Each time you come to your Private Dance Lessons, you will be working as a team, connecting and spending precious time together developing a new skill and hobby. That’s an incredible way to start a marriage! As I always say, couples that dance together, stay together. 😉

If you want to take dance lessons for your wedding but you have never danced before, or are worried about being a terrible dancer, let the fear stop here! During your Wedding Dance Consultation with us, and throughout your Wedding Dance Lessons, our staff will pay specific attention to your rate and style of learning, so that you get the most out of your investment. Whether you want to learn to Salsa dance or to Swing dance, we will make sure that you have the tools you need to kick butt on that dance floor! Just know that we believe that anyone can learn to dance. Yes…even you! All you need is the right information, and the rest will fall into place.

Wedding dance consultations are offered at our Mesa, Arizona dance studio throughout the week for your convenience. Monday through Friday we can accommodate you from noon to 8 pm by appointment. On Saturdays, we are also available by appointment from 11 am to 4 pm. If you’re wondering how soon before the wedding to get started, the short answer is four to six months, depending on how elaborate you would like your first dance to look. We have begun preparations as soon as a year in advance or as short as several weeks prior to wedding days, but, with more notice, you will really look and feel your best. Call us or inquire on our website with any questions you may have or to schedule your consultation today at 480-968-6177. We look forward to hearing from you!

Connect With New Friends Through Social Dancing

adult dance lessons arizonaHave you ever thought of how cool it would be to know how to Salsa dance, Swing dance or Country Western dance? Think about the idea of actually holding and touching a real person, instead of your phone or tech gadget, by giving social  dance lessons a try.

One of the best ways to offset “social media syndrome” is to get out there and start connecting with the real world. Meeting new people at your local dance studio for adults is a fun and exciting way to do just that! Once your eyes connect with another person who also loves to Latin dance or Country dance, you’ll be so glad you put your device down and chose to spend time dancing instead.

Trying new experiences like social dancing instead of looking at life through the internet makes our lives so much richer. And if we’re going to document everything that we do on Facebook, or other social media sites, then we should have something cool and interesting to share, right? I mean, which one of your friends wouldn’t be envious of seeing you sweep a hot girl off of her feet on the dance floor, or want to check out that good-looking guy who you spent the whole night Swing dancing with? Not only would they be jealous, but I bet they might want to join in the fun of learning to Country Two Step dance or Ballroom dance too!

Looking over someone’s shoulder at the latest popular YouTube video is about the closest many of us get to body to body contact. Most of our Friday and Saturday nights are spent watching a movie or reading an e-book because, in reality, the friends we can physically go out with are few in numbers. When you know how to social dance, that’s OK! Pick your favorite place to go Country dancing and see how many people you’ll soon meet once you show them your dance moves. Yes! Every lady loves a guy that can dance!  There are so many more reasons to leave the virtual world behind and step into reality than you think. Getting social not only increases online connections, it builds your confidence like nothing else can!

That’s right, social dancing is an incredibly cool way to meet new people, while also discovering an exciting hobby! Going out to night clubs or events where there’s a chance to dance is a blast-especially when you’re the one who know’s what to do on the dance floor. Connections found through dancing will build to the point that your social calendar of activities will be full. Unlike Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, dancing with another person is real, face-to-face interaction. Instead of posting a picture of your dinner on your home page or spending date nights in front of a computer screen Skype-ing, why not go out Salsa Dancing?!

Imagine meeting your new potential girl or guy out at a dance club knowing you already feel comfortable anywhere there is dancing. You two can spend some romantic time actually getting to know each other while dance to create and keep passion in your relationship that will last a lifetime. You can’t use a computer or cell phone while dancing so both of you will be looking and interacting with full attention on each other. How great is that?! Go out together at least once a week and you’ll notice a lot more happiness in how you feel about yourself, your friendships and your romantic relationship, guaranteed!

Learning a variety of social dances like the Country Two Step, Swing or Salsa gets you out from behind your device and into the big wide world. Social dancing offers many benefits as it is incredibly upbeat and can lighten your mood in just about any atmosphere. Start with beginner’s dance lessons for adults and see how you can start getting out into the real world and having amazing interactions today!  If you live anywhere in the Phoenix East Valley, our dance studio for adults is just minutes away. Drive over from Scottsdale, Tempe, Chandler, or Gilbert and visit Dance FX Studios today!



