Reconnect Through Social Ballroom Dance Lessons in AZ

Couples who dance together, stay together, right? No matter the style of dance – be it Salsa, Swing, or Country Two Step – dancing is a great way to help couples connect. If life has been pulling you in separate directions (not everyone wants to golf with their spouse!) private dance lessons are a great way to reconnect, rekindle, and reunite. How, you ask? Let’s dig a little deeper!

1. Guaranteed Date Nights – When you’re learning a new hobby, especially one as fun as ballroom dancing, the only way to improve is through time commitment. The plus side to this is you are ALSO making a time commitment to your partner. With all of the outside obligations we have to friends, family, work, and the world, it’s incredibly easy to take our partner for granted. Taking private dance lessons guarantees at least an hour a week of “us” time to relax, learn, and enjoy the company. The cherry on top? Once you have a few moves down, you can take your dancing with you! You two now have a great hobby you can use on cruises, at work functions, or just a night out on the town. This hobby for two is an amazing way to end a stressful week full of soccer games and meetings.
2. Dancing Releases Endorphins – You know those “feel-good” things your body releases after a good workout or a laugh? Dancing involves music, movement, and a physical connection with your partner – ALL of which release those intoxicating chemicals. All those endorphins not only brighten your mood, but they can increase your emotional connection. Who knew that learning to Cha Cha could be so great!?
3. Better Communication – Dancing is literally talking without words. It involves the man, or lead, using his body to effectively communicate with his lady, or follow. A skilled dance instructor is able to help you understand both how to “speak” and “listen” to one another with your bodies. These physical communication skills eventually overlap into verbal communication skills. As my mom used to tell me, communication is key to a happy, healthy relationship. As the saying goes, it takes two to Tango, and all great relationships are built on strong communication-verbal or not.
If you’re interested in exploring the immense benefits of partner dancing, check out more about Dance FX Studios and our unique approach to dance instruction. Our trained staff is here to help you discover what type of dance is right for you! Maybe you need the sensual Argentine Tango, or maybe you need to relax with some fun Country Swing dance lessons. Our introductory offer is only $40, so there’s no reason not to enhance your relationship through social ballroom dance classes. Dance FX Studios is conveniently located in Mesa, AZ just off the 60 and the 101. Are you ready to take your relationship to the next level with us? We are!