Ballroom Dancing…A Secret Weapon!

ballroom dance lessons arizonaAre you trying to recall something but nothing seems to be helping? Now that’s a feeling that people never like to experience, and yet inevitably, we all go through it. Delaying memory loss and the process of aging is something that has been studied by some of the smartest and most capable people all over the world. How can we as human beings extend our mental and physical longevity? Is there some fountain of youth that we all need to drink out of?  Unfortunately not, but I do have a lesser known secret as to how you can keep your mind sharp. Are you ready for this? Take ballroom dance lessons!

According to a study done by an Associate Professor at the University of Maryland School of Nursing, dancing was linked to significant improvements in balance, flexibility, cardio-respiratory endurance and bone density, all of which are things that change with aging. She further expressed the psychological benefits of social dancing as well. She found increased communication, social engagement, and positive interactions emerged from social dancing. How cool is that!?

There are many studies out there that have unlocked the numerous health benefits of ballroom dancing. For instance, in a previous blog, we found out that in a recent 20-year long study of nearly 500 people done by the Albert Einstein Center in the Bronx, N.Y, dancing is the only regular physical activity associated with a significant decrease in the diseases of dementia, including Alzheimer’s.

So what are you waiting for?  If you start with social dance lessons now,  you can delay the aging process that so many of us fear. Even if you are not currently seeing any signs of aging, you can still help out your mind, body, and soul through ballroom dancing. Dances like Country Two Step, Salsa and Swing will keep your mind sharp, along with so many other great physical and mental anti-aging benefits.

The unique combination of mind, body, and spirit that ballroom dancing requires is the perfect combination for a great anti-aging secret.  Some specific results you may see from ballroom dancing that are quite exciting include stronger bones, slower heart rate, lower blood pressure, improved cholesterol profile, improved agility, improved posture, strengthened muscles,  and an increase in stamina, among many many other possible benefits.

Dancing IS the anti-aging secret weapon, and your new “fountain of youth”, your new “potion for perpetual life”, is located right here in the East Valley of Phoenix at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, AZ. We offer Private and Group Dance Lessons that are guaranteed to keep you feeling young from top to bottom!