What Learning to Dance Can Reveal About You…

social ballroom dance lessons near Tempe ArizonaHe has agreed to take Private Dance Lessons. He’s been working diligently one-on-one with his instructor to be a great leader on the dance floor, just so that he can sweep you off your feet one day. Now the time has come for him for him to take you out dancing to your favorite Country bar. Tonight is the night! The pressure is on, and boy can he feel it!

You get on the dance floor and he freezes. So what do you do? You begin pulling him around the floor, like you’ve always done before. In no time, he’s ready to leave. “What’s the point of taking lessons if you can’t use what you’ve learned?”, you ask. Here comes the beginning of the end of any chance you have of your man wanting to dance again. What a shame that you two are going to miss out on the joys of spending your date nights out dancing!

Before you start scratching your head and wondering why, can you relate to this story? Are you the woman who has been trying to “help” your man to be a confident social dancer by turning yourself or pulling him along the dance floor? If this is you, please know that you’re not alone. Of course you want to enjoy Country dancing with your man! Of course you wish he could just be comfortable enough to want to join you anywhere, anytime for a dance. Of course he’s sick of watching other guys Two Step the night away with his wife. And of course it is not your fault that you have to take over on the dance floor because you are just trying to help, right? Well, maybe not.

Unknowingly, and quite ironically, you are both the reason why he started taking dance lessons, and the reason why he still cannot dance with confidence, both at the same time. As a result of his night out Country dancing with you, he feels inadequate and defeated, and may not want to venture out onto another social dance floor anytime soon. In his best efforts to please you, he did not reach his goal of putting a smile on your face on the dance floor, and has therefore failed. Did you know he felt this way? I doubt you did or I’m betting things would have played out differently.

The wonderful experience of learning incredible social dances like Country Two Step, Swing and Argentine Tango is that you are not only exploring how to move properly on a dance floor, but you are seeing things about yourself in the process of gaining a new skill, so you can grow as a person. This is the best part, in my opinion, of stepping outside of your comfort zone and trying something new and challenging like adult dance lessons.

In the scenario above, she may have learned that her need to control the situation at the Country bar in order to have a good time may have overshadowed his need for a calm and patient partner on his first night out dancing. Had she given him a minute to settle in and shake off his nerves, he may have been able to perform better. This is quite common, as I mentioned before, and it is most probably something that she would be willing to fix if it were brought to her attention.

Teamwork is a huge aspect of social ballroom dancing that is key for developing a successful partnership on the dance floor.  Sometimes, though, we can stand in our own way by not supporting our other half, or by blaming each other when things don’t go quite right.  As your guide through this process, I take this as an opportunity to help bring a couple closer together, which will in turn help you to make more progress on the dance floor. That’s a great thing! With a few ideas and recommendations, it can be a simple fix. And this is why I like to think of myself as a dancing therapist. 😉

Lastly, social insecurities can hold you back in a big way from having fun with social dancing. If you’re looking to push past that, take Private Dance Lessons and learn your stuff so you can have the confidence to get onto any dance floor without caring what anyone thinks. Partner or not, you absolutely can be an amazing social dancer!

Many insecurities and issues that we have can be not only revealed, but resolved through the process of learning to dance. My best advice is to find a local dance studio for adults that takes a true interest in the real reason why you want to begin learning to dance. You may not even know the deeper reasons that you have been drawn to this new hobby, but if you find the right place to learn, you should be waltzing out of that studio down the road with your head up high, full of confidence and proud that you know the coolest hobby ever…social ballroom dancing!

country 2 step dancing

Salsa, Swing and Two Step Classes in Arizona

Starting this April 2014, Dance FX Studios will be offering 4 week progressive couple’s group dance classes again. Group dance classes are a great way to either practice what you learn in private dance lessons or learn some basics in a dance of your choice. You and your partner will learn proper dance form and cool new steps, as well as how to be comfortable on any dance floor. It is a great way to gain a new skill set and try out a new hobby! You could also meet other couples to go out dancing with – it’s called social dancing for a reason, right?

