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Arizona Latin dance instructorsOriginally from Cuba, Alvaro has graced Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona with his enthusiasm and love of dance. Three words to describe him are: curious, dynamic, and lighthearted.

At a young age, Alvaro began to dance. “My parents began to teach me how to dance when I was four. When I was five, in kindergarten, I was in a dance group doing traditional mambo, cha-cha, danzon, pilon, salsa, and cumbia. After I turned fourteen, I began to learn Waltz so I could be a ‘professional’ dancer at quinceañeras (fifteenth birthday parties specifically for girls) and continued to do that for five years. I also used to choreograph dances during this time for quineañeras. Throughout my time as a dancer, I got a taste of many different dances. After that, I just kept dancing. I love salsa the most. In Cuba, it is one of the most popular dances.”

Overall, Alvaro loves to dance with a partner. He values creativeness and enjoys making new moves. At Dance FX Studios, he has found many nice people and whenever he comes to work, he is happy every day. He likes to see how everyone wants to learn to dance here. “It is the best place in the Phoenix valley to teach social dancing.”

“Me gusta el baile social, me parece divertido tener el papel de líder. Me encanta hacer nuevos movimientos y mezclarlos espontáneamente, lo que muestra mi creatividad. En este lugar estoy rodeado de buenas y agradables lo cual me hace me hace feliz venir cada día y dar lo mejor de mi. Me gusta ver como todos pueden aprender a bailar con facilidad, y me fascina dedicarles todos mi empeño para que luzcan mejor en la lista de baile. Es el único lugar en el Valle que enseña baile social, pienso que es una gran oportunidad venir y llevarse consigo esta gran experiencia. Me encanta el ambiente de alegría que hay en Dance FX Studios, sobre todo los estudiantes que vienen con dinamismo y creatividad emocionados para cada clase. Todos los miembros del equipo de trabajadores son muy amigables y todos nos llevamos bien, hacemos un grupo de trabajo muy divertido. Aquí aprendo como enseñar pero también aprendo muchas cosas nueves sobre baile, me ayuda a crecer un poco mas en mi carrera como bailarín y coreógrafo .”

For Alvaro, curiosity didn’t kill the cat… it motivated him. He loves to learn, whether it is directly related to him (dance, music, culture), or related to those around him (personalities, likes, how to make people laugh). Due to his curiosity and ability to quickly pick up new skills, the word that best describes him next is fast. Not only is he a fast learner, but he also makes friends quickly because he is able to see similarities with everyone! Lastly, “dynamic” rounds out Alvaro because it encapsulates him well. The definition of dynamic is: characterized by constant change, activity or progress.

Even though Alvaro absolutely LOVES dancing, he does have a few hobbies on the side which include, playing guitar, watching soccer games, roller blading, spending time with family, and playing some sports!

Stop by Dance FX Studios to meet Alvaro and the other instructors and check out our New Student Offer for beginner dance lessons.

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If The Shoe Fits…Dance In It!

Arizona country dancing number 13Congratulations! You’ve decided to take private dance lessons to become a comfortable social dancer. How exciting! Which popular dance styles are you most interested in; Country, Latin, Swing or the steamy Argentine Tango? They’re all so fun for different reasons, it’s almost hard to decide where to begin.

If you live in Arizona like we do, all of these social dance styles are useful for occasions from going out to the bars to taking a date out for dinner and dancing to attending your best friend’s wedding. Regardless of where you start, social dancing will give you a newfound confidence that will trickle into other areas of your life before long. You just wait and see…

In the meantime, it’s time to get ready for your dance lessons. What do you need? Why, the perfect pair of shoes would be a great starting point. Let us give you our recommendation for the kind of shoes to invest in as you embark on your journey into social partner dancing.

For Country Dance Lessons, a great pair of Cowboy (girl) boots is ideal. Not every pair of boots is equal, though. Look for ones that are made of soft leather so you don’t end up missing chances to dance as you are breaking in your new kicks. Leather bottom boots are also much better than rubber soled boots. Rubber tends to stick to the floor. You are going to be aiming for a more slick look than sticky one. 🙂 Keep in mind that for Country dancing, we do not suggest tennis shoes or flip flops. Both are unsafe and not great for all that shuffling that you will be doing to your favorite Country Two Step tune.

