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Beat the Summer Heat With Adult Dance Lessons

How do you plan to beat the heat this Summer? If you’re looking to pass the time indoors, I don’t blame you. It’s darn near 120 degrees here in the Valley of the Sun, and the end is nowhere in sight. 🙁

Now there are lots of ways to make time fly inside this Summer, but none that are as much fun as Social Dance Lessons for Adults. Think about it, you can start Couple’s Country Dance Lessons now and be twirling under the stars by the time it starts to cool down. That would be cool, right?

If Country Western dancing is not your thing, that’s OK! Give Salsa Dance Classes or Swing Dancing a try. There are some pretty fun Ballroom Dances too, like the Foxtrot or Waltz, that will wipe away those Summer blues. And of course, you can always heat things up a bit with the sensual and seductive Argentine Tango. Si señor!

Regardless of the dance style you choose, they’re all incredible for keeping fit and having fun this season-and that’s without hitting the gym. Speaking of how Social Dance Lessons can benefit you, here are just a few more reasons why you should start dancing now.

Get Social.

A big reason why people begin with Adult Dance Lessons is to meet new friends. Maybe you’re in the same boat. Oftentimes when we start a new chapter in life, be it moving to a new area, or exiting a long-term relationship, it can be a challenge to start over. Having a group of friends who enjoy similar interests can make life so much easier.

Social Ballroom Dancing is an exciting way to connect with others, so why not give it a shot? With partner dancing, making new friends is easy! You need someone to dance with, and so does the other person, so you’re always going to be in a situation where you get to interact with others. How perfect! Yes, this may be a bit intimidating at first, but keep in mind that everyone is shy in the beginning, so go easy on yourself the first few times you venture out. Before long, you’ll be mixing and mingling with the best of them!

Get Confident.

Once you have taken a series of Private Dance Lessons in Country, Swing and even Latin dancing, and hit the dance floors around town to test out your new set of skills, your confidence is sure to rise! Knowing how to dance is definitely a boost on your self-esteem, especially since so many people would die to be fearless, kick-butt social dancers. It’s a matter of taking the time to learn by attending regular classes before you see the results, and most people don’t want to put in the time, or are too afraid to. Don’t be that person who sits on the sidelines and watches everyone else smiling, laughing and meeting others. Get out there and discover how to move!

When you become a confident Country dancer, or Swing dancer, doors will open left and right. You will be in demand on the dance floor, that’s for sure. I mean, who doesn’t want to be the one out there having a blast with a great dancer? I know I always scope them out first, so I can have the best time possible. What a great way to enjoy an evening, and all because you took the time to learn first.

There’s nothing more attractive than self-assurance, be it on the dance floor or in the board room. Watch how your confidence soars in all areas of life once you know how to dance. I’ve seen it a thousand times as an Instructor, and it’s incredible to witness. A once shy, meek man turns into a superstar and sweeps every woman off her feet in the Country bars around the valley! Now that’s a way to spend a Saturday night!

Get Ready for Your Big Day!

Finally, if you’re at the point in life where you’re about to tie the knot (maybe you met her/him on out dancing with friends ;)), Wedding Dance Lessons are a must! Most people don’t get married in the dead of Summer here in Phoenix, but when the weather breaks, wedding season kicks into high gear. Don’t wait until then to get ready for the most important day of your life. Start with Wedding Dance Lessons this Summer to really shine by the fall.

No, I have not yet developed that magic pill which will help you look incredible on your wedding day with only two weeks of lessons leading up to the big day, so do yourself a favor and begin learning the language of dance now. Ballroom Dance Lessons are a whole new experience, a great bonding opportunity for brides and grooms, and a super-fun hobby that you two can use for years to come. Preparation is key, though, so throw those dress shoes and heels in a bag and bring them in on your Dance Lessons this Summer to really look your best by your wedding date.

Learning how to Country, Latin, or Swing dance is a wonderful way to spend your Summer months. Do something for you this season that will make the months and years to follow that much more fantastic. You deserve some fun, now go out and get it! Now you know my secret for how to beat the heat and stay cool in Phoenix this, and every, Summer to come.

Dancing, Music and Stereotypes

social ballroom dancing in Mesa azEvery new art form has its own evolution and road to acceptance throughout history. A road that is often painted by many colors, stereotypes and opinions that travel along, perhaps distorting the intention of the artist or the meaning of the art altogether. Willingness to overlook such stereotypes can help broaden our horizons to more art in the world, and that is a great thing!

There are of course some art forms that carry heavier opinions from around the world. Things like music and dance are among the most scrutinized, yet universally loved subjects in our lives. We tend to categorize the things in our lives that we’re a bit unfamiliar with, and that’s ok! It’s only natural to be nervous or afraid of something you don’t know very well. And that’s when you know how key it is to explore the things that take us outside our comfort zones. For what a better life lived, than to be exciting, fun, and unexpected! In this blog we’ll discuss the stereotypes and certain ideas that cloud the intention behind some of our most beloved dances.

Since its inception, dancing has been a way for people to express physically what they can’t with words. Beyond that, it’s a language all to its own. A way to communicate – not what we cannot otherwise, but furthermore to express in a more profound and beautiful way. A language whose linguistics lie not in verbiage, but in a connection shared usually between two people.

With that in mind, certain dances are more accepted in our society than others. For instance, in the time of their creation, dances like Tango, Salsa, and even the Waltz, were thought to be inappropriate due to the close body contact in the dances. Into the mid 1940’s and 50’s, dances like Swing were also thought to be inappropriate, and an expression of a misunderstood generation. However, in today’s time time, Tango, Salsa, and Swing are thought to be classic dances, and many countries participate in international competitions in these dances.

Even if you’re not too into the whole dancing scene and don’t know all the right moves, you’d have the time of your life just going out and throwing yourself into the experience. Better yet, sign up for some adult dance lessons at a studio near you and get the tips you need to really have some fun on the dance floor. Stereotypes and preconceived notions about social ballroom dancing can hinder the potentially beautiful experiences throughout our lives and can absolutely make it more and more difficult to learn new things, but with knowledge of how to dance, you’ll be able to capture those moments.

If you’ve ever thought about learning dance, but have put the thought out of your head for some reason, I urge you to find that in yourself that longed for dancing and hold on to it! There are so many places to dance in Phoenix, Arizona but only ONE place to teach you how to social dance and build confidence along the way! Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona is the very place that you’ll create a new, better version of you. Start small with beginner’s dance lessons and gain a new perspective on dancing. You too will see it as a valuable pastime before long!