Country swing was recently recognized as one of the many swing dance variations. Join Dance Fx Studios and learn to dance.

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Country Dance All Summer Long!

Country Western dancing in ArizonaDoes Country music invoke happy thoughts? Do you find yourself tapping your feet, smiling, and maybe even singing along to your favorite tunes (even if it’s in the shower)? Build upon those feelings by learning to Country dance! Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona has been teaching social dance lessons to singles and couples in the Phoenix valley for 15 years. Many students come in specifically for Country dances! There are three popular styles of dances done to Country music here in Arizona that you MUST know 🙂 : Country Two-Step, Country Swing, and Country Waltz.

Country Two-Step is one of the most common dances in the bars. It is a fun and easy dance with twirls, twists, and turns! There are two varieties of Country Two Step dancing: Progressive or Rhythm. The only difference between the two is that one travels (Progressive) and the other is mostly stationary (Rhythm). Both are great to know in preparation for going out dancing, however, in Arizona, Rhythm Two-Step is done almost exclusively out in the bars because it is effective for crowded dance floors.

Country Swing was recently recognized as one of the many Swing dance variations! It does have certain guidelines, which includes cool turns, spins, and combinations, that help keep you on time with the music while having fun on the floor. It is also adaptable to music other than Country which makes it great to use at either a wedding or a bar! This dance is higher energy, fun, bouncy and often results in many smiles!

Country Waltz is a progressive dance that has a more relaxed look to it than other Waltz styles. In the Country Waltz, the frame, hand and arm gestures are not exaggerated. This is a great dance to have in your back pocket for slow Country songs. Remember to keep that romance alive!

Cowboy boots are always welcome, but not necessary. In the end, we want YOU to have a great time! Dancing can be a relaxing, fun, new hobby for you to partake in whether you are dancing with a partner or just solo. This is a skill you’ll have for the rest of your life!

If you are interested in learning how to Country Dance in Arizona, give us a call at (480) 968-6177 to try our Introductory Offer for Country Dance Lessons. We are available Monday through Friday from 12 – 8 PM and on Saturdays from 11 AM – 4 PM. Soon YOU will have all the tools to keep you on the dance floor all night long!

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Country Dancing in Mesa, Arizona

couple dancingCountry dancing is a blast, and is very popular here in Arizona. Arizonans and visitors alike enjoy many variations of Country dancing – Country Two Step, Nite Club Two Step, Country Swing, Country Waltz, and more! There are several places across the Phoenix Valley that serve as great settings for going out and kicking up your boots. Three most popular and highly recommended places are Toby Keith’s Bar and Grill, Cactus Moon, and Denim and Diamonds, all for various reasons.


Cactus Moon is right across the walkway from Toby Keith’s in Mesa, Arizona, and is always busy. They have delicious appetizers and a few pool tables, but their large dance floor is the kicker for us. The crowd is always diverse -being so close to Tempe and Arizona State University, and here you have space to move! They even have a specific night dedicated to Country dancing.


Toby Keith’s is also a great place to go, but for different reasons. Popular Country bands frequent the stage there, and typically they get a good turn out for Country Two Step and Country Swing dancing. Their dance floor is a little smaller and more crowded than Cactus Moon’s, making it important to be courteous of others around you. On the other hand, they only play Country music and the atmosphere is always fun and exciting.


Denim and Diamonds in East Mesa, AZ is fun also for locals. They have an amazing Ladies Night Out on Wednesdays with awesome drink specials, and the largest dance floor out of the three. Wednesday is the best day to go because of how many people come to Country dance, making it the perfect hump day hangout!


Country dancing is all the rage here in AZ, and you can enjoy it too! With Country Two Step and Swing dance lessons from us at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, AZ you can become a confident and capable Country dancer. Not only will you learn the steps and form to look great on the dance floor, but we also incorporate useful social dancing tips and tools into our unique, personalized dance lessons. You will learn how to keep you and your partner safe and comfortable on a crowded dance floor, how to connect with your partner while dancing, how to lead and follow, and so much more!


You can get a feel for how great our Instructors and methods of teaching are and see how fun learning to dance can be with our Private Country Dance Lesson Introductory Offer. This offer is just $40 for an entire hour of learning. We will explore why you want to learn to dance, what you want to get out of lessons, and help you to get out on the floor and starting the learning process! For more information or to schedule your first Country dance lesson, visit our website or call us today at 480.968.6177. Happy Country dancing!

