COVID-19 Safety Measures for Dance FX Studios

Safety first! We have taken specific measures to ensure that you can be as comfortable as possible at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona until COVID-19 is under control. That being said, we know that for your mental, physical and emotional well-being, Private Dance Lessons for couples and singles, along with small Group Dance Classes are just the thing to lift your spirits! Below are the measures we are taking to keep you safe.

Private Dance Lessons:

  • All staff will be tested prior to reopening (May 2020).
  • A maximum of 15 people (a combination of staff and students with appointments only) will be allowed in each ballroom until further notice.
  • Tables, chairs and restrooms will be sanitized hourly.
  • Students will be asked to confirm both verbally and through a waiver that they do not knowingly have Covid-19 and are not showing symptoms.
  • Staff’s temperatures will be taken daily.
  • Non-students, walk-in’s and guests will not be allowed into the studio until further notice. Dance FX Studio’s website and phone number are available on the doors of the Studio on the west side of the building for further information.
  • Hand washing at the studio with antibacterial soap is mandatory for both staff and students prior to each lesson.
  • Face masks are mandatory at all times inside the studio until further notice. Instructors will stay in open frame when dancing directly with their students until further notice.
  • Instructors will remain six feet from students with partners when possible.

Group Dance Classes:

  • All staff will be tested prior to opening.
  • A maximum of 15 people (a combination of staff and students with reservations only) will be allowed in the group class ballroom.
  • Tables, chairs and restrooms will be sanitized hourly.
  • Students will be asked to confirm both verbally and through a waiver that they do not knowingly have Covid-19 and are not showing symptoms upon entering the studio.
  • Staff’s temperatures will be taken daily.
  • Hand washing at the studio with antibacterial soap is mandatory for both staff and students prior to Class.
  • Face masks are mandatory at all times inside the studio until further notice. Instructors will stay in open frame when dancing directly with their students until further notice.
  • Instructors will remain six feet from students with partners.
  • Students will be paired in advance. We will not rotate partners unless requested.

Having a safe space to come unwind, be a part of a supportive community, and have some FUN is what we’re all about! We can guarantee you that dance lessons at Dance FX Studios are just what the doctor ordered! Let’s burn of some steam and re-connect with each other on the dance floor! Come explore exciting dance styles from Salsa to Swing to Country Two Step with us!

Get Social with Dance Lessons for Adults in Mesa, Arizona

There are short-cuts to happiness, and dancing is one of them. -Vicki Baum

You’re starting to get in a rut. You want something fun, different, and exciting to do for a night out. Your schedule is so busy that maybe you need something to do just a couple times a month to start. Tired of the same old routine- dinner, movies and bedtime? Maybe you and your friends need to change or add to your current workout habits. Do something a little out of the ordinary to stay in shape rather than hitting those weights or jumping into a spinning class and give dance lessons a try!
Have you thought about trying a beginners swing or salsa dance class for fun and exercise? The physical aspects of dancing are a great benefit. Have you been thinking that you’d like to make some changes to your usual fitness routine? How about burning calories and avoiding the gym by dancing? Why do things the traditional way when social dancing is a more pleasurable and exciting way to get into shape? Dancing for one hour can burn anywhere from 300-450 calories and you will be having a fantastic time while doing so! And, if that wasn’t enough, dancing also increases your flexibility, strength, and endurance.

