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Country Dance All Summer Long!

Country Western dancing in ArizonaDoes Country music invoke happy thoughts? Do you find yourself tapping your feet, smiling, and maybe even singing along to your favorite tunes (even if it’s in the shower)? Build upon those feelings by learning to Country dance! Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona has been teaching social dance lessons to singles and couples in the Phoenix valley for 15 years. Many students come in specifically for Country dances! There are three popular styles of dances done to Country music here in Arizona that you MUST know 🙂 : Country Two-Step, Country Swing, and Country Waltz.

Country Two-Step is one of the most common dances in the bars. It is a fun and easy dance with twirls, twists, and turns! There are two varieties of Country Two Step dancing: Progressive or Rhythm. The only difference between the two is that one travels (Progressive) and the other is mostly stationary (Rhythm). Both are great to know in preparation for going out dancing, however, in Arizona, Rhythm Two-Step is done almost exclusively out in the bars because it is effective for crowded dance floors.

Country Swing was recently recognized as one of the many Swing dance variations! It does have certain guidelines, which includes cool turns, spins, and combinations, that help keep you on time with the music while having fun on the floor. It is also adaptable to music other than Country which makes it great to use at either a wedding or a bar! This dance is higher energy, fun, bouncy and often results in many smiles!

Country Waltz is a progressive dance that has a more relaxed look to it than other Waltz styles. In the Country Waltz, the frame, hand and arm gestures are not exaggerated. This is a great dance to have in your back pocket for slow Country songs. Remember to keep that romance alive!

Cowboy boots are always welcome, but not necessary. In the end, we want YOU to have a great time! Dancing can be a relaxing, fun, new hobby for you to partake in whether you are dancing with a partner or just solo. This is a skill you’ll have for the rest of your life!

If you are interested in learning how to Country Dance in Arizona, give us a call at (480) 968-6177 to try our Introductory Offer for Country Dance Lessons. We are available Monday through Friday from 12 – 8 PM and on Saturdays from 11 AM – 4 PM. Soon YOU will have all the tools to keep you on the dance floor all night long!

Fun Couples’ Dances to Enhance Your Relationship

Dancing is a personal, intimate activity that you and your partner can share and experience together. Each type of dance, like the sexy Tango, playful Swing dancing and the romantic Waltz, evokes different emotions and moods. We have been teaching couples to dance for over twelve years at Dance FX Studios. As one of Arizona’s best social ballroom dance studios, couples come to us to learn to dance for weddings, special events and for social activities. Our studio is located in Mesa, Arizona, near several cities in the Phoenix East Valley. Being in such a big metropolitan area, we have had students from areas all over Arizona take lessons with us. We also have great deals on lesson packages. With Valentine’s Day just a few weeks away, we have three great specials going on now that are perfect gifts for your Valentine!

Latin dances are known for being flirtatious and sexy. With the Argentine Tango and Salsa, partners can express their sensual, intimate sides. Dances like these are a sure fire way to spice up your love life and create a deeper connection with your partner. The Tango and Salsa involve partners dancing more closely and require more communication and connection through dancers’ bodies. Oftentimes, Tango dancers’ faces are touching, maximizing the intimacy of the dance. The Cha Cha is lively and flirtatious dance that is full of passion and energy. It will liven you and your partner up and get you excited about each other! Country Western dances like the Country Two Step and Country Swing are more playful and lighthearted. Dances like these are great for going out to Country bars with friends or as a date and blowing off some steam while having fun as a couple. Elegant dances like the Waltz will have you and your partner enjoying each other’s company while moving gracefully round the dance floor. Our instructors are capable of teaching you and your partner any dance like these and turning you both into dancers!

Our Valentine’s Specials are here! You can do something great for your relationship, learning to dance, with any of our great deals. One popular option is our Sweetheart Sampler; for just $40, you and your partner will learn basic dance form, how to handle a busy dance floor and how to connect while you dance in a full 50 minute lesson. With the Be Mine package, you will save almost $100 off of five private lessons! The two of you can learn together and explore how fun and exciting dancing together really is. At the discounted price of $199 (five lessons is usually $295), you and your loved one can pick which dances you would like to know and learn them at a great price. Last but definitely not least is our The Total Package offer. With this package, you get both the Sweetheart Sampler and Be Mine offers in one for another discount! At $215, you save about $120 off of six lessons total. This package will surely prepare you both to have some fun on the dance floor together and hooked on a new activity for just the two of you.