Get out of Your Rut With Social Dance Lessons

adult dance lessons Phoenix ArizonaDo you ever get the feeling that you are up to your neck in bills, personal problems, and other stressful situations, with no end in sight? Do you often feel sluggish and irritable, or think a nap sounds better than a workout at the gym?  Are you exhausted, overworked, and burned out? Feelings like these are signs of stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues. While they are challenging to get through, there is a solution, and a fun one at that! Read on…

In our Western culture, we are encouraged to hurry about, with no end in sight. It’s so easy to wear yourself out from constantly being on the go. Some have been doing this routine for the majority of their lives, just begging for the day they can retire and catch a breath. While your first instinct may be to curl up on the couch with ice cream and your favorite Netflix series, getting off the couch and on to the dance floor could be just what you need! Social Dancing has so many benefits for you! Besides being an excellent form of moderate exercise,  it provides a challenging, stimulating, and positive hobby for adults, both singles and couples, of all ages.

First, you may be wondering, ” What is Social Dancing?”. Social dancing is what you would use if you were out with friends at a Country bar, at a wedding, or really anywhere where music is being played, like a Jazz club or restaurant. Social dances include Country Two Step, Swing, Salsa, Slow Dancing, and even Argentine Tango. The dances that you can use in real world situations, versus a competitive dance environment, those are social dances.

What’s amazing about Social Dancing is the numerous benefits that range from the physical to the social and emotional. Dancing is so healing, in fact, that you can also use it as a form of relaxation, and even couple’s therapy.

The release of endorphins that occurs after Country or Swing dancing can help you reduce tension, anger, depression, and loneliness that you may be feeling. That’s a great thing, right?! Not only do these endorphins help lower stress, but going out and being social will also have a positive influence on any negative emotions you may have.

While you should always consult a professional if you are concerned about your mental health, it has been proven time and again that dancing and physically engaging hobbies can alleviate symptoms of anxiety, depression, and stress. Regardless of your situation, Social Dancing will lift your spirits and add joy to your life – and it’s a wonderful, timeless hobby. Expand your social circle in a healthy and exciting way, just by learning to dance, and give yourself a chance to pick up a new skill that will forever enhance your life. Realize that when you learn to dance, you put yourself in a category that surpasses most. That’s a confidence builder! You will find yourself fearless in social situations as you will be in the minority among those who are actually running towards the dance floor. So what are you waiting for? Call your local dance studio for adults and get started with an Introductory Offer for Beginner’s Dance Lessons!

Instead of staying in and worrying and stressing over the problems in our lives, it is better that we go out, meet new people, and enjoy ourselves every once in a while. Dancing is an excellent social hobby to have, and our instructors will teach you the tips to stay safe and comfortable on any dance floor, avoiding yet another stressful situation. So if you would like to try this wonderful new hobby for yourself, feel free to give us a call at 480-968-6177 or visit our studio today. We will have you forgetting about your troubles in no time!


Come Country Dancing With Dance FX Studios!

Country Western dance lessons ArizonaWhat did you do this past Saturday night? Do you wish you were out Country dancing with friends, or meeting new people out Country dancing? If so, we would have loved to have you join us at San Tan Flat in Queen Creek! We had a blast Swing dancing, Two Stepping and spending time with our group, who are all Country music and dance fans.

In the land of the Cowboy here in Arizona, Country Western Dance Lessons are almost essential if you plan to wrangle-up the Cowgirl of your dreams. Two Step dancing and Swing dancing are all the rage, so knowing how to do it with confidence is key! Ladies…don’t miss out on being swept off of your feet by a true Cowboy (or at least one in the making). And guys…you know the ladies love to dance, so why would you not want to explore Country dancing as a cool, new hobby? See for yourself how your social life will expand once you know how to dance.

Country dance venues are popping up on every corner around the Phoenix metro area, and Country dancing in Arizona is as popular as ever. Arizonans love to boot n’ scoot their nights away at Country bars like Whiskey Row, Denim and Diamonds, and Handle Bar J’s! When you’re thinking of learning something new, it just makes sense to learn to Country dance, especially if you live here in the southwest.

Did you know there is even a form of Two Step that is almost done exclusively here in Arizona? It is called the Arizona Two Step, or Rhythm Two Step. What’s great about it is that you don’t need a ton of space to learn the Rhythm Two Step, which is fantastic for crowded dance floors around town. Really though, it doesn’t matter what form of Two Step that you end up doing because they are fun and easy to learn and dance. You are sure to have a great time Country dancing, so grab your partner, a group of friends, or come solo, and get started with beginner’s Country Dance Lessons today!

If you would like to practice your Country dancing with a group of other Country dance lovers, sign up for one of our upcoming dance events. Our professional instructors will be there to help you look incredible on the dance floor! Plus, you’ll meet other dancers who are at all stages of learning to dance themselves. Check out our Dance Events page for details and to see what our Night’s Out include. You can even sign up to join us through our free app called Dance FX Studios.

