Couple’s Country Dance Classes and More!

Salsa Dance Class in ArizonaAre you ready for a new and exciting hobby in 2015? Then come join in the fun with us at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona! As one of Arizona’s leading dance studios for the past decade, we are going to assist you in becoming a confident social dancer this year. In our new Group Dance Classes for couples, you will learn cool and popular social dances including the Country Two Step, Salsa and Country Swing.

Your wallflower days are coming to an end as you take your first steps onto the dance floor. The only question to ask yourself before you begin is “Which dance should I learn first?”. That’s a tough one. If you see yourself in the favored Country bars these days with friends or even a date, then we suggest that you kick off your dancing journey with the trendy Country Two Step. The Country Two Step is medium tempo, not too fast and not too slow, so it’s perfect for beginners who are getting their dancing feet wet! What’s also wonderful about the Country Two Step is that there are several styling variations of it, so you will never get bored, or bore your partner with the basics. The Country Two Step also has lots of impressive moves that will surely sweep any Cowgirl off of her feet. The Country Two Step class for beginners is every Monday at 7 pm, starting on the first week of each month and lasting for 4 weeks total.

Then there’s the Salsa. What an awesome dance to explore! Salsa dancing is always useful as there is an abundance of Latin influence here in the southwest. What’s amazing and intriguing about Latin dancing in general is the passion and freedom that comes from exploring sensual dances like the Salsa, Bachata and Merengue. Salsa dancing includes lots of sass and playfulness with all of that hip shaking. Be prepared to have fun learning lots of turns and cool dance moves in our Salsa Group Dance Classes. Dance FX Studios’ 4-Week Salsa dance class for beginners is held each Tuesday at 7 pm, re-opening on the first week of each month for new couples.

Finally, if you love Country music, you have got to learn to Country Swing dance! The Country Swing is fast, furious and tons of fun! In this most popular dance, you will learn various turns and spins that will make you one to watch on the dance floor. Country Swing is useful and lively and is one dance that you don’t want to pass up this year. Remember Country music lovers, Country Thunder is coming up in the next few months, so now is the time to throw on those boots and learn to dance. Our Country Swing dance classes for beginners are held on Wednesdays at 7 pm, beginning anew at the first of each month.

If you’re ready to get this dancing party started, get signed up for the 4-week class of your choice today. February’s classes are just two short weeks away and you want to reserve your spot early to be guaranteed to be a part of the fun. The best part of our 4-Week Group Dance Classes is that they are only $75 per couple for the entire month! That’s a steal, especially for quality social dance instruction from pros that have been teaching for years here in Arizona.

Check “learn to dance” off of your bucket list this year and have a blast with a hobby that you can enjoy for many more years to come! We look forward to seeing you in the coming months at Dance FX Studios!