“Giddy Up” in 2015 and Learn to Dance

Couples Country Dancing in ArizonaWelcome to part two of our previous blog on why every couple and single should learn to dance in this new year! As we have already revealed, social dancing, like Country Two Step or Salsa dancing, for example, is an incredible outlet for forming new friendships, sparking (or re-igniting) romance, and getting fit in 2015. You’d think that the benefits of knowing how to dance end there. Nope. There’s so much more that partner dancing can offer! Did you know that…

Dancing Relieves Stress: Committing to New Year’s Resolutions that force you to do something that you regularly would never want to take part of in the first place is stressful enough. That’s why when you make learning to social dance a goal this year, you can wipe away the pressure of losing weight, finding love or making more friends in the boring old ways that you’ve tried in the past. What a relief! Forget about online dating or running every morning and give Swing dance lessons a try! With active, fast-paced dances like the Jitterbug, or even slow and romantic ones like the Tango, you’ll be enhancing your life in ways unexpected to even yourself-until you start fitting into those old jeans and maybe finding someone else who also loves to Swing dance (wink, wink). With social dancing skills under your belt, you can check off many other “to do’s” and get many of your needs all in one exciting and useful hobby.

With such a fun means of letting go at the end of your day, you may find yourself wanting to dance several nights a week. Even better! Of course, the more you come to your dance lessons, the sooner you will also feel more confident in your new skill, relieving any and all unwanted stress and providing a healthy outlet from outside burdens and worries.

Dancing Equals Connection: Connecting with others, from your spouse to a complete stranger who may become your new best friend, is what social ballroom dancing is all about. Since every body you dance with will act and react in their own unique way, dancing is a cool way to explore the many layers to getting to know someone.

Partner dancing can also interestingly reveal many insecurities in a man or a woman. Through partner dancing, those feelings of “less than” can turn into strengths as one grows in their skill level with time and practice. This positive transformation can all take place within yourself or someone you know, all from learning awesome dances like the Country Swing or Cha Cha. Now that is cool!

Once again, there are even more aspects of social dancing that can lead to a fun and happy 2015. With more to share in an upcoming blog, there’s no need for you to wait for the fun to begin. Arizona locals can find the happiest place to dance in Arizona at Dance FX Studios in the Phoenix East Valley. We would be thrilled to share the many features of becoming a confident social dancer with you, beginning in our New Student Offer. Make this year the start of something great in your life with social dance lessons!