Social Dance…for the Health of it!

social dance classes near Chandler ArizonaDid you know that you can literally dance your way into a healthier you? Yes! With increased endorphin levels, much like those you get from running on the treadmill, you will be burning calories, having fun and feeling great! There are so many great things about knowing how to Country dance, or Latin dance, that can keep the monotony of heading to the gym at bay that you may eventually want to even cancel your gym membership altogether one day. For now, hold on to it until you get to the point in your dance classes where you really get moving.

Speaking of that, when does that point happen in your dancing, you may be wondering. I would say about 10-15 hours into your Private Dance Lessons, you should really be moving around and experimenting with combinations and even some cool dance moves. At that point, you can replace dancing with the gym. Sardio is key for weight loss, you will need to be patient with the process of learning to dance and you will be movin’ and groovin’ around the dance floor before you know it.

Earlier I mentioned how social dancing is also key for mental health and well-being. Meeting and developing stronger bonds with others in the community is a critical aspect of mental health that social dancing surely provides. Also being able to connect with others physically through dance is both therapeutic and essential. We all need human interaction and closeness, and going out Country dancing or Salsa dancing can meet both of those needs in a safe and fun way. As Phil Martin, a fellow dance instructor is quoted in the L.A. times as saying, “Dancing simply makes you happy,” Martin says. “It’s a lifelong mood enhancer.”

Remember that learning different social dances, like Swing or Country Two Step dancing, is a mental challenge as well. Keeping the moves straight, knowing when and how to use them, and staying on time with the music is all part of your responsibility on the dance floor, at least for the leads. This is a ton of information to keep track of initially, but what comes out of it is the opportunity to train your brain to be active and think in new ways. It is for this reason that studies have shown that ballroom dancing wards off dementia 

If you’re excited about subbing the excitement of learning to dance for your boring gym routine, then get going on beginner’s dance lessons! Singles and couples can learn to become confident social dancers with us at Dance FX Studios, located in the the Phoenix East Valley. If you live elsewhere, Google the best place where you can begin your journey into social dancing. You’ll make new friends, improve your health and do something great for you, and even your relationship, all through dance!