Dance FX Studios is located just off of Price highway (101 highway) on Dobson and Guadalupe in Mesa, Arizona. We are so close to cities like Tempe, Scottsdale, Chandler, Gilbert, and Phoenix that we get couples from all over the Valley and beyond that come to learn here! If you want to learn to dance Country Two Step, Salsa, Country Swing, or Jitterbug Swing, our group classes are a great option! Each class is offered on a different day every week and they are always at 7 pm at Dance FX Studios.

What’s different about these new classes in comparison to the ones we have had so far in 2014 is that these classes are progressive. Every week, your certified Swango instructors build on what you learned the previous week and new steps and tips are offered each week. The classes are offered for four consecutive weeks beginning on April 7th, 2014. All classes are open to couples with NO dance experience! With Dance FX Studios’ unique style of instruction, you will learn key tips in each dance to make you comfortable on any social dance floor within a short time. Even if you have taken lessons before and know more than just the basics, you will learn at Dance FX Studios what most other places don’t teach: how to be a SOCIAL dancer. You will learn how to lead and follow, how to navigate a busy dance floor and more!

On Monday evenings, the Country music gets cranked and couples learn to Two Step with our certified instructors. Country Two Step is a fun dance and it is particularly popular here in Arizona. With so many Country bars and venues in our area like Denim and Diamonds, Toby Keith’s and Cactus Moon, there’s no doubt you will find a place to show off your Two Stepping skills!

Tuesdays nights are Salsa nights, where couples embrace their flirty side and shimmy to great Latin music. Latin culture is very prevalent here in Arizona, making Salsa one of the top three most useful dances here! You and your partner will have the opportunity to spice things up, adding some sassy excitement to your lives. Dance lessons are a great way to strengthen communication skills and Salsa dancing is a more sensual, intimate dance that is perfect for connecting with each other!

Country Swing dancing will become the highlight of your hump day with Dance FX Studios’ Wednesday night Country Swing classes! This dance is very playful and exciting and is also very prevalent in our area. The bars and clubs can a get a bit rowdy when couples are Swing dancing, so we make sure to teach couples how to stay safe and still have tons of fun!

On Thursdays, couples can learn the Jitterbug Swing. What is so great about this dance is that you can dance it to so many types of music! It is versatile and perfect for any couple wanting to learn a new hobby and enjoy themselves out on any dance floor. Dance FX Studios will get you ready for any club or party with this social dance that anyone can learn. Jitterbug is lively and exciting and sure to keep you on the floor all night long!

Get registered today for Dance FX Studios’ 4 week group dance classes. They are just $75 for 4 weeks of classes as a couple. What an awesome deal! Before long, you too will be able to shine on any social dance floor, whether you are at a Latin dance club or a Country bar.

Happy Holidays…Dance into 2014 With Us!

Looking for the perfect holiday gift for that person who has everything? Trying to think of a unique, thoughtful gift for your special someone? Need a cool “secret Santa” or “White Elephant” gift for a Christmas party? Look no further! Dance FX Studios has great Holiday Specials to make your gift giving easy and exciting this Holiday season! Situated in the East Phoenix Valley in Mesa, Arizona, we are a social ballroom dance studio with 12 years in business teaching our students dance steps, dance frame, how to lead or follow, how to navigate a busy dance floor, and more. Most importantly, our students have fun and enjoy themselves while taking lessons in Argentine Tango, Country Swing, Salsa, and more! We can help you spread dancing cheer with our great Holiday Specials:

We offer gift cards in increments of $15, $25, $50, $75 and $100. We also offer $40 gift cards, which give the gift of an Introductory Lesson. Our Introductory Lessons include an hour of discovering what dance styles suit your tastes and lifestyle, learning dance basics like proper frame and leading or following, and some tips on how to dance in a social setting. For every $100 in gift cards you purchase, you will receive a $20 credit on your account, which you can use to treat yourself to lessons, Zumba classes, and more!