Social dancing also allows you the freedom to relax, de-stress, and just let yourself go while learning a new hobby and getting fit. Dance lessons here in Arizona in the ever-popular Country two step, for example, provide the perfect opportunity to have fun with friends or your partner and enjoy life together, away from all the usual day to day worries and concerns.
Maybe you would like to meet some new people and make new friends. Social dancing is an excellent way to get to know others without a lot of pressure. It provides a wonderful way for people to become socially acquainted- especially in group dance classes or dance parties. Social dancing can also increase self-confidence and build social skills. And through dancing, a shared sense of community encourages long-lasting connections.
So, are you ready to try something new? Maybe you don’t have a lot of time to commit to your new hobby or maybe you just want to see what social dancing in Arizona is all about. You may want to consider attending a swing dance party or Country night out. Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona is the perfect place to go for dance events in Phoenix as well as for private and group dance lessons! Wouldn’t it be nice to experience your first time out dancing with the comfort of instructors and fellow dance students by your side? With our Night’s Out around Phoenix, you will learn to navigate around a crowded dance floor and enjoy social dancing with new friends and familiar faces as you venture out into the real world of dancing.
Come on out and join Dance FX Studios’ staff and students at local Country and Latin dancing venues around the Phoenix area for an evening of dancing and entertainment! The Dance FX Studios’ instructors will provide you with some excellent dance pointers at an actual venue where the music and other dancers are outside the studio environment. You will learn how to be strategic with your dance moves in a real-world situation so you can be prepared for any occasion.
A Night Out evening with the Dance FX Studios’ staff includes a group dance class, your first drink at the venue, and two hours of dancing with Dance FX Studios’ instructors and fellow students. Discover how enjoyable it is to go social dancing with us!
What an amazing opportunity to see what dancing is all about and to hang out with new and old friends. These events take place a couple of times a month- one for Country dancing and one for Latin dancing. For more information and frequently asked questions, read about our Night’s Out. You can also pre-register in order to reserve a space and save $10!
In addition to our Nights Out, we also have themed Dance Parties with live music at the studio. If you have ever considered how wonderful it would be to learn to swing dance or dance the Argentine tango, you can find out at Dance FX Studios. Maybe Country or Latin is more your style. Not a problem, we have events for  those styles of dance as well. Similar to the Nights Out, we begin our parties with a mini group class and from there, it’s up to you to mix, mingle, and dance with others who are also learning. Maybe you just want a chance to dance with your partner, that’s OK too. And, if you’re feeling a little insecure about dancing or you don’t have a partner, no worries, the Dance FX instructors will be there to help and guide you on the dance floor. With live music, refreshments, and dancing, Dance FX Studios provides a venue experience but in the comfort of our studio. We welcome you to bring friends or family members with you- the more the merrier!

Our next Dance Party will be a Country theme and will be held at the Dance FX Studios in the Phoenix East Valley on July 13th, from 8:00-11:00 pm with Two-bit Shotgun providing great live music. What a terrific way to spend a Saturday night! To pre-register for this event and to check out some of our videos from previous Dance Parties, please go to our website.

So, are you ready to have fun learning to dance with us? You may find that after attending one of our events, that you love dancing as much as we do! Get started today with private dance lessons and you will be even more prepared for our Night’s Out and Dance Parties. You will soon become a fabulous social dancer for any occasion, any time!

Dance FX Studios is located at 1859 W Guadalupe, in Mesa, AZ. Our hours of operation are Monday-Friday from 12:00-8:00 pm and Saturdays from 11:00 am–4:00 pm. For additional questions, to make a reservation for an event, or to schedule private lessons, please give us a call at 480.968.6177.

Check “Learn to Dance” off of Your Bucket List

Ready to check “learning to dance this year” off of your bucket list? Let us help you with dance lessons for adults at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona! We offer Salsa, Swing, Country Western, Hip Hop and Argentine Tango dance lessons to singles and couples who are ready to get their groove on this year. Dance FX Studios is the perfect fit for anyone who wants to become a great social dancer. We will prepare you to shine anywhere there is a dance floor from a wedding to a club, bar or even on a cruise. If holiday parties weren’t your thing because you and to sit on the sidelines and watch everyone else get down on the dance floor, now you can join in the fun after a few dance lessons under your belt.

Some of the numerous benefits of knowing how to dance may also lead you to check off more of that bucket list that you had previously thought. Did you know that Salsa or Swing dancing for an hour can burn up to 400 calories? Dancing is sooooo much more fun that joining a gym. You also work more parts of your body all at once while dancing. Release endorphins, lift your spirits and get an amazing workout in private or group dance lessons.

With dance lessons at Dance FX Studios, the only purely social dance studio in the Phoenix metro area, you may also meet that special someone. Both group dance classes and private dance lessons are a great way to find new friends, potential dance partners or more… Check that one off of the list! Or, you can reignite that connection you once had with your sweetheart. Check, check! It’s never too late to bring the romance back by learning to dance Tango or Two Step. Make him your leader and sweep her off of her feet for a happy twosome with dance lessons.

What about gaining confidence while learning a new hobby? Dance lessons can give you that too! Not many guys know how to dance well. You can be one of those guys who knows what he is doing on the dance floor! Or, be that girl that the guys all want to dance with because you make them look so good. It’s a win-win when you both know how to dance.

As your bucket list shrinks, all with the help of dance lessons, you may wonder “How do I get started with dance lessons?” We suggest that both singles and couples begin with private dance lessons. This way, we can help you to know and understand your roles on the dance floor. Down the road, group dance classes are great supplements to private instruction.

Dance FX Studios offers a $40 Introductory Offer for couples or singles to get started with the basics. See for yourself how FUN and EASY we make learning to dance! Check out our website or drop by our location on the South East corner of Dobson Rd. and Guadalupe Rd. in Mesa, Arizona. We are in the Phoenix East Valley, just minutes from Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert and Scottsdale, Arizona.

