Make 2015 Great With Dance Lessons

Country Swing dancing in AZIt’s a new year and that means it’s time to “get to work” on those New Year’s Resolutions! Well how fun is that? We daresay, not very. Even though we have yet to hit February, statistics from previous years reveal that many people will have already tried and given up on their resolutions. It’s sad but true.

So how do we keep from quitting our goals so soon in the year? We recommend trying a different approach to making your dreams come true. Are you ready for this? We suggest giving social dance lessons a go in 2015. Believe it or not, social dancing (by that we mean those cool dances and moves that you see in the Country bars and Latin clubs) ticks off many of your goals for the year ahead- you just don’t know it yet.

This year, you can reach your fitness, social, and even emotional goals-all through discovering how to Country Two Step, Tango or Swing dance! Yes, it’s completely true! Partner dancing is wonderful and exciting for couples and singles, so much more fun than working out in a gym or bellying up to your favorite bar stool. With benefits galore, come learn to social ballroom dance this year and swing your way into next year with style.

So how exactly will knowing how to social dance change your life in the next 12 months? Let us explain…

Social Ballroom Dancing Builds Confidence: If you can use a bit more confidence when it comes to knowing a hobby that (almost) every woman loves, give private Country, Swing, Latin or Tango dance lessons a try. With private dance instruction, you will get the tools needed to dance with ease. Knowing a skill such as social dancing helps to build self-esteem, not to mention develop grace and poise.

Dancing also helps to widen your social circle, which is great for new friendships and possibly even more. With more friends comes an opportunity to have others to talk with, and dance with, of course. Friendships help to have support when times are tough, which is important for everyone. Are you beginning to see the impact that dancing can have on your life already??

Dancing Adds Romance: If you’re married, or a part of a long-term relationship, dancing is a must! What you can learn from a Salsa dance lesson (as an example) with your partner includes, but is definitely not limited to, teamwork, the importance of embracing each other often and a fun outlet as a couple.

For singles, dancing allows for a sense of freedom and self-expression that can be very attractive to the opposite sex. Latin dancing in particular is also very sensual, lending itself to captivating onlookers. If you’re on the shy side, dancing can bring out your inner diva and reveal a more courageous side. Who can’t use a bit more of that?

Dancing Can Replace The Gym! Would you love to shed unwanted weight and tone muscles without going to the gym? Then start exploring Argentine Tango or Country Swing dancing. Both of these social dances, plus many other fun styles, are great alternatives to the traditional total body workout. In fact, you will discover muscles that you never knew you had once you really get dancing. Skip the daily grind on the treadmill and Two Step your way back into a healthier you!

Read our upcoming blog on the many other benefits of making learning to dance your number one resolution for 2015. For those of you who reside in Arizona, visit us at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, AZ to get the ball rolling. Our New Student Offer will give you a window into how, through social dancing, confidence, romance and health really can be yours this year.