Country Two Step Your Way into 2013!

With the new year approaching, there are so many reasons to dance! Being that we live in Arizona, Country  is one of those popular dance styles that YOU need to know in the upcoming year. Let’s take a  look at why Country dancing is a must-have in 2013 for everyone…

Country dancing is FUN and EASY!: Who doesn’t want to venture into something that you KNOW you will be able to learn and use in a very short amount of time?! Country dancing, including the Two Step, Swing and Waltz are both exciting AND cool to know! Since there are no sexy hips to master like in Latin dancing, anyone can get out on to a Country dance floor and enjoy the basics with just a few private dance lessons under their belt.

Country dancing in AZ is practical!: Guys…if you’re going to be dragged out on to the dance floor by your lady, learn a few dances that you will actually use here in Arizona. Country bars are everywhere around Phoenix and surrounding cities in AZ, so learn to Two Step and Country Swing dance and your bases will be covered wherever Country music is being played. Even at local weddings, you will find that Country music is common, so why not learn something that will get you out on the dance floor and make you look great!

Ladies LOVE to Country Dance!: As we all know, every woman loves a guy that can dance. Men, learn to Two Step or Country slow dance and see how impressed she will be on your next date night. With all of the spinning and fast and furious moves in the Swing contrasted by the romance in the Country Waltz or the Nite Club 2 Step, a woman will have all of her Country dance needs met with just a little effort on her man’s part. (If you need more arm-twisting, refer to reason #1 as to why you should learn to Country dance.)

So how do you get started with all of the excitement that Country dancing has to offer? Our recommendation is to give us a call here at Dance FX Studios here in Mesa, AZ! We have been the Country dance hub for over a decade when it comes to becoming a confident Country dancer. Learn to Country dance with us and be prepared for ANY social dance event where Country music is being played!

Dance FX Studios is located just off the 101 highway on the border of Tempe, Gilbert and Chandler, AZ just a few miles from Scottsdale and Gold Canyon. We are here to meet all of your social dancing needs from Country dancing to social Latin and Swing dance. Check out our website for more details on how you can be a comfortable social dancer with lessons from us at Dance FX Studios.

Country Swing Dancing Near Mesa, AZ

Country swing dancing is all the rage! Ladies, who would want to miss out on being swept off of their feet, sometimes literally, by a true cowboy (or at least one in the making)?!   Guys…you know the ladies love to dance so get on board with the Country swing and see how your social life expands.

If you live in or near Mesa, AZ, places to go Country Swing dancing are plentiful.  Here are some of our favorite spots to share with you to make your first time out Country dancing a success. Keep in mind that it also helps to know how to Country swing prior to going out dancing. More on that later…

1. Toby Keith’s in Mesa, AZ: Toby Keith’s is just minutes from Tempe, Scottsdale, Gilbert and Chandler in Mesa, AZ. It is a great place to go and watch the flashy Country swing dancers do their thing. Be warned..things can get a little crazy at Toby’s as the night goes on. Stay on the sidelines for your first few visits to see when and where you can carve out space for yourself on the dance floor. We DO NOT recommend the crazy flips and tricks that you may see some people do on the dance floor at Toby Keiths’-mostly for safety reasons, however you can get an idea of what some of the popular Country dances include. Those dances are mainly Country swing, Country two step, Country cha cha and line dancing, of course.

2. Dance FX Studios in Mesa, AZ: On Saturday evenings, Dance FX Studios turns into a Country dance club, even including live music on occasion throughout the year. Dance FX is a great place to Country swing dance with others who are learning to Country dance too. Dance FX Studios is located just minutes from Tempe and Chandler so it is also convenient for most Phoenix East Valley residents.

Prior to hitting the town for an evening of Country swing dancing, we suggest taking Country dance lessons. Dance FX Studios is THE place to learn to Country dance in the East Valley of Phoenix. We specialize in teaching you practical dance moves that you can use anywhere, from a bar to a wedding. Try our $40 introductory offer to get started and see for yourself how easy it can be to learn to Country swing dance and more! We serve neighboring cities like Chandler, Tempe, Queen Creek, Gilbert, Gold Canyon, Scottsdale and Phoenix in beginner Country dance lessons for couples and singles!  You’ll be ready in no time with Country swing dance classes at Dance FX Studios.