If you are looking to become a confident Salsa or Bachata dancer, a pair of short heels with straps around the ankles are ideal for the ladies. Guys should grab a leather bottomed shoe that is also made of soft leather so they are easy to break in initially, versus distracting on your Latin dance lessons.

To all of the brides and grooms who are taking Wedding Dance Lessons, consider these things when shopping for your first dance shoes: comfort and height. Visually,  it looks best if the bride is either equal in height, or slightly shorter than her partner, so ladies, look for a heel that is both comfortable and the right height for your man. A strap around the ankle is also recommended, unless you are a seasoned high heel walker.

As we say here at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona, if the shoe fits, dance in it! Come join us for couples and singles dance lessons and see how much fun awaits you! Our New Student Offer will give you a chance to check us out for just $25! What are you waiting for, grab those shoes and let’s get dancing!


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“Giddy Up” in 2015 and Learn to Dance

Couples Country Dancing in ArizonaWelcome to part two of our previous blog on why every couple and single should learn to dance in this new year! As we have already revealed, social dancing, like Country Two Step or Salsa dancing, for example, is an incredible outlet for forming new friendships, sparking (or re-igniting) romance, and getting fit in 2015. You’d think that the benefits of knowing how to dance end there. Nope. There’s so much more that partner dancing can offer! Did you know that…

Dancing Relieves Stress: Committing to New Year’s Resolutions that force you to do something that you regularly would never want to take part of in the first place is stressful enough. That’s why when you make learning to social dance a goal this year, you can wipe away the pressure of losing weight, finding love or making more friends in the boring old ways that you’ve tried in the past. What a relief! Forget about online dating or running every morning and give Swing dance lessons a try! With active, fast-paced dances like the Jitterbug, or even slow and romantic ones like the Tango, you’ll be enhancing your life in ways unexpected to even yourself-until you start fitting into those old jeans and maybe finding someone else who also loves to Swing dance (wink, wink). With social dancing skills under your belt, you can check off many other “to do’s” and get many of your needs all in one exciting and useful hobby.

With such a fun means of letting go at the end of your day, you may find yourself wanting to dance several nights a week. Even better! Of course, the more you come to your dance lessons, the sooner you will also feel more confident in your new skill, relieving any and all unwanted stress and providing a healthy outlet from outside burdens and worries.

Dancing Equals Connection: Connecting with others, from your spouse to a complete stranger who may become your new best friend, is what social ballroom dancing is all about. Since every body you dance with will act and react in their own unique way, dancing is a cool way to explore the many layers to getting to know someone.

Partner dancing can also interestingly reveal many insecurities in a man or a woman. Through partner dancing, those feelings of “less than” can turn into strengths as one grows in their skill level with time and practice. This positive transformation can all take place within yourself or someone you know, all from learning awesome dances like the Country Swing or Cha Cha. Now that is cool!

Once again, there are even more aspects of social dancing that can lead to a fun and happy 2015. With more to share in an upcoming blog, there’s no need for you to wait for the fun to begin. Arizona locals can find the happiest place to dance in Arizona at Dance FX Studios in the Phoenix East Valley. We would be thrilled to share the many features of becoming a confident social dancer with you, beginning in our New Student Offer. Make this year the start of something great in your life with social dance lessons!


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Shaping Up For 2015

a couple Country Western dancing in ArizonaThe 2014 holiday season is coming to a close. If you’re like the rest of us, you’re ready to kick those New Year’s resolutions into high gear-especially when it comes to your health. Most of us need a little help getting the ball rolling to make some big changes, but what if I told you that I had a fun, exciting, and even romantic, way to get fit in the next 12 months? What if I also said that this new hobby will expand your social circle, add a LOT of spice to your life and will also give you a major confidence boost? Sounds too good to be true, right?  Get ready for a year filled with a fabulous new you and learn to social dance in 2015! Yes,you can actually dance your way back to a healthier you, and have a blast in the process.

You may be wondering which social dances are right for you, just how dancing will get you into shape and maybe even what exactly social dancing means. It’s almost too good to be true that dancing can have so many benefits!

First, which dances should you learn first in 2015? The most popular social dances to learn this coming year are Country Swing, Salsa and Line Dancing. Country Swing has taken over most Country dance venues as THE dance to know. With all of the cool spins and arm variations to discover, Country Swing is an impressive dance to execute. When you are ready to explore this Country dance, remember to seek out quality Swing dance instruction.While it is an option to learn to Country Swing dance in a bar for free, you will find that you do get  what you pay for, especially in terms of learning a skill such as partner dancing.

