Get out of Your Rut With Social Dance Lessons

adult dance lessons Phoenix ArizonaDo you ever get the feeling that you are up to your neck in bills, personal problems, and other stressful situations, with no end in sight? Do you often feel sluggish and irritable, or think a nap sounds better than a workout at the gym?  Are you exhausted, overworked, and burned out? Feelings like these are signs of stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues. While they are challenging to get through, there is a solution, and a fun one at that! Read on…

In our Western culture, we are encouraged to hurry about, with no end in sight. It’s so easy to wear yourself out from constantly being on the go. Some have been doing this routine for the majority of their lives, just begging for the day they can retire and catch a breath. While your first instinct may be to curl up on the couch with ice cream and your favorite Netflix series, getting off the couch and on to the dance floor could be just what you need! Social Dancing has so many benefits for you! Besides being an excellent form of moderate exercise,  it provides a challenging, stimulating, and positive hobby for adults, both singles and couples, of all ages.

First, you may be wondering, ” What is Social Dancing?”. Social dancing is what you would use if you were out with friends at a Country bar, at a wedding, or really anywhere where music is being played, like a Jazz club or restaurant. Social dances include Country Two Step, Swing, Salsa, Slow Dancing, and even Argentine Tango. The dances that you can use in real world situations, versus a competitive dance environment, those are social dances.

What’s amazing about Social Dancing is the numerous benefits that range from the physical to the social and emotional. Dancing is so healing, in fact, that you can also use it as a form of relaxation, and even couple’s therapy.

The release of endorphins that occurs after Country or Swing dancing can help you reduce tension, anger, depression, and loneliness that you may be feeling. That’s a great thing, right?! Not only do these endorphins help lower stress, but going out and being social will also have a positive influence on any negative emotions you may have.

While you should always consult a professional if you are concerned about your mental health, it has been proven time and again that dancing and physically engaging hobbies can alleviate symptoms of anxiety, depression, and stress. Regardless of your situation, Social Dancing will lift your spirits and add joy to your life – and it’s a wonderful, timeless hobby. Expand your social circle in a healthy and exciting way, just by learning to dance, and give yourself a chance to pick up a new skill that will forever enhance your life. Realize that when you learn to dance, you put yourself in a category that surpasses most. That’s a confidence builder! You will find yourself fearless in social situations as you will be in the minority among those who are actually running towards the dance floor. So what are you waiting for? Call your local dance studio for adults and get started with an Introductory Offer for Beginner’s Dance Lessons!

Instead of staying in and worrying and stressing over the problems in our lives, it is better that we go out, meet new people, and enjoy ourselves every once in a while. Dancing is an excellent social hobby to have, and our instructors will teach you the tips to stay safe and comfortable on any dance floor, avoiding yet another stressful situation. So if you would like to try this wonderful new hobby for yourself, feel free to give us a call at 480-968-6177 or visit our studio today. We will have you forgetting about your troubles in no time!