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Men…3 Reasons Why You Should Learn to Country Dance

Is there a girl that you see every weekend at your favorite Country bar that you wish you had the nerve to ask to dance? If you’re shaking your head “yes”, then now’s the time to get those Country dancing skills in place so you can sweep her off her feet someday soon.

Of course, you could just keep going back week after week and watch her be twirled around by other guys who know how to Two Step and Swing dance, and do it with confidence, but that would really suck, right? I would say so. So let’s explore what dancing will do for you, and your experiences to your favorite Country bar from this point forward.

Dancing Builds Confidence

Well, it’s not actually the dancing itself that builds confidence, but it’s knowing how to dance well that makes you feel confident anywhere, anytime. How cool would that be? Think about it. Wherever you go, from a wedding to a night out with friends, you can grab anyone and show her a great time. That is quite empowering, wouldn’t you say?

I bet you’re wondering how you gain the skills to sweep her off her feet. Simple. With Country Dance Lessons, of course! Country Dance Lessons for Beginners are a wonderful way to begin the process of learning how to lead on the dance floor, and how to do all of the fancy moves that you see others doing so effortlessly. And, if you make the investment into Private Country Dance Lessons, you will get much more in the way of technique and detail so you’ll have the moves in a much shorter amount of time. Even better!

With your newfound sense of assurance on the dance floor, you’ll have the ladies lining up to dance with you before long!

Meet New Friends

Once you’ve got the tools you need, you might as well get out there and use them as often as possible! Be sure to ask a variety of partners to dance to perfect your lead and meet all sorts of new people as you hone in on your Country dancing skills, and kill two birds with one stone!

Relieve Stress

Being active, connecting with others and improving in your hobbies…that’s what it’s all about! Country dancing is an incredible outlet after a long week at the office, filled with meetings and paperwork. Go burn off some steam by Two Step dancing into the night…it’s much more fun that the treadmill!


Are there any other benefits to knowing how to Country dance other than gaining confidence, connecting with others, learning a cool new skill and relieving stress? Believe it or not….yes! There’s so much more that social dancing can do for you! To see for yourself what you can gain by knowing how to social dance, take your first step into your local dance studio for adults today. Yes, it can be a bit intimidating, but you’ll be so glad once your entire world has shifted for the better! You’ll be dancing through life knowing that you have a skill that most people only wish they could do.

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Love is in The Air

ballroom dance studios ArizonaWith Valentine’s Day right around the corner and in the midst of wedding season, there’s no better time than now to learn to social dance. Have you ever thought of how fun it would be to try out Country Western dancing, or Latin dancing with your sweetheart? Is knowing how to Swing dance with your honey on your bucket list? If so, that’s great! Couple’s dance lessons are tons of fun, not to mention a fantastic way to enjoy the company of your special someone.

Brides and grooms, if you’re getting married any time in 2016, you may want to consider starting with Wedding Dance Lessons for your first dance now. Your dance lessons will be a great source of stress relief throughout the wedding planning process, and who doesn’t need a way to unwind and relax from all that you have to worry about?

What’s great about dance lessons for brides and grooms, at least at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona, is that you will learn a skill that you can use after the wedding for years to come once you know your first dance well. In other words, we will show you how to take the elements from wedding your dance and rearrange them in a variety of ways so that you can enjoy dancing at other special events, at home, or even on date nights on the town with each other. If you ask me, that makes Wedding Dance Lessons the best investment you can make in your wedding. Don’t you agree? Couple’s Dance lessons are romantic, practical and fun!

For you lovebirds who are preparing for February 14th, Valentine’s Day, why not take your sweetie out for a dance lesson for two? With a Private Dance Lesson scheduled, you know you’ll be sprinkling in some adventure and whimsy into your holiday planning. We could all use a bit more of that!

Beyond wedding season and the mushy holiday also known as Valentine’s Day, couples who dance together regularly have found an intimate hobby that offers so much more than steps to music. Social dancing is the perfect, and healthy, way to get some adult time in with your better half. Couples that take that extra time for each other tend to have a more balanced and happier relationship, which benefits everyone, including the kids.

So go have a blast at your favorite Country bar or Latin dance club! Bust out those moves that you never thought you’d be able to do. Express yourself on the dance floor and release your stress from the week. You deserve it!