Our 5 for $199 Private Lesson Package is a steal! If you’ve never taken lessons with us (or your gift recipient hasn’t) you or your gift receiver have the opportunity to enjoy Private Lessons at nearly 2/3 the regular price! That’s a savings of $100! You can learn up to four dances of your choice in this package. We offer everything from the sultry Argentine Tango to lively Swing dancing; if you know someone who loves to dance or wants to learn, we can teach them! (We can teach you, too, if you’re treating yourself to lessons!)

Zumba Fitness classes are very popular and are an exciting way to get a tremendous workout AND have fun! They are challenging and energetic and sure to keep your recipient (or you!) on their toes. One of our popular Holiday Zumba Packages includes 10 Zumba classes for $85, which is discounted from their original $100! We also offer a 5 for $25 package for newcomers, which makes a great stocking stuffer or party gift exchange. Who doesn’t love the gift of dancing and self-improvement? –Wasn’t 100% on this, thoughts?–

Starting back up in January are our Group Dance Classes for Couples! They will be new and improved, and we have a special rate for them right now! They are only $10 a class, and we have Salsa, Jitterbug, Country Two Step and Country Swing classes. This would be a great gift for your special someone; it’s the gift of date night (and cheaper than movie tickets… but we won’t tell!), so stock up and impress your partner!

With our unique teaching style, personable instructors and beautiful studio, we’re sure you and your friends and family will feel comfortable and enthused with us at Dance FX Studios this Holiday Season, and throughout the year! You can visit our Gift Cards page to purchase these bargains and get all the details, visit our studio, or give us a call at 480.968.6177. Give a different, stimulating, thoughtful gift this year; give the gift of dance!

New Ballroom Dance Classes Starting in October

Looking for a new activity or hobby? Preferably something that is fun to do, but also beneficial? Well, we have just the right idea for you- ballroom dance classes! Learning to dance is so enjoyable and the benefits are boundless. When you’re on the dance floor you can just let go of all the stress and concerns that build up every day and just enjoy yourself. It’s a great way to get in shape, build confidence, increase your energy, and feel good about yourself. If something can offer you such a positive experience, isn’t it worth checking out?

At Dance FX Studios, in Mesa, AZ, part of the Phoenix East Valley area, we can help you to learn to ballroom dance, whether it’s the passionate Argentine tango, a spicy Latin dance like the Salsa, a lively Swing, or the ever-popular Country Two Step. For over 12 years, Dance FX Studios has taught thousands of Phoenix residents to become secure and accomplished dancers, while having a wonderful time in the process! Not to mention that learning to dance is a skill you will have for the rest of your life for any occasion. So, no matter what the event, gone will be the days when you sit on the sidelines watching everyone else having a good time!

We are so excited to announce that beginning in October, Dance FX Studios is offering NEW ballroom dance group classes! This is a great opportunity to try out a variety of dances, especially if you’re not sure which one you would like to learn or if you want to try several of them. These are drop-in classes will be available Monday-Thursday evenings throughout the month. This way, you can take individual classes that work around your schedule, since there is no monthly commitment and each one is only $7 per person for each class. Wow- such a deal!

Group dance classes at Dance FX Studios are multiple for beginners, intermediate or advanced dancers who want to have fun learning to ballroom dance. Classes include the Salsa, Bachata, Country Swing, Country 2-step, and Jitterbug Swing. With our LIMITED TIME offer of 5 classes for $25 (one per person), our group dance classes for adults are easy and exciting introduction into learning to dance! You can stick to one type throughout the month, or mix it up with your own variety of classes. In addition to learning various new dances, it’s also an excellent way to socialize and meet new people. If you would like to ensure you have a partner, bring them along, it’s a terrific chance to spend some time together having fun and getting closer.