In 2015, to accompany the Country Swing, do also explore lively Line dances, including the Wobble Baby and Copperhead Road. Not all Line dances are Country-based these days, so knowing how to do the popular ones will keep you out on the dance floor at weddings and other social gatherings too. Line dancing is worth knowing, regardless of the kind of dance music you enjoy.

Lastly, it is very relevant to know how to Salsa dance these days-especially if you live in the Southwest. Salsa dancing is hot world-wide, though, so learn to Salsa dance and heat up your love life and sense of adventure in the new year! What’s also interesting about Salsa dancing is that it’s actually very easy to learn. Adding those Latin hips are what make it a bit more of a challenge for some, but how fun would it be to push your comfort level in the new year and go beyond even what you thought you could do?!

With all of these social dances, you can burn up to 325 calories per hour! Dancing is so much more fun than going to the gym, and it allows you to do a skill that most only dream of knowing how to do well, while at the same time meeting new friends and broadening your social circle.

All in all, discovering social dancing and pursuing it in 2015 will bring you happiness for years to come. For Arizona couples, singles and even brides and grooms, come learn to Country dance, Latin dance, or even Swing and Line dance with us at Dance FX Studios in the Phoenix East Valley. Our New Student Offer is a great way to sample out several dances that are appealing to you. Make 2015 one to remember with social dance lessons!



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Get Fit in 2015!

swing dancing in ArizonaIn the new year we’re all going to get into shape again, right? We’ll be our 40-year old selves with the bodies that we had in our 20’s! Don’t we all have the same resolution of fitness and health upon each new year? Well how wonderful would it be if I told you that you CAN have that 20 year old bod in your 40’s…without even going to the gym! That’s right! You can look and feel your best in the coming year with a timeless activity that has more benefits than we can name. Are you ready to revolutionize your health regime and make 2015’s health goals finally stick? Then give social dancing a try!

Burn calories while looking sexy and having fun in the new year with Salsa dance lessons! Yes, Salsa lessons will give you the confidence that you may be lacking to shine on the dance floor at any Latin club, wedding, or hey, maybe just in the living room with your sweetie. No matter where you decide to dance, with confidence you can really let go and enjoy yourself while the body gets to work.

What’s amazing about Salsa dancing and other Latin dances, from Merengue to Bachata, is that you will find yourself using parts of your body that have never been used before. Really, how often do you shake your hips for 5-7 minutes straight to music? That alone will get the heart pumping! Add great Latin music to the mix and you have a new hobby that is SO much more exciting than working out the traditional way. Are you ready for the cherry on top? Salsa dancing and other partner dances allow you to get fit with your special someone. Now that’s cool! Of course you can always go to a Zumba class for a Latin dance workout, but with partner dancing, you can shed any unwanted weight together and BOTH reach your fitness goals! Does it get any better?

Now, not everyone is into Latin music. No worries! There are many other styles of social dances that will get the blood flowing. Take Swing dancing, for example. Swing dancing is high energy, very popular and can be danced to many different kinds of music, from Country to Big Band. With Swing dance lessons, you’re also looking at burning about 350 calories per hour as long as you keep moving. This is a wonderful fun fact, no? And, since dancing is a total body workout, you will begin seeing results all over at the same time, making your dance lessons that better of an investment for you or you and your partner.

Beyond the health aspects of social ballroom dancing, with this incredible skill under your belt, you can expand your social circle in the upcoming year, add more romance (or meet someone new), improve your creativity, posture and balance, and the list goes on and on… From the physical to the social, the benefits of knowing how to dance are literally endless!

Give social dancing a shot in 2015. We’d love to hear about how it enhances your life! For those lucky ones who reside in Phoenix, Arizona, you can learn to social dance with us at Dance FX Studios in the Phoenix Easy Valley. We specialize in creating confident social dancers, both singles and couples. With fun dances to explore that range from Argentine Tango to Country to Swing and Salsa, you will be dancing your way into a more fit you in 2015!

