Why You Can’t Learn How to Dance From Videos

rsz_3photoI’m sure you’re wondering why you need to take lessons at all to learn how to dance. In today’s day and age technology is literally right at your fingertips. Virtually anything you could do without a phone ten years ago, you can do with one now. So why don’t we teach through YouTube or through a live feed? Good question.

Dancing is all about connection. Without an instructor being able to physically make you feel what they are talking about you will have a hard time grasping the concept of connection and won’t be able to dance with every person in the room! Sure, we could have you memorize some moves and you can try to use them when you go out, but chances are you won’t be as successful as someone who comes in to take a Private Dance Lesson with us. Connection is such an important thing to know and we focus a lot of our lessons around this subject because all successful things start with a great foundation. Our foundation being connecting with your partner!

If we just created videos and tried to have our students learn from them they would never be able to ask questions! This a great benefit to taking private Country, Swing, or Salsa dance lessons. You can experience the connection we talked about earlier and when you have a very specific question your instructor will definitely be more qualified than google or YouTube to answer it for you. Different instructors can answer in a way that will click for you. Someone in a video doesn’t know how to give an answer that is custom to YOU! (They can’t even hear your question in the first place)

As we teach our lessons here at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona we can walk around and spot any mistakes that you are making and help you realize what feels wrong and how you can fix it. Since an instructor in a video cannot see you, it is impossible for them to correct you. So when you are confused and trying to figure out the first move they taught you, they are already on to the third one and it becomes overwhelming.

The lady in this partner dancing situation does not want to have to memorize footsteps (this coming from a lady herself) trust us! Women love to be twirled around and, though they may be the leader off the dance floor, as soon as their feet hit the floor they want to be led! So lead your lady over to us and try out our New Student Offer and turn off the computer. You won’t need videos when you have us!