Local Country Dancing Venues

istock_000003993390medium1Arizona is definitely a western state as we have plenty of Country Western restaurants, bars, and nightlife. If you are new to the Phoenix area or just want to try your hand out with some Country Western Dancing, here is a list of spots around the valley where you can get a taste of Country Dancing.

1. Buffalo Chip. Located at 6811 E. Cave Creek Road Cave Creek, AZ 85331, Buffalo Chip’s has live music and dancing 7 nights a week. Find out more about this venue at

2. Graham Central Station. They are located at 7850 South Priest Drive Tempe, AZ 85284. Graham Central Station is open Wednesday 7PM-2AM, Thursday 6PM-2AM, Friday 6PM-2AM, and Saturday from 7PM-2AM. They have four different areas/rooms in this nightclub with different types of music playing in each, country being in one room. Find more information on their website at

3. Greasewood Flat. They are located at 27375 N. Alma School Parkway Scottsdale, AZ 85262. They have live entertainment from September through June from 6PM-10PM Thursdays, 7PM-11PM Fridays, 2:30PM-11PM Saturdays, and 2PM-10:30PM Sundays. See their website for additional info:

4. Reata Pass. Located right by Greasewood Flat at 27500 N. Alma School Parkway Scottsdale, AZ 85262. They are Scottsdale’s most historic and iconic western bar and restaurant and they have live music on Friday and Saturday nights from 5PM-9PM.

5. Rustler’s Rooste. Located at 8383 South 48th Street Phoenix, AZ 85044, Rustler’s Rooste has live Country Western music 7 nights a week. Get more info at

6. San Tan Flat. They are located at 6185 West Hunt Highway Queen Creek, AZ 85142. They have live music every Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday. Find out more about San Tan Flat at

There are many other places around the Phoenix valley to go Country dancing, but this is merely a few of them. Find one nearby your house or plan to visit them all! If you are interested in taking some Country Dance Classes come into Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona. We have Private Country Western Dance Lessons and Group Country Two Step Dance Classes available. Sign up today at !

Country Two Step: Get the low down on this Hoedown

istock_000001582768xsmallYou may have heard it referred to as the Texas Two-Step, Country Two Step, or just as Two-Step, regardless of what you call it, the Country Western Two Step is a fun dance to learn. It is a progressive partner dance, meaning that you move counterclockwise around the dance floor. The leader in the partnership (usually the male) will face the line of dance and the follower (usually the female) will stand in front of her partner.

The basics of the Country Two Step include four steps that follow this pattern: Quick, Quick, Slow, Slow. You are also able to start with the two slow steps followed by the two quick steps as follows: Slow, Slow, Quick, Quick. The first step for the partners involves the leader stepping forward with the left foot and the follower stepping back on the right foot. The frame, which is how the upper body is placed during a partner dance, can either be opened or closed. An open frame is where the connection between the partners is mostly at the hands, as opposed to a closed frame where there is more upper body contact and even support.

This is merely a basic introduction to the Country Two Step, it would be best to learn more about the Two Step by taking a Country Two Step Dance Lesson. At Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona, we offer both Private Country Dance Lessons and Group Country Two Step Dance Classes. You are just in luck because our next 4-week session of Group Dance Lessons starts during the first week of every month! The Group Country Two Step class will be held every Thursday.

Additional information about our Private Country Western Dance Lessons can be found at the following link .

 If you are interested in the Group Country Two-Step Dance Classes, please feel free to visit .

Country Swing, A Perfect Dance for Arizona

istock_000015934486xsmall1A common association with Arizona is cowboys and western ghost towns, and what goes better with the two than Country Swing dancing. Country Swing dancing is a form of Country dancing that can involve dips, lifts, and other tricks. It does not pull from one particular form of Swing dancing, but incorporates some East Coast Swing and West Coast Swing. It can even have bits of Country Two-Step, Salsa, and other forms of Ballroom dancing too. If you live in Arizona it is a dance that you must learn! There are so many venues across Arizona that play country music, which gives you the perfect opportunity to get up and dance!

Use your Country Swing dance skills as the perfect opportunity to introduce yourself to someone new by inviting them onto the dance floor. Or even invite someone to take the Country Western Swing Classes with you. It is a great way to spend more quality time with someone you want to get to know better, or, better yet, the one you love!

Country Swing dancing offers a lot of fun for those who are willing to give it a shot. Even if you just want to learn solo you are still going to enjoy yourself with this fun and easy to learn dance. Who knows, this may even turn out to be something you really enjoy and can be a brand new hobby for you.

