Group Dance Classes vs Private Lessons

private dance lessons for adults in ArizonaWith all the new and exciting things happening here at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, AZ, one of the most common questions that we are asked is whether or not a person or couple should start with private dance lessons or group dance lessons.

As you may already know, Dance FX Studios teaches social dancing to adults, both couples and singles, who are looking to gain confidence out on the dance floor. Popular dances like Country Two Step, Swing and Salsa dancing are all the rage, but you have to know what you’re doing when you’re out on the dance floor, right? That where we come in! With private dance lessons and group classes, you’ll be ready to conquer that dance floor in no time! So where do you begin? Let me share my perspective with you…

Let’s start with the pro’s of private dance lessons. With one-on-one dance instruction, it’s much easier to focus on specific dance styles based on your requests. You choose the dance, and we can spend time exploring it at your pace, and with your learning style in mind. We can concentrate more on making sure you’ve learned the material, rather than giving you an overview, which is what you’ll get in a group dance class.

If you are part of a couple, private social dance lessons could become a romantic hobby that you can use everywhere from your living room to your wedding! You will develop a stronger connection both on and off the dance floor as you work together as a team to learn to dance and develop a partnership together on the dance floor.

You will gain results in the shortest amount of time with personalized instruction, which gives you more time to enjoy your newfound hobby! Even better is that every lesson will be taught with your specific dancing goals in mind. We’ll show all of the coolest dances that would be useful for you so you can go have some fun sooner rather than later.

Finally, Dance FX Studios is open six days/week for private dance lessons, so scheduling is based on your own availability. We can almost always accommodate you and your busy life. We will work at your pace as we help to show you how learning to dance can be a fun and easy process.

The con’s of private dance lessons aren’t really cons at all, but are more about what dance lessons are worth to you. Quality dance instruction comes at a price, and you’ll definitely get what you’re paying for with our team. Great dance instructors are very hard to find. Knowing how to dance does not make you a great dance instructor, so there are many tools that amazing teachers use to create a wonderful dancer in each of their students, and here at Dance FX Studios, we have all the right tools to make you a confident social dancer.

With Group Classes comes a different opportunity to meet new people with the same interest in learning to dance. Classes can give you the chance to lead or follow a variety of partners which will sharpen your skills out on the dance floor! Group lessons are also a great way learn new dancing steps without much commitment or financial investment, and are an affordable source of fun and excitement.

The only con’s to Group Dance Classes are that since you are sharing your time with up to 40 people. This can be very challenging to grow as rapidly as you would with private dance lessons. It can also be a bit frustrating at times to dance with people at different skill levels and with different abilities in a group class setting.

If you are a newer dancer, group dance classes will expose your weaknesses. It is a challenge to teach technique in a group setting with all different levels of dancers so newer dancers tend to focus on their footwork instead of their lead or follow. Read this blog to find out why that is not a good thing.

In summary, while group dancing classes are fun, and great a social outlet, you will be a better and more confident social dancer in a much shorter amount of time though private dance lessons. Yes, you will invest more into your new hobby, but if you’re going to learn something new, think about the old saying: “Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.” Come into Dance FX studios and start taking dance lessons to begin your journey to a more confident and capable dancer!