Treat yourself and your partner to dance lessons and you will definitely discover how beneficial dance lessons are for your relationship. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so now is the perfect time to do something for and with your loved one! Our holiday deals are the perfect opportunity to save some money without sacrificing your experience at all. Our Gift Cards page has all the details about our current specials, or you can call us, email us, or visit the studio today!


Cool Tips for Beginner Ballroom Dancers

So, you want to learn to dance? Many of you have seen ballroom dancing on shows like the ever-popular Dancing with the Stars, which is entertaining to watch, but not practical in the real world. Most people who want to learn to dance prefer to learn a skill that they will use for any occasion, anywhere, anytime. That’s where social ballroom dancing comes into play!

Here at Dance FX Studios, in Mesa, Arizona, located in the Phoenix East Valley, we can help you to become a great social dancer with private ballroom dance lessons in all of the most popular dance styles from the Country Two Step to the Swing to the Argentine Tango. Private dance lessons are the most efficient way to become an awesome social dancer, since you are working one-on-one with an instructor on personalized lessons created just for you. This way, you learn the dances that you are interested in based on the type of music you like and where you see yourself going out dancing.

Private dance lessons give you the opportunity to choose the amount of dances and dance styles you want to learn. You may decide you want to focus on just Latin dances, like the Bachata or the Salsa, since you know that you will only be going out to the Latin dance clubs around Phoenix. Maybe Swing dancing is more to your style. Not sure which dance is best for your needs? No worries! You have the option to learn 3-4 different types of dances within your private dance lessons so that you can dance anywhere, anytime!

To begin with private ballroom dance lessons, Dance FX Studios offers an Introductory Special for only $40 (per couple or single). This one-hour private dance lesson is an ideal, low cost way to check out our studio and our exclusive methods of teaching. It also lets your instructor determine your rate of learning, what you want to learn, and what your goals are for learning to dance. And, you can also see how much fun and how easy it is to learn from us!

Now we know that many times, once someone has decided to learn to dance, they want it to happen NOW! Keep in mind- this is a journey, sort of like learning a language. If you were to learn a new language, do you think you will be fluent in the language after only a handful of lessons? Of course not. You may learn some new words, maybe put a few sentences together, but you certainly will not be fluent. The same is true with learning to dance. Be patient with yourself and your dance partner, be consistent with your lessons, and before you know it, you will become an accomplished dancer.

While in the beginning stages of your private dance lessons, we do have a few tips that may help:

1.     Don’t practice! We know that this doesn’t sound right- doesn’t practice make perfect? Yes it does, once you know what you’re doing. If you try practicing on your own at this point, you may do it incorrectly, which will then affect your lessons. So, take a break for the time being- you’ll have plenty of chances later on to practice.

2.     Keep your initial lessons close together. If you spread out your beginning dance lessons, each time you come in for the next one, you’ll be spending half the time reviewing from the last time. It’s best to come in as often as possible in the early stages of learning to dance so you’re able to retain what you’re learning and apply it to each forthcoming lesson.

3.     Stick to dances that you will actually use. When determining which type of dances you want to learn, remind yourself of what type of music you like and where you want to go dancing. You don’t want to spend valuable lesson time learning the Country Swing if you plan only to go to Latin clubs. Think of how much better you’ll be and how much more enjoyable your lessons will be when you’re doing the dances you will use in your everyday life.

Are you ready to begin this exciting new venture into learning to dance? Excellent! Dance FX Studios is waiting for you! We have been teaching students social ballroom dancing for over 12 years and we would love the opportunity to do the same for you. Come and see how exciting, rewarding and beneficial dancing can be for everyone.

Looking for the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift???