Dance Lessons for a New YOU This Year!

Your resolutions for 2013, a brand-new and what promises to be your most “enlightened” year yet, are hanging on the fridge: lose weight, meet more friends-maybe even that “special someone”…, learn a new hobby, find a way to de-stress from work. Do these sound about right? If so, you’re not alone. The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to envision a better version of you, one that is happy and heathy in all of the key areas; mental, physical, spiritual and emotional.

Did you know that there are few things in life that meet all of your personal growth needs and that dancing is one of them? Yes, learn to Salsa dance or try to Tango and see how many of your 2013 resolutions come true. You may be thinking, “How does learning to Two Step help me become less stressed? Learning to dance is something I dread!” Let’s explore just 3 of the numerous ways that dancing can enhance your life.

1. Dancing releases endorphins: Looking for that natural high without hitting the gym? Get your heart pumping and your feet moving and see how good you feel after an hour on the dance floor! Swing dancing alone can burn over 350 calories in the span of 60 minutes. Mix up your time on the dance floor with a little Salsa dancing or some Country Two Step and see how even your gluts will take on a new shape without even trying. While the blood starts pumping an you’re getting wrapped up in the fun of it all, the release of endorphins will have you dancing to a new tune. You can’t help but be in a great mood when your body is kicked into high gear. With a loosened body, your mind will follow and all that is good will begin to take shape. It is much easier to put things into perspective when your body and mind are healthy.

2. Dancing is Exciting:  Take a dance lesson and see for yourself how much fun you’ve been missing! With dance classes, you can not only meet new people who share similar interests, but you can learn a new skill that sets you apart from the everyday person who simply “fakes it” on the dance floor. While it may be intimidating to get started, once you begin, you will see how learning to dance can provide the perfect amount of challenge and thrill that you have been seeking.

3. Dancing is Romantic: Not a thrill-seeker? Well, consider learning to dance as a romantic and more personal way to connect with others. The idea of moving as one in the Argentine Tango conjures up thoughts that would make most women swoon. This year, you can be that suave guy on the dance floor or that elegant woman who really shines.

Give dance lessons a chance this year and see how you can make 2013  your best year yet! At Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona, we focus on the benefits of learning to dance, not just the steps themselves. We will provide you with an experience that shows you how dancing is a positive life-changer. Get the most out of this new year with dance lessons for you or for you and your special someone.

Try Salsa, Swing, Country or even Tango lessons at Dance FX Studios. We cater to adults only who want to better themselves through dance. Add romance, meet new friends and unwind from your busy day with private dance lessons or group dance classes in all of the most popular social dances.

Dance FX Studios in Arizona is located in the Phoenix East Valley in Mesa bordering Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert and Scottsdale. We are conveniently located for residents who live in Queen Creek, Gold Canyon and other neighboring cities. Join us on the dance floor and see how we can help you have an exciting year.

Salsa and Bachata at Dave and Buster’s with Dance FX Studios

Last night was another evening of fun at Dave and Buster’s in Tempe, Arizona! The Dance FX Studios’ staff  and a large group of students danced out on the roof top patio under the stars for our Night Out Latin dancing. Throughout the evening, the dj played salsa, cha cha, bachata and merengue music for everyone to enjoy! At 8 pm, prior to going to Dave and Buster’s, the Dance FX Staff and students met at the studio for a Latin group class. The students were given tips on how to dance on a crowded floor as well as how to do the basics to several Latin dances. From there, we joined in with over 200 dancers who were already at Dave and Buster’s on the top of the building. Dave and Buster’s in Tempe hosts a Latin dance night each Wednesday for those out there who are looking for a place to practice your salsa and bachata. We found many good dancers were there and that dancers of all levels were accepted and comfortably able to join in on the dance floor.

For most, salsa dancing does not come naturally. That’s where we come in! At Dance FX Studios in Mesa, AZ, we will get you prepared for any social dance floor with the confidence that you need to shine. There are several routes that we offer to help you become a great social dancer. To start, private Latin dance lessons are recommended. With private dance lessons, you will gain the skill set needed to become comfortable in a Latin club dancing salsa, merengue, cha cha. Private dance lessons here at Dance FX Studios are not only tailored for the dances that are of interest to you, but they are also geared for your specific rate of learning and needs. For example, if you have never danced salsa or merengue before, you will learn how to hold your dance partner in a proper dance frame as well as how to use your body weight in addition to learn dance steps. With these key concepts, learning to dance becomes easier. There is no doubt that you will also get better results with healthier habits right from the start.

