How to Have More Fun Social Dancing

country dancing near Chandler AZMore fun while out social dancing is always the goal, right? I mean, what’s the point of even going out Country dancing or Latin dancing if you’re not enjoying time with new friends, in addition to brushing up on your cool moves. The key, though, is to figure out how to have the best dance experience possible. Social dancing is an amazing hobby when a little forethought is put into what your night is going to look like. Here are three tips from me to you on how to make your night out dancing a memorable one.


  1. It may be easier said than done, but my first piece of advice is to relax. Going out social dancing for the first handful of times can be quite nerve-wracking. For a leader, feelings of rejection, looking “stupid” or drawing a blank are usually front and center. For a lady, wondering if anyone will ask you to dance, or if he will be a good leader may be a worry. Social dancing is all about taking a deep breathe, knowing that everyone’s eyes are not on you, and taking the night for what it is…an opportunity to let go and unwind. Of course, social dancing is so much more than that, but why put the pressure of meeting that “special someone” or trying to be perfect on yourself? It’s just not worth it. So, tip #1, relax, have a few laughs and get out on that dance floor. Every dance you try is going to bring you one step closer towards gaining the confidence you are seeking.
  2. Tip #2: Be aware of your surroundings. Guys, please don’t Swing your partner into others in an attempt to show off and look cool. All this does, besides rip her arm out of the socket, is make her uncomfortable and unsafe. I know that may not be your intention, but why risk losing another dance with her? Another suggestion for new leaders is to make sure to protect your dance partner. There may be other guys out there that you can’t control who will inevitably fling their partners into you. Make sure to guard your lady and keep her safe. She will surely appreciate you looking out for her. 🙂
  3. Lastly, be kind to your dance partners. It is really scary to ask a lady to dance, or to be asked to dance by someone you don’t know. If you are not interested in accepting a dance, be nice. A polite, “No, thank you” will suffice. Even better, give him a shot. He may surprise you with his Two Step or Salsa dancing skills. Men, if you are finding that you’re dancing with a partner who is below your skill level, treat her with respect by leading her through simpler moves that she can feel comfortable following. Showing off  does not do any good for either of you, and it certainly won’t earn you another dance with someone who you may find attractive.

Well, I could go on and on about how to have a great time social dancing anywhere, and I will in incoming blogs! Until then, take these tips to heart, get off the couch and have a blast on that dance floor.

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