Do you find yourself tapping your feet, smiling, and maybe even singing along to your favorite Country music? Then it’s time to discover Country Dancing! Grab your Cowboy boots and let’s get Two-Stepping. Replace those nights on the couch with evenings filled with laughter, fun and new friends. Dancing can offer a lot of fun for those who are willing to give it a shot. Who knows, this may even turn out to be something you really enjoy and can be a brand new skill and hobby for you.

Become a competent dancer and find out for yourself how to really heat up your nights. NOW is the time to get started so that you can really shine on any dance floor.  Let us help you to become the dancer you are envisioning – smooth and natural – while having a great time and learning a life-long skill that will cover you for any occasion.

Look Amazing With The Perfect First Dance

arizona wedding dance lessonsAre you getting married? Kick off the night with confidence when you hit the dance floor! Unbelievable as it may sound, a large number of brides and grooms don’t do the first-dance of their dreams for one simple reason. They don’t know how to dance, and didn’t make the time to learn together. Suddenly, their fear of dancing at their wedding reception overrides the fun of it all. That’s where WE come in!

If you live in the Phoenix area, we can help you get ready for your special day with Wedding Dance Lessons. Learning to dance for any occasion should be easy and exciting, not intimidating and dull. Our inventive team of choreographers will create a customized routine to the song/songs of your choice. Do you have any creative ideas? The sky is the limit!

Gone are the days where you must dance to one slow, sappy love song on your wedding day. Let us help you come up with something unique and special; we can choreograph to anything! Whatever your first-dance ideas are, our Wedding Dance Specialists will choreograph something that expresses your personalities as the bride and groom.

Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event and we are here to help you shine on the dance floor. That includes everyone, from you as the bride and groom to a daddy/daughter dance, mother/son dance, or something fun for the entire wedding party!

At the top of our list is your first dance as husband and wife. It can set the tone for the remainder of your reception, and should show the connection between the two of you, and how you feel about one another. When it comes to the styles you want to include in your Wedding Dance Choreography, we will give you our professional suggestions based on your song, personal styles and overall vision for your wedding. You can keep your first dance sweet and simple with a romantic song that has a lot of meaning. Or if you think you and your spouse can handle something a little more “out there” and fun, then you can burst into some silly moves and embarrass yourself (in a good way) and you could end up internet-famous with one of our Rock Your Reception wedding dance routines!

With over two decades of experience in preparing brides and grooms for their wedding dance, we can tell you that the journey of taking dance lessons together is an exciting and rewarding one. Couples find themselves to be much more in tune with each other after learning how to lead and follow on the dance floor. Non-verbal communication is very important when learning to dance, but off the dance floor it is a primary skill that is seldom developed. With Wedding Dance Lessons, you will soon see the beauty that comes with understanding each other and communicating through movement. Dancing also re-enforces teamwork and communication which leads to a happy, successful, and long-term marriage.

A customized first dance is something that you and your guests will never forget. Not only will it give you and your fiancé a break from wedding planning, but you will become closer as you enjoy an intimate, romantic moment to share with your loved ones. Your first dance will be unforgettable! Whatever your goals are, we will give you the perfect wedding dance.





Manage Your Stress With Adult Dance Lessons

adult dance lessons arizonaHave you had one of those rough days that results in a tub of ice-cream and endless amounts of Netflix shows? Are you guilty of hiding behind your phone? So many of us are! With Facebook, Twitter, email and internet all on one device, who needs interaction with a live person right? Wrong. For a great way to connect with others, put down your phone, get off of that chair and try social dance lessons (think Country Western, Salsa, Swing and even Argentine Tango). I promise that you’ll be so happy you did!

If you have had a bad week at work, or are just in a negative frame of mind due to something else, it can be a bit difficult to get out of that rut. But don’t do something you may further regret, like eating a tub of popcorn alone, further disconnecting with people. Instead, be kind to yourself. Group or private dance lessons for yourself in popular dance styles like Country Swing or Two Step will be the perfect way to relieve your stress, and benefit your body at the same time.  That mind/body connection is extremely important-even essential- in maintaining happiness.

Why don’t you try social dancing? In a controlled study, published in the Journal of Applied Gerontology, they proved that partner dancing with musical accompaniment helps with stress relief. If you would like to take it beyond that, dancing on a regular basis can even be used as a form of stress management. Now that’s being proactive! Nowadays it is almost necessary to keep your stress in check as it could lead to serious health problems. Relax and increase your overall well-being just by dancing and being social. After a long day of work, if you are feeling a little tense or stressed out, set an appointment for a dance lesson instead of heading to the couch. The release of endorphins that occurs after an hour of dancing can help wipe away any tension, anger, depression, and loneliness that you may be feeling. Plus, the social aspect of dancing conquers loneliness and the anxiety that accompanies it.