Many people associate learning to dance with simply memorizing where your feet go, but did you know that, in partner dancing, your feet are the least important part of dancing? This is a little known fact that tends to shock our new students when they first hear of the idea. With private dance lessons at Dance FX Studios, you will learn what actually IS the most important part of your body to use on the dance floor as well as how to use it.

Private dance lessons are available by appointment at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona Monday through Friday from noon to 8 pm and on Saturdays from 11 am to 4 pm. We are located just minutes from Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert and Scottsdale, AZ for your convenience. We hope to take YOU out Latin dancing one day soon after a few private dance lessons from one of our skilled professionals.

Country Swing Dancing Near Mesa, AZ

Country swing dancing is all the rage! Ladies, who would want to miss out on being swept off of their feet, sometimes literally, by a true cowboy (or at least one in the making)?!   Guys…you know the ladies love to dance so get on board with the Country swing and see how your social life expands.

If you live in or near Mesa, AZ, places to go Country Swing dancing are plentiful.  Here are some of our favorite spots to share with you to make your first time out Country dancing a success. Keep in mind that it also helps to know how to Country swing prior to going out dancing. More on that later…

1. Toby Keith’s in Mesa, AZ: Toby Keith’s is just minutes from Tempe, Scottsdale, Gilbert and Chandler in Mesa, AZ. It is a great place to go and watch the flashy Country swing dancers do their thing. Be warned..things can get a little crazy at Toby’s as the night goes on. Stay on the sidelines for your first few visits to see when and where you can carve out space for yourself on the dance floor. We DO NOT recommend the crazy flips and tricks that you may see some people do on the dance floor at Toby Keiths’-mostly for safety reasons, however you can get an idea of what some of the popular Country dances include. Those dances are mainly Country swing, Country two step, Country cha cha and line dancing, of course.

2. Dance FX Studios in Mesa, AZ: On Saturday evenings, Dance FX Studios turns into a Country dance club, even including live music on occasion throughout the year. Dance FX is a great place to Country swing dance with others who are learning to Country dance too. Dance FX Studios is located just minutes from Tempe and Chandler so it is also convenient for most Phoenix East Valley residents.

Prior to hitting the town for an evening of Country swing dancing, we suggest taking Country dance lessons. Dance FX Studios is THE place to learn to Country dance in the East Valley of Phoenix. We specialize in teaching you practical dance moves that you can use anywhere, from a bar to a wedding. Try our $40 introductory offer to get started and see for yourself how easy it can be to learn to Country swing dance and more! We serve neighboring cities like Chandler, Tempe, Queen Creek, Gilbert, Gold Canyon, Scottsdale and Phoenix in beginner Country dance lessons for couples and singles!  You’ll be ready in no time with Country swing dance classes at Dance FX Studios.

Flexibility Through Dancing


Flexibility and Dancing


We’ve touched on the physical benefits of dance before briefly, but we didn’t get into one of the best benefits of all: Flexibility. A skill many man and women lose as they age, flexibility is one thing that dancing brings out in all dancers.  If you are not constantly stretching them out, adults tend to lose flexibility in their joints. This stiffness can even begin to hinder you from doing everyday tasks (you might also know this as arthritis, which can occur in the hands, knees, back, and hips).  This is both unhealthy, and can increase the risk of injury later on in life. By loosening up these joints through dance, you can prevent arthritis and increase flexibility.

Within three months of dancing, you might also see improved flexibility in your spine too. Dancing helps to create better posture and proper alignment, to ease or erase the upper back/neck pain that some people constantly feel. When applied properly, ballroom dancing can benefit your spine by strengthening your core muscles. These are worked out because of the direction changes, weight shifting, and other movements required in ballroom dancing. Dancing will also help lengthen and align your spine through better posture. Since the basic frame in almost every dance is very precise, it aligns your organs and your spine.

You can also gain flexibility by just stretching before you dance and while going through each and every step. Performing these simple tasks, you can quickly see improvement in joints, muscles, and ligaments in your body.  You will even see these benefits as you keep dancing, not just when you’re first starting out. Different types of dances require different muscle movements, so by learning and practicing a variety of dances, you can get a larger spectrum of benefits. Try learning fast dances with smaller movements, like Country Swing, or with a dance that has bigger, more stretching movements, like Argentine Tango.

With so many benefits, dancing really is an investment in yourself. It can give you a new outlook on life, improve your health, and give you an incredible workout.  Not only does it help you build muscle strength, but it can also improve your posture, your flexibility, your appearance and your balance as well. The perfect frame can really make all the difference for both your dance and your spine. It just so happens that here at Dance FX Studios, we are great at working with you to perfect your frame and getting you to dance. We realize how important it is to a healthy lifestyle and improved flexibility. Don’t waste any more time. Get up and start dancing with Dance FX Studios today!