Give the Gift of Dance This Valentine’s Day

With just a few weeks away, make this Valentine’s Day special with couples dance lessons. You know she’s dropped hints over the years about how much she’s “always wanted to learn to dance” so why put it off any longer? Try the Tango or Two Step with your lovely lady and see how easy it is to put a (very big) smile on her face this year.

Here are a few of Dance FX Studios’ Valentine’s Day offers for 2013:

Private Dance Lessons for Two: Enjoy one of several private dance lesson offers for sweethearts this Valentine’s Day ranging from $40 to $299. Learn to Salsa, Swing, Country Two Step and so many more fun dances in private couple’s dance lessons. What’s even more wonderful about private dance lessons at Dance FX Studios is that you will receive personalized instruction based on your rate of learning. If you have an upcoming wedding, special event or even if you plan to go dancing after dinner, you will get tons of great tips in private dance lessons for two.

Group Dance Lessons for Two: Feeling social? Meet new friends AND learn to dance in our couples group dance classes. Group classes are great for busy couples who can only commit one night a week for dance lessons. All of our group classes are for adults so you can even make new social contacts to go out dancing with. Dance FX Studios’ group dance classes include Swing, Salsa, Argentine Tango, Hip Hop and Country Two Step.  Each class is held once a week for 4 weeks in a row for just $75 total per couple! This is a fun and affordable option for lovers this Valentine’s Day.

Dance Night and Party Tickets for Two: We’ve got you covered for at least two date nights with this great deal. For just $75, you can enjoy one of our dance Nights Out for two at a local Country bar or Latin club PLUS tickets for two to one of our in-house dance parties featuring live Country, Latin and Swing bands. How cool is that!? Both events include a dance class so beginners are welcome to join in the fun!

Don’t lose the flowers this year guys, just dress them up with a romantic gift that keeps on giving. Learn to dance and see how this new hobby will be useful for years to come.

Pre-wrapped gift cards are available at Dance FX Studios for your lucky lady (or guy). Choose your own bow for the perfect topper to your pre-wrapped gift card. Dance FX Studios is located in Mesa, Arizona which is close to Scottsdale, Tempe, Chandler and Gilbert in the East Valley of Phoenix. We are just off the 101 highway for neighbors who travel from Queen Creek and Gold Canyon.

Get your sweetie the gift that keeps on giving with dance lessons for couples this Valentine’s Day!

Challenge Yourself with Dancing

istock_000006560065mediumThe best part about a challenge is not the challenge itself, but the moment you overcome that challenge and the joy it brings. There are many ways to challenge yourself in life, but how about challenging yourself with social dancing. Many challenges are available when it comes to dancing; it just depends on what you may need to work on to determine how to challenge yourself.

Some challenges that you can set forth to conquer in social dancing are dancing with different individuals, learning new step combinations, creating your own combinations, pushing your endurance, trying something new, and trusting your partner. You can even apply some of the areas in your life that you need to work on to your dancing. For example, if you need to be a little more social, you can try to ask a particular amount of people to dance during the night. Or even something basic like going out and trying something new can be achieved by taking your very first dance lesson.

Even once you have mastered your first challenge, there are always additional ways that you can challenge yourself with dancing. Additional ways of challenging yourself include health or mental aspects of dancing and more advanced techniques and classes, among others.

Get out and challenge yourself today at Dance FX Studios located in Mesa, Arizona. Dance FX Studios offers both Group Dance Lessons and Private Dance Lessons. Group Dance Lessons are held once a week for four consecutive weeks. A schedule of current Group Dance Lessons can be located at .

If you are interested in Private Dance Lessons, Dance FX Studios has an Introductory Offer of $40 for 1 hour-long Private Dance Lessons. More information about our Private Dance Lessons can be found at

Swept Off Her Feet with Dancing

istock_000014389223mediumLets face it, women love to be swept off of their feet. Dancing is a perfect way to sweep the woman you love off of her feet. You can even do it as a surprise for her. Take some private dance classes, in the style of dance that you prefer, and then take your lovely lady out to dinner, followed by a marvelous night of dancing. She is bound to be surprised at the lengths that you went through to learn how do dance and to set up this very special evening.