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Heat Up Your Winter With Salsa Dance Lessons!

salsa dance couple in ArizonaAre you looking for something steamy to heat up your winter season? Push that hot cocoa aside and give Salsa dance lessons a shot! Grab your special someone or come solo and learn to dance one of the sexiest and most flirty social partner dances out there. Salsa dancing is THE dance to explore any time of year, but why not add a little passion to the cold months and learn something exciting, healthy and new. What will you gain from learning to dance the Salsa? Let’s explore…

Sass!: That’s right! Most people need a little push to bring out their inner flirt and that’s exactly what you’ll get by exploring Salsa dancing. You see, in order to capture the essence of the Salsa, you must let go and “become one” with the music and your dance partner. Believe it or not, the footwork for the Salsa is easy-much easier than you would think! What makes this dance exciting is adding personality to the dance-bringing it to life by freeing yourself and becoming uninhibited. There are very few places that some of you have been able to capture this feeling, so learning to Salsa dance may be totally out of your comfort zone. That’s OK. It’s a part of growing and being the best YOU possible! Once you’ve captured your inner sass and brought it to the dance floor, you’ll feel a sense of joy and freedom like never before. That passion may even transfer into other areas of your life! How fun and exciting is that!?

Health!: Are you ready for a workout in places that you didn’t know existed? Be prepared to burn calories and fat in your Salsa dance lessons. Once you get through the basics and you can dance an entire song from start to finish, you’ll be in for an evening of fun and fitness. Salsa dancing can burn up to 350 calories per hour and is great for the hips and thighs. With all of that shaking going on, you’ll be able to eat whatever holiday treats come your way without worry.

Salsa dancing can also replace one of your trips to the gym weekly. It’s a wonderful way to mix up your cardio workout and never get bored. For those who really want to warm up their winter, ask you dance instructor about Bachata dance lessons too. Now that’s a dance that will spice up any season! Get moving this winter with Latin dance lessons!

Passion!: Salsa dancing is not just intimate and playful, but it is a wonderful way to connect with your sweetie. Think “time alone with no kids” and feel instantly relaxed as you head off to your Salsa dance lessons. Social dancing is a cool way for couples to bond after a long day at the office. Spend some quality time away from your crazy Aunt this holiday season and give each other a gift that never ends-romance, excitement and a deeper connection.

Do you live in the Phoenix metro area? If so, come visit Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona for private or group Salsa dance lessons! Try out our New Student Offer for a taste of how dancing can get you through the holidays and beyond!

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3 Things To Discover With Salsa Dance Lessons

It’s sexy, it’s spicy, it’s sensual…it’s Salsa dancing! Can you see yourself sweating to those Latin beats in a hot, steamy club? Would you like to learn to Salsa dance to spice up your fizzled relationship? Are you looking to unleash your inner diva or dude? No real need for a “reason” to get started with Salsa dance lessons because once you begin, your new addiction will keep you coming back for more.

What makes Salsa dancing so cool that it’s hot? Aside from the chance to connect in an intimate and seductive way with others on the dance floor, Salsa dancing opens you up to explore a new “sassy” you, allowing growing room for self-expression and a freedom that cannot be felt from many other hobbies.

If you haven’t danced before, you now know what you’re missing without Salsa dancing in your life.  Before you grab a pair of heels and hit the dance floor to get your Latin groove on, take our advice and start with Salsa dance lessons for beginners. Here are a few things that you will learn in private Latin dance lessons at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, AZ:

1. Partner connection: Salsa dancing is generally fast paced. In order to move  as one with your special someone, let us help you to understand the principles of partner connection. With faster dances, being connected on the dance floor is key. In our private lesson introductory offer, you will be given an exercise to assist you in understanding how to move in synch with anyone on the dance floor.

2. Small steps: As with all Latin dances, small steps are essential for several reasons. One reason has to do with getting your hips moving. The only way to get those hips  moving the “right” way is by keeping your feet underneath your torso by taking very small steps. More information in your Latin dance lessons at Dance FX Studios will help you to understand the importance of tiny footwork.

3. Lead and Follow: In order to be a great Salsa dancer, knowing how to lead or follow is of primary importance. Rather than memorizing steps from a video or in a group class setting, get the basics of lead and follow first. Then your will have a solid foundation that you can use to build off of.

Explore the Salsa in dance lessons for couples or singles to see how much fun it is to Latin dance! If you live in the Phoenix area, give Salsa dance lessons a try at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, AZ. We offer Salsa lessons for beginners to residents in Tempe, Chandler, Phoenix, Gilbert, Scottsdale, Queen Creek and beyond! Our introductory offer for private Latin dance lessons will give you a window into our unique concept, one that can make a dancer out of everyone-even YOU!