If The Shoe Fits…Dance In It!

Arizona country dancing number 13Congratulations! You’ve decided to take private dance lessons to become a comfortable social dancer. How exciting! Which popular dance styles are you most interested in; Country, Latin, Swing or the steamy Argentine Tango? They’re all so fun for different reasons, it’s almost hard to decide where to begin.

If you live in Arizona like we do, all of these social dance styles are useful for occasions from going out to the bars to taking a date out for dinner and dancing to attending your best friend’s wedding. Regardless of where you start, social dancing will give you a newfound confidence that will trickle into other areas of your life before long. You just wait and see…

In the meantime, it’s time to get ready for your dance lessons. What do you need? Why, the perfect pair of shoes would be a great starting point. Let us give you our recommendation for the kind of shoes to invest in as you embark on your journey into social partner dancing.

For Country Dance Lessons, a great pair of Cowboy (girl) boots is ideal. Not every pair of boots is equal, though. Look for ones that are made of soft leather so you don’t end up missing chances to dance as you are breaking in your new kicks. Leather bottom boots are also much better than rubber soled boots. Rubber tends to stick to the floor. You are going to be aiming for a more slick look than sticky one. 🙂 Keep in mind that for Country dancing, we do not suggest tennis shoes or flip flops. Both are unsafe and not great for all that shuffling that you will be doing to your favorite Country Two Step tune.

If you are looking to become a confident Salsa or Bachata dancer, a pair of short heels with straps around the ankles are ideal for the ladies. Guys should grab a leather bottomed shoe that is also made of soft leather so they are easy to break in initially, versus distracting on your Latin dance lessons.

To all of the brides and grooms who are taking Wedding Dance Lessons, consider these things when shopping for your first dance shoes: comfort and height. Visually,  it looks best if the bride is either equal in height, or slightly shorter than her partner, so ladies, look for a heel that is both comfortable and the right height for your man. A strap around the ankle is also recommended, unless you are a seasoned high heel walker.

As we say here at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona, if the shoe fits, dance in it! Come join us for couples and singles dance lessons and see how much fun awaits you! Our New Student Offer will give you a chance to check us out for just $25! What are you waiting for, grab those shoes and let’s get dancing!