You could also make the surprise to be the dance lessons and take them together as a couple. This would be beneficial if she does not know how to dance either. It would still be just as romantic and important to her, as it signifies that you want to spend more time with her and learn something new together. Taking dance lessons together also shows that you want to share something special with her as well.

The easy part is deciding that this would be something meaningful and something that you want to do. The more difficult part is figuring out which style of dance you would like to begin with. You could choose Swing, Country Western, Latin, Ballroom, Hip Hop, etc. If you are going to be learning together, you could possibly sit down with her beforehand and figure out what style of dance you would both like to learn. Otherwise you can go by the type of person she is and what you think she would appreciate the most.

Let us help you romance your loved one here at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona. We offer both Private Dance Lessons and Group Dance Lessons. To see a list of Group Dance Lessons we offer and what days they are held, you can visit .The new 4-week Group Dance Lessons start during the 1st week of April, so this is a great time to get started! If you prefer a little more intimate setting, try our Private Dance Lessons. More information regarding private lessons can be found at .

Save Your Space NOW For March’s Group Dance Classes!

Dancing classes for couples near ScottsdaleCongratulations! You have just stumbled upon a FUN and AFFORDABLE way to learn to dance! Grab your partner, or come solo, and become a confident social dancer in no time in one of Dance FX Studios group classes!

Dance FX Studios’ 4 week group dance classes include all of the most popular social dances like Salsa, Swing, Country Two Step, Hip Hop and Argentine Tango. Beginners with no experience are encouraged to participate and see how fun, romantic, relaxing and exciting it is to learn to dance. From weddings to holiday parties, cruises and even date nights, you will feel confident on the dance floor within weeks of your first class.

What sets Dance FX Studios apart? Small class sizes, personalized attention, great teaching techniques and real-world,  practical dance moves are just a few of the many perks you will receive by taking lessons at Dance FX Studios.

Dance FX Studios is located just off the 101 within 10 minutes of Scottsdale and downtown Phoenix and even less time from neighboring cities Tempe, Chandler and Gilbert in Mesa, Arizona. We offer private dance lessons for those who prefer on-on-one attention with an instructor, fitness classes and 4 week group dance sessions.

Other important must-knows about Dance FX Studios’ 4 week group dance classes…

* Classes are for adults ages 18+

* Singles and couples, beginner and intermediate dancers welcome

* Each class is held one time per week for 4 consecutive weeks at the same day and time each week

* Enroll in more than 1 class for twice the FUN!

* Class syllabus rotates from month to month so you will get to learn new moves from month to month

* Cool giveaways are included in each 4 week session including dance music and free class passes to other Dance FX classes

For Dance FX Studios’ 4 week group  class schedule, click here.


The Belle Of The Ball!

Mesa Ballroom dancing studiosWhen you think of going to a ball, often the vision of Cinderella and her wicked stepsisters comes to mind. Yet, when you come into our studios, you are learning some of the very same steps that a lady at the ball would learn to dance! Ballroom dancing has that same root, ballare, or “to dance”. Long before the fairy tales, people were creating new dance styles. Some of the more notable ballroom dances are the waltz, rumba, cha-cha, tango and the foxtrot. These now very popular ballroom dance styles are not earlier than the 1900’s! Even before the birth of the renaissance period, people played around with the Polka and an early form of square dancing called quadrille. These earlier 16th and 17th century dances gave distinction between folk dancing and social dancing. A dance called the minuet was a huge step in social dancing’s success, because it was the first dance to be focused on elegance and dance etiquette.
You may also be interested to know that the closed frame, or one hand hold, position for dancing was a huge revelation in the 18th century. What was the first ‘ballroom’ dance to be danced in the closed position? Waltz! Having an extended period of time where partners were so close to each other was seen as very scandalous at the time.
Today, the closed position for ballroom dancing is very typical and often dancers will travel from an open to a closed position quite frequently. Also within this transition is the creation of competitive ballroom dancing! Now, couples can compete in many different types of ballroom dances; jive, mambo, quickstep and samba along with many other loved ballroom dances. Ballroom dancing has come along way between its creation and today! We can now all learn to move gracefully along the dance floor in a way that would make Cinderella proud! (Prince not included)