Dance Lessons for a New YOU This Year!

Your resolutions for 2013, a brand-new and what promises to be your most “enlightened” year yet, are hanging on the fridge: lose weight, meet more friends-maybe even that “special someone”…, learn a new hobby, find a way to de-stress from work. Do these sound about right? If so, you’re not alone. The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to envision a better version of you, one that is happy and heathy in all of the key areas; mental, physical, spiritual and emotional.

Did you know that there are few things in life that meet all of your personal growth needs and that dancing is one of them? Yes, learn to Salsa dance or try to Tango and see how many of your 2013 resolutions come true. You may be thinking, “How does learning to Two Step help me become less stressed? Learning to dance is something I dread!” Let’s explore just 3 of the numerous ways that dancing can enhance your life.

1. Dancing releases endorphins: Looking for that natural high without hitting the gym? Get your heart pumping and your feet moving and see how good you feel after an hour on the dance floor! Swing dancing alone can burn over 350 calories in the span of 60 minutes. Mix up your time on the dance floor with a little Salsa dancing or some Country Two Step and see how even your gluts will take on a new shape without even trying. While the blood starts pumping an you’re getting wrapped up in the fun of it all, the release of endorphins will have you dancing to a new tune. You can’t help but be in a great mood when your body is kicked into high gear. With a loosened body, your mind will follow and all that is good will begin to take shape. It is much easier to put things into perspective when your body and mind are healthy.

2. Dancing is Exciting:  Take a dance lesson and see for yourself how much fun you’ve been missing! With dance classes, you can not only meet new people who share similar interests, but you can learn a new skill that sets you apart from the everyday person who simply “fakes it” on the dance floor. While it may be intimidating to get started, once you begin, you will see how learning to dance can provide the perfect amount of challenge and thrill that you have been seeking.

3. Dancing is Romantic: Not a thrill-seeker? Well, consider learning to dance as a romantic and more personal way to connect with others. The idea of moving as one in the Argentine Tango conjures up thoughts that would make most women swoon. This year, you can be that suave guy on the dance floor or that elegant woman who really shines.

Give dance lessons a chance this year and see how you can make 2013  your best year yet! At Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona, we focus on the benefits of learning to dance, not just the steps themselves. We will provide you with an experience that shows you how dancing is a positive life-changer. Get the most out of this new year with dance lessons for you or for you and your special someone.

Try Salsa, Swing, Country or even Tango lessons at Dance FX Studios. We cater to adults only who want to better themselves through dance. Add romance, meet new friends and unwind from your busy day with private dance lessons or group dance classes in all of the most popular social dances.

Dance FX Studios in Arizona is located in the Phoenix East Valley in Mesa bordering Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert and Scottsdale. We are conveniently located for residents who live in Queen Creek, Gold Canyon and other neighboring cities. Join us on the dance floor and see how we can help you have an exciting year.