Dancing, Music and Stereotypes

social ballroom dancing in Mesa azEvery new art form has its own evolution and road to acceptance throughout history. A road that is often painted by many colors, stereotypes and opinions that travel along, perhaps distorting the intention of the artist or the meaning of the art altogether. Willingness to overlook such stereotypes can help broaden our horizons to more art in the world, and that is a great thing!

There are of course some art forms that carry heavier opinions from around the world. Things like music and dance are among the most scrutinized, yet universally loved subjects in our lives. We tend to categorize the things in our lives that we’re a bit unfamiliar with, and that’s ok! It’s only natural to be nervous or afraid of something you don’t know very well. And that’s when you know how key it is to explore the things that take us outside our comfort zones. For what a better life lived, than to be exciting, fun, and unexpected! In this blog we’ll discuss the stereotypes and certain ideas that cloud the intention behind some of our most beloved dances.

Since its inception, dancing has been a way for people to express physically what they can’t with words. Beyond that, it’s a language all to its own. A way to communicate – not what we cannot otherwise, but furthermore to express in a more profound and beautiful way. A language whose linguistics lie not in verbiage, but in a connection shared usually between two people.

With that in mind, certain dances are more accepted in our society than others. For instance, in the time of their creation, dances like Tango, Salsa, and even the Waltz, were thought to be inappropriate due to the close body contact in the dances. Into the mid 1940’s and 50’s, dances like Swing were also thought to be inappropriate, and an expression of a misunderstood generation. However, in today’s time time, Tango, Salsa, and Swing are thought to be classic dances, and many countries participate in international competitions in these dances.

Even if you’re not too into the whole dancing scene and don’t know all the right moves, you’d have the time of your life just going out and throwing yourself into the experience. Better yet, sign up for some adult dance lessons at a studio near you and get the tips you need to really have some fun on the dance floor. Stereotypes and preconceived notions about social ballroom dancing can hinder the potentially beautiful experiences throughout our lives and can absolutely make it more and more difficult to learn new things, but with knowledge of how to dance, you’ll be able to capture those moments.

If you’ve ever thought about learning dance, but have put the thought out of your head for some reason, I urge you to find that in yourself that longed for dancing and hold on to it! There are so many places to dance in Phoenix, Arizona but only ONE place to teach you how to social dance and build confidence along the way! Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona is the very place that you’ll create a new, better version of you. Start small with beginner’s dance lessons and gain a new perspective on dancing. You too will see it as a valuable pastime before long!