It is almost your duty to learn how to Country dance when you live in Arizona, so sign up today for private Country Western dance lessons at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona. Dance FX Studios offers private Country Western dance lessons where you can learn the Country Two-Step, Country Swing, Country Waltz, and more! Try out our Introductory Offer of $40 consisting of  1 hour-long private Country dance lesson.

Western Romance with Country Waltz

istock_000015934486xsmallThe Waltz, just like many other dances, has different variations and styles. The specific style that will be covered today is the Country Western Waltz. Country Western dances are some of the easiest dances to learn, which make them a great starting off point if you are just learning how to dance.

Surely you have seen the Ballroom Waltz with the perfect posture and elegant lines. The Country Western Waltz is not as precise, having a more relaxed frame and posture, a good thing for beginners since it is one less thing to worry about. Although it lacks the poise that the Ballroom Waltz has, the Country Western Waltz is still elegant and even playful at times.

The Country Waltz is also a mostly progressive dance (one that moves counter clock-wise around the dance floor) and is typically faster than the Ballroom Waltz. It also differs because it is danced to country music. It is not uncommon to see many of the dancers in Western attire; cowboy hats, boots, and all. This makes for a fun and lively atmosphere that you are sure to enjoy.

However it is not all fun and games, the Country Waltz is also considered to be a romantic dance. When you compare it to the other Country Western dances, the Country Waltz brings that special connection with your partner that you may not get in the other Western styles. Possibly it is the charm or the smooth gliding movements that makes the romance come alive. You will just have to find out for yourself when you learn how to dance the Country Western Waltz!

Schedule your Private Country Western Dance Lessons today at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona! Dance FX Studios offers both Group Dance Lessons and Private Dance Lessons. In our Private Country Western Dance Lessons, you can learn the Country Two-Step, Country Swing, Country Waltz, and other popular Country Western dances. More information about our Private Country Western Dance Lessons can be found at .

Lets Get Ready to Party!

arizona country dancingA great way to get introduced to dancing is through dance parties! Join Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona, for a Country dancing night on Saturday, April 7th. This Country party will include some awesome live music played by Two-bit Shotgun, a local Arizona Country and Rock cover band that offers music ranging from country to pop and bluegrass music. They have even opened for some amazing Country artists like Randy Travis and Clint Black.

If live music doesn’t pull at your heartstrings, perhaps some dessert and drinks will? For $15 per person, you get some great live music, dessert, and drinks! This is a night that will be too good to miss out on. Still not buying it? Well how about a Country Two-Step Dance Class to boot! If you do not know how to dance or just want a refresher, you can have an amazing night learning to Two-Step to live music. Grab a friend or two, mingle a bit, and make it a fun night out.

During the event, Dance FX Studios is also having a raffle, in which 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project. So come on down, unwind and relax, and just have an all-around good time. Who knows you may even win a giveaway! For more information about this Dance Party, please visit .

Join us at the Country Dance Party!

country dancing tempe azWhether you love Country music and have been a huge fan since you were a child, or you are just starting to enjoy it, you may be thinking I need to learn how to dance to Country music. One of the most popular Country Western dances is the Country Two-Step. With all of the twisting, tucking, and turning, you are bound to have a lot of fun.

If you are just learning how to dance or are a veteran of dance, there isn’t a more perfect combination than to have live music and dancing. If you are interested in Country Two-Step dancing and want to try it out before you sign up for any classes, or just want an excuse to get out of the house and go dancing, we have just the solution for you!

Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona, is holding a Country Dance Party with live musical entertainment on Saturday, April 7th at 8 pm. A local Phoenix Country and Rock cover band, Two-bit Shotgun, has played all over the southwest and will be performing that night. The admission for the Country dancing night is $15 per person and includes a Country Two-Step Dance class along with drinks, dessert, live music, a raffle, and giveaways. For more information about this event, visit

If you are interested on more than one lesson, Dance FX Studios offers Private Country Western Dance Classes and Group Country Two-Step Dance Classes. For Private Dance Classes, there is an Introductory Offer for 2 thirty-minute (or 1 hour-long) dance classes. More information can be found at

Group Country Two-Step Dance Classes are beginning again on April 5th and will last for 4 weeks long. Each class is an hour long, starting at 7:00 pm every Thursday, and will cover material from the previous class. Additional information about this class can be seen at