If you happen to reside in Phoenix, Arizona, come check us out at Dance FX Studios. We are just off the 101 highway in Mesa. Nearby cities include Chandler, Tempe, Gilbert and Scottsdale, Arizona. Gift yourself and each other with a timeless skill that will really help to keep that flame burning and sign up for Couple’s Dance Lessons today. Our New Student Offer for beginner’s dance lessons is just $25, so you really can’t go wrong with giving social dancing a try. Who knows, you may end up discovering your inner dancer that you never knew existed! Now that’s exciting!


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How to Have More Fun Social Dancing

country dancing near Chandler AZMore fun while out social dancing is always the goal, right? I mean, what’s the point of even going out Country dancing or Latin dancing if you’re not enjoying time with new friends, in addition to brushing up on your cool moves. The key, though, is to figure out how to have the best dance experience possible. Social dancing is an amazing hobby when a little forethought is put into what your night is going to look like. Here are three tips from me to you on how to make your night out dancing a memorable one.


  1. It may be easier said than done, but my first piece of advice is to relax. Going out social dancing for the first handful of times can be quite nerve-wracking. For a leader, feelings of rejection, looking “stupid” or drawing a blank are usually front and center. For a lady, wondering if anyone will ask you to dance, or if he will be a good leader may be a worry. Social dancing is all about taking a deep breathe, knowing that everyone’s eyes are not on you, and taking the night for what it is…an opportunity to let go and unwind. Of course, social dancing is so much more than that, but why put the pressure of meeting that “special someone” or trying to be perfect on yourself? It’s just not worth it. So, tip #1, relax, have a few laughs and get out on that dance floor. Every dance you try is going to bring you one step closer towards gaining the confidence you are seeking.
  2. Tip #2: Be aware of your surroundings. Guys, please don’t Swing your partner into others in an attempt to show off and look cool. All this does, besides rip her arm out of the socket, is make her uncomfortable and unsafe. I know that may not be your intention, but why risk losing another dance with her? Another suggestion for new leaders is to make sure to protect your dance partner. There may be other guys out there that you can’t control who will inevitably fling their partners into you. Make sure to guard your lady and keep her safe. She will surely appreciate you looking out for her. 🙂
  3. Lastly, be kind to your dance partners. It is really scary to ask a lady to dance, or to be asked to dance by someone you don’t know. If you are not interested in accepting a dance, be nice. A polite, “No, thank you” will suffice. Even better, give him a shot. He may surprise you with his Two Step or Salsa dancing skills. Men, if you are finding that you’re dancing with a partner who is below your skill level, treat her with respect by leading her through simpler moves that she can feel comfortable following. Showing off  does not do any good for either of you, and it certainly won’t earn you another dance with someone who you may find attractive.

Well, I could go on and on about how to have a great time social dancing anywhere, and I will in incoming blogs! Until then, take these tips to heart, get off the couch and have a blast on that dance floor.

If you’re looking for a place to start with beginner’s social dance lessons, Phoenix residents, look no further! Visit our Arizona dance studio for social dance lessons. In no time, you’ll be ready to get on any crowded dance floor with confidence.

All About The Country Two Step

In light of our Country Dance Party that was held last night, let’s take a look at an extremely popular Country dance style, the Country Two Step. You may also know this dance as the AZ Two Step or the Texas Two Step. Some even call its many variations the Rhythm Two Step and the Progressive Two Step. Regardless,  in all of its forms and with its many names, the Two Step is a lively, playful dance that many Arizona residents here and Country dancers around the world enjoy.

As most dances do, the Two Step has a history rich of the influences of different cultures and dance types. There are many styles of the Country Two Step that can depend on location and personal preference. The Country Western Two Step originated from the Foxtrot and has elements of the Foxtrot and Swing to it as well. This combination of dances obtained its Country Western influence in the 1940s upon contact with square dancing communities. Some experts believe that this partner dance has roots dating back to the 1800s in Mexican and European history.  The Two Step was said to have appeared in Hungary and Germany at this time, while at the same time receiving influence from Mexican fandangos.