We will be kicking off Dance FX Studios’ Fall Group Dance Classes on Monday, September 30th, from 7:00-7:45 pm with “Slammin’ Salsa 1”. In this fiery class you will learn to really shake it up out on the dance floor. On Tuesday, October 1st, will be our “Kool Kats Swing 1”, from 6:00-6:45 pm. For those of you who love Jitterbug style dancing, this is perfect for you! Immediately after this, from 7:00-7:45 is “A Lotta Bachata 1”. This spicy dance is a must for those of you who are looking to really add some zest to your Latin dancing! On Wednesday, October 2nd, we offer “Round ‘Em Up 1”, from 7:00-7:45 pm, our Country 2-Step – a favorite here in Arizona. And last, but certainly not least, on Thursday, is “Swing Your Partner 1”, which is a Country Swing class, from 7:00-7:45 pm- also popular and quite versatile.

Each week we’ll offer another level for each class, as well as repeating some of the other levels, for those who may not be able to make one of them the first time it’s offered. Each dance class is designed not just for learning each dance, but also to laugh and enjoy! So, why wait to get started? Check out Dance FX Studios group class calendar on our website for the entire month’s schedule to see which classes, days, and times work best for you and come on over to the studio to start dancing!

Top Three Most Useful Dances in Arizona

Get ready to have some fun with dance lessons in three of the most popular social dances in Arizona! “What are those dances that no AZ resident should live without?”, you may ask. Three must-have dances for couples or singles who live in Arizona include: Salsa, Swing and the Country Two Step. Yes, it’s true, gone are the days where ballroom dancing, like the Foxtrot or Waltz are in style simply because they can make you feel elegant or debonaire. Today, social dancing is all about having fun, fitting in with the local cultures and enjoying what you know by taking it to parties, weddings or even on cruises! Let’s explore these three key social dances and why YOU should learn them to have a great time dancing anywhere in Arizona.

1. Salsa Dancing: Because we live in the southwest, Latin influence is prevalent in more than just the food in Arizona. Salsa dance lessons are a great way to burn off those yummy tapas and enjoy a sexy and passionate hobby! Along with Salsa dancing in AZ, you must learn to dance Bachata, Merengue and Cha Cha for the full Latin effect. Then, you will be prepared for any Latin club with confidence.

Latin dance lessons are great for couples to spice up the romance, but singles, do not shy away from learn to Latin dance. Salsa, and the other Latin dances mentioned above, are not only a great workout, but they are amazing for exploring a different side of your personality. There is an inner diva or Latin lover in there somewhere just waiting to come out. Give yourself a chance to get those hips moving the right way and watch your confidence, and social calendar, improve by the minute!

2. Swing Dancing: Swing dancing in Phoenix, AZ is another must-have dance. What we love about the swing is its versatility. Learn to Swing dance and enjoy all fast-paced music in style from Country to Rock and Roll, Big Band and other classic and fun oldies. After a few Swing dance lessons, you will be able to hit any dance floor with fun and impressive turns that will keep you on the dance floor all night long.

As if you needed more reasons to learn to Swing dance, keep in mind that you can burn over 400 calories an hour while Swing dancing. It is a high-energy aerobic blast that will keep you smiling as your endorphins soar. Give yourself a boost of energy and excitement with Swing dance lessons.

3. Country Two Step Dancing: Need we say more? In the land of the cowboy here in Arizona, Country Two Stepping is essential to know if you plan to wrangle the cowgirl of your dreams. Country dance venues are popping up on every corner around in the Phoenix metro area, so no need to wait on this fun and popular dance with Country dance lessons today. (By the way, check out Spurs Saloon in Chandler, a new Country dance bar that recently opened. They offer a nice dance floor and live music for your Country dance pleasures.)

If you haven’t learned to Salsa, Swing or Two Step in AZ yet, it’s never too late. For dance lessons as a couple or a single in any of these popular dances and more, give Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona a try. We offer both group dance classes and private dance lessons to Phoenix adults who want to learn to dance. For the last 12 years, we have created thousands of amazing social dancers– you can be next!  Conveniently, we are located just off the 101 highway minutes from Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert and Scottsdale, AZ. Make the drive and come check us out, you’ll be happy that you did!