Beat The Summer Blues and Dance!

Salsa dancing in ArizonaPhoenix, AZ guys and gals…How excited are you that 115 degree weather is fast approaching? If you’re anything like me, you’re less than thrilled that you are going to be spending the majority of the next five months indoors. While swimming and heading up north to hike are always options here in Phoenix during the way-too-long summer months, I want to do something locally that keeps me moving and having fun to avoid my summertimes blues (which are usually gained from 100+ days inside wishing that I could simply take a leisurely stroll with my dog from my home to the mailbox without becoming drenched in sweat). My solution in the summertime to avoid that sad state of extreme, unavoidable heat? Why dancing, of course!

With cool Country Two Step dance moves and sassy Salsa steps to bust out on my next Latin dance adventure in Scottsdale, my summer suddenly looks a ton brighter! Aside from finding a creative way to exercise this summer, social dancing offers so much more! Here are my top three favorite benefits to knowing how to social dance any time of the year:

1. Social dancing is a big-time stress reliever! There’s no better way to free your mind of life’s challenges than by putting on your favorite jam and letting loose on a dance floor! In fact, forget the dance floor and get down in your kitchen, living room or even in front of your bathroom mirror. Why not!? Just knowing that dancing is healing on so many levels makes it worth it to bust a move, even if the kids and spouse are watching. 🙂

Better yet, escape to a Swing dance lesson or give the Tango a try at your local dance studio and see how satisfying it is to invest in yourself with a skill that is so useful and fun!

2. Dancing is great exercise! When you can go out and make a night of it, or even after an hour in a private dance lesson, you better believe that you are using muscles that don’t usually get worked out! Social dancing is a wonderful way to get fit while having fun…and so much less monotonous than the gym.

3. Social dancing leads to new friendships. With a hobby that requires you to pair up and meet others, Country, Swing and Latin dancing is an exciting way to expand your social circle. Meeting new friends with the same interests is a really cool thing, making dancing that much more enjoyable.

Beat the heat this summer in Arizona, with social dance lessons for you or for you and a partner. Beginner dance lessons for singles or couples will give you a chance to let go, stay in shape and make those summer months fly by before you know it!

For more information on how to get started with dance lessons in Arizona, view Dance FX Studios’ website. We are located in the Phoenix East Valley, just off the 101 highway for your convenience. We hope to see YOU this summer.