There’s no doubt that the Country Two Step will come in handy if you live here in Arizona. Its versatility and playfulness make it perfect for a night of dancing at any Country bar! At Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona, we host dance events with live Country or Swing music to give you a place to both learn and practice the Country Two Step. At our dance events, we provide drinks and desserts as well as the perfect venue for students and local residents to come and dance, mingle and relax from 8pm to 11pm on pre-selected Saturday evenings. Not proficient in the Two Step yet? No worries! Our excellent instructors will be on the dance floor too, giving pointers and grooving right along with you. Tickets are always at a discounted price of $15 if you purchase them in advance. Otherwise, tickets are $20 at the door.

If you are interested in Country dance lessons to build a bit of confidence before getting out on the dance floor, try out our Introductory Offer of $40 for 1 hour-long private introductory lesson. Private Country dance lessons are the fastest way to get out on to the dance floor as everything will be catered around your learning style and availability.  Not only can we get you and your partner Two Steppin’ in no time, we also offer dance lessons in Country Swing, Country Waltz, and Nite Club Two Step, which are all fun, popular dances that you can anywhere from a cruise to wedding to a Country bar! Country Two Step and Country Swing group classes for couples are another cool service that we offer if you are more inclined to learn in a group setting. You can inquire on our website or call us at the studio at 480.968.6177 for more information. See you in the studio soon, Country dance Fans!

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Salsa, Swing and Two Step Classes in Arizona

Starting this April 2014, Dance FX Studios will be offering 4 week progressive couple’s group dance classes again. Group dance classes are a great way to either practice what you learn in private dance lessons or learn some basics in a dance of your choice. You and your partner will learn proper dance form and cool new steps, as well as how to be comfortable on any dance floor. It is a great way to gain a new skill set and try out a new hobby! You could also meet other couples to go out dancing with – it’s called social dancing for a reason, right?

Dance FX Studios is located just off of Price highway (101 highway) on Dobson and Guadalupe in Mesa, Arizona. We are so close to cities like Tempe, Scottsdale, Chandler, Gilbert, and Phoenix that we get couples from all over the Valley and beyond that come to learn here! If you want to learn to dance Country Two Step, Salsa, Country Swing, or Jitterbug Swing, our group classes are a great option! Each class is offered on a different day every week and they are always at 7 pm at Dance FX Studios.

What’s different about these new classes in comparison to the ones we have had so far in 2014 is that these classes are progressive. Every week, your certified Swango instructors build on what you learned the previous week and new steps and tips are offered each week. The classes are offered for four consecutive weeks beginning on April 7th, 2014. All classes are open to couples with NO dance experience! With Dance FX Studios’ unique style of instruction, you will learn key tips in each dance to make you comfortable on any social dance floor within a short time. Even if you have taken lessons before and know more than just the basics, you will learn at Dance FX Studios what most other places don’t teach: how to be a SOCIAL dancer. You will learn how to lead and follow, how to navigate a busy dance floor and more!

On Monday evenings, the Country music gets cranked and couples learn to Two Step with our certified instructors. Country Two Step is a fun dance and it is particularly popular here in Arizona. With so many Country bars and venues in our area like Denim and Diamonds, Toby Keith’s and Cactus Moon, there’s no doubt you will find a place to show off your Two Stepping skills!

Tuesdays nights are Salsa nights, where couples embrace their flirty side and shimmy to great Latin music. Latin culture is very prevalent here in Arizona, making Salsa one of the top three most useful dances here! You and your partner will have the opportunity to spice things up, adding some sassy excitement to your lives. Dance lessons are a great way to strengthen communication skills and Salsa dancing is a more sensual, intimate dance that is perfect for connecting with each other!

Country Swing dancing will become the highlight of your hump day with Dance FX Studios’ Wednesday night Country Swing classes! This dance is very playful and exciting and is also very prevalent in our area. The bars and clubs can a get a bit rowdy when couples are Swing dancing, so we make sure to teach couples how to stay safe and still have tons of fun!

On Thursdays, couples can learn the Jitterbug Swing. What is so great about this dance is that you can dance it to so many types of music! It is versatile and perfect for any couple wanting to learn a new hobby and enjoy themselves out on any dance floor. Dance FX Studios will get you ready for any club or party with this social dance that anyone can learn. Jitterbug is lively and exciting and sure to keep you on the floor all night long!

Get registered today for Dance FX Studios’ 4 week group dance classes. They are just $75 for 4 weeks of classes as a couple. What an awesome deal! Before long, you too will be able to shine on any social dance floor, whether you are at a Latin dance club or a Country bar.