If you have come to realize that you need a new hobby that is fun, exciting, and diverse, social dancing is for you. Dancing could be the most amazing hobby that you have ever had. As already mentioned, it is unlike many other hobbies, and it can be just what the doctor ordered. There are a variety of difficulty levels within each dance style, from Country Western to Latin dances, that will also provide you with a great challenge. How fun is that!?

Over time, you will realize that dancing is not only an exciting new hobby, but it covers all of your bases, from health benefits to physical benefits, mental benefits, and even spiritual benefits. There are not too many hobbies out there that can say that, which is why dancing in particular is a wonderful way to spend your time.

What are you waiting for? Start with an Introductory Dance Lesson today! Once you start learning to dance, you will see how each style embodies a different mood. For example, Swing dancing is playful and lively. Country Western is cool and easy, and Ballroom is romantic and elegant. Start off with a style that fits your personality and your abilities, and then you can branch out as you gain confidence and start to enjoy dancing more. It won’t be long until you realize what you have been missing out on over the years. Today is a fantastic day to start reducing the stress of everyday life with adult dance lessons so you can begin to enjoy your new and happy life!

Why You’ll Want to Know How To Swing Dance

swing dance lessons in ArizonaIn just two short months, all of our calendars will surely be filled with one holiday party after another. As we inch closer to the 2016 Holiday Season, most of us will begin thinking about some possible New Year’s Resolutions. Why not get ahead of the curve and begin creating that list now?!

Picture how cool it would be to actually know how to dance by this New Year’s Eve. I mean, why wait til next year when you can be dancing this year, right? And not just any dance…what about Swing Dancing?! Imagine how many occasions where you can use your Swing dance moves, from going out Country dancing with friends, to attending those upcoming weddings.  Swing dancing is by far the most versatile of all the social ballroom dances, so you will use it time and again at any social affair.

In this blog we’re going to explore just how much fun Swing dancing is, and why you should begin taking Swing Dance Lessons to learn cool and popular styles ranging from Country Swing to West Coast Swing and Jitterbug. Each of these variations of Swing dancing have something unique to offer you, so learning to dance with confidence is key.

Swing dancing is energizing, exciting and timeless. Feel your blood pumping and have fun burning calories while exploring a new hobby all at the same time. For singles, Swing dancing is also a wonderful social opportunity. Meet new friends, learn a healthy activity and watch your social life begin to expand as you now have something a lot more interesting to do than sit on the couch and watch TV.

For couples, Swing Dance Lessons are a great way to become confident and comfortable before hitting the social dance floor. With a built-in dance partner, you will learn useful tips like how to be a great leader or follower as well as how to establish a connection with your partner. Teamwork is everything in dance, which is why couples that dance together, stay happy together. 😉

When you begin Swing dance lessons, you will discover a variety of moves to keep your dancing dynamic and lively. You’ll find your inner diva in the sultry West Coast Swing, and uncover your inner “rocker chick” in the East Coast Swing. Regardless of the style, you can enjoy the many layers and diversities of Swing dancing.

Swing dancing is also perfect for crowded places, like in a bar, or at a wedding, because it is done mostly while standing in place, rather than traveling around a big floor. There are now of course more than 25 variations of Swing Dance. Pretty cool fact, right? Back in the 1920’s, African dance moves were formed into what is now known as the the Lindy Hop and the Charleston, two very popular Swing dance styles. They were both danced to contemporary Jazz music, and from there, as we all know… the rest is history!

Although the historical roots of this dance can be traced back for almost one hundred years ago, today West Coast Swing, and all other forms of this dance, can be found all throughout the world, very alive and well. The reason why so many people absolutely love Swing dancing, and it has lasted throughout the years, is simply because Swing can be danced to many different genres of music from Pop, to R&B, Contemporary, Country music, and most Top 40 hits too. This allows people to pick and choose from an almost “infinite” amount of music of which to dance to and also makes it attainable for a large spectrum of different age groups and physical abilities.

At Dance FX Studios in the Phoenix East Valley of Arizona, we would love the opportunity to  give you cool tips on how to be an awesome Swing dancer. Let us help you to uncover this exciting, healthy and joyful dance.  If you’re intrigued by Swing dancing, our New Student Offer for beginner’s Swing Dance Lessons with us is a great place to start.  You will soon be on your way to years of fun and dance, so come on in and find out what you’ve been missing!