Salsa, Swing and Two Step Classes in Arizona

Starting this April 2014, Dance FX Studios will be offering 4 week progressive couple’s group dance classes again. Group dance classes are a great way to either practice what you learn in private dance lessons or learn some basics in a dance of your choice. You and your partner will learn proper dance form and cool new steps, as well as how to be comfortable on any dance floor. It is a great way to gain a new skill set and try out a new hobby! You could also meet other couples to go out dancing with – it’s called social dancing for a reason, right?

Dance FX Studios is located just off of Price highway (101 highway) on Dobson and Guadalupe in Mesa, Arizona. We are so close to cities like Tempe, Scottsdale, Chandler, Gilbert, and Phoenix that we get couples from all over the Valley and beyond that come to learn here! If you want to learn to dance Country Two Step, Salsa, Country Swing, or Jitterbug Swing, our group classes are a great option! Each class is offered on a different day every week and they are always at 7 pm at Dance FX Studios.

What’s different about these new classes in comparison to the ones we have had so far in 2014 is that these classes are progressive. Every week, your certified Swango instructors build on what you learned the previous week and new steps and tips are offered each week. The classes are offered for four consecutive weeks beginning on April 7th, 2014. All classes are open to couples with NO dance experience! With Dance FX Studios’ unique style of instruction, you will learn key tips in each dance to make you comfortable on any social dance floor within a short time. Even if you have taken lessons before and know more than just the basics, you will learn at Dance FX Studios what most other places don’t teach: how to be a SOCIAL dancer. You will learn how to lead and follow, how to navigate a busy dance floor and more!

On Monday evenings, the Country music gets cranked and couples learn to Two Step with our certified instructors. Country Two Step is a fun dance and it is particularly popular here in Arizona. With so many Country bars and venues in our area like Denim and Diamonds, Toby Keith’s and Cactus Moon, there’s no doubt you will find a place to show off your Two Stepping skills!

Tuesdays nights are Salsa nights, where couples embrace their flirty side and shimmy to great Latin music. Latin culture is very prevalent here in Arizona, making Salsa one of the top three most useful dances here! You and your partner will have the opportunity to spice things up, adding some sassy excitement to your lives. Dance lessons are a great way to strengthen communication skills and Salsa dancing is a more sensual, intimate dance that is perfect for connecting with each other!

Country Swing dancing will become the highlight of your hump day with Dance FX Studios’ Wednesday night Country Swing classes! This dance is very playful and exciting and is also very prevalent in our area. The bars and clubs can a get a bit rowdy when couples are Swing dancing, so we make sure to teach couples how to stay safe and still have tons of fun!

On Thursdays, couples can learn the Jitterbug Swing. What is so great about this dance is that you can dance it to so many types of music! It is versatile and perfect for any couple wanting to learn a new hobby and enjoy themselves out on any dance floor. Dance FX Studios will get you ready for any club or party with this social dance that anyone can learn. Jitterbug is lively and exciting and sure to keep you on the floor all night long!

Get registered today for Dance FX Studios’ 4 week group dance classes. They are just $75 for 4 weeks of classes as a couple. What an awesome deal! Before long, you too will be able to shine on any social dance floor, whether you are at a Latin dance club or a Country bar.