Country Western dancing AZ

Country Dance All Summer Long!

Country Western dancing in ArizonaDoes Country music invoke happy thoughts? Do you find yourself tapping your feet, smiling, and maybe even singing along to your favorite tunes (even if it’s in the shower)? Build upon those feelings by learning to Country dance! Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona has been teaching social dance lessons to singles and couples in the Phoenix valley for 15 years. Many students come in specifically for Country dances! There are three popular styles of dances done to Country music here in Arizona that you MUST know 🙂 : Country Two-Step, Country Swing, and Country Waltz.

Country Two-Step is one of the most common dances in the bars. It is a fun and easy dance with twirls, twists, and turns! There are two varieties of Country Two Step dancing: Progressive or Rhythm. The only difference between the two is that one travels (Progressive) and the other is mostly stationary (Rhythm). Both are great to know in preparation for going out dancing, however, in Arizona, Rhythm Two-Step is done almost exclusively out in the bars because it is effective for crowded dance floors.

Country Swing was recently recognized as one of the many Swing dance variations! It does have certain guidelines, which includes cool turns, spins, and combinations, that help keep you on time with the music while having fun on the floor. It is also adaptable to music other than Country which makes it great to use at either a wedding or a bar! This dance is higher energy, fun, bouncy and often results in many smiles!

Country Waltz is a progressive dance that has a more relaxed look to it than other Waltz styles. In the Country Waltz, the frame, hand and arm gestures are not exaggerated. This is a great dance to have in your back pocket for slow Country songs. Remember to keep that romance alive!

Cowboy boots are always welcome, but not necessary. In the end, we want YOU to have a great time! Dancing can be a relaxing, fun, new hobby for you to partake in whether you are dancing with a partner or just solo. This is a skill you’ll have for the rest of your life!

If you are interested in learning how to Country Dance in Arizona, give us a call at (480) 968-6177 to try our Introductory Offer for Country Dance Lessons. We are available Monday through Friday from 12 – 8 PM and on Saturdays from 11 AM – 4 PM. Soon YOU will have all the tools to keep you on the dance floor all night long!

Country Two Step Dance Tips for Tonight’s Night Out

Tonight’s the night! Are you ready for an evening of Country Two Step and Country Swing dancing? What about a little Country Waltz or Nite Club 2 Step? It’s not too late to come and join in the action with us at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, AZ for our Country Night Out on the town at Spurs Saloon in Chandler, AZ. For some of you, tonight will be a milestone as it will mark you first night taking your dancing out of the studio and into the “real world”. No need to panic, the instructors of Dance FX Studios’ will be by your side as you venture out onto a new dance floor for the first time. Plus, as you may already know, your Night Out does include a pre-event Country Two Step and Country Swing class to freshen up your memory and even teach you something new!

For you beginner Country dancers who may still be a bit anxious about your first Night Out, here are a few last minute tips to make tonight a success…

1. Breathe: Seems like it would just come natural, but breathing is one of those things we tend to forget to do when we are nervous. As you prepare for tonight, realize that each and every one of us has had a first time out Country dancing. That is the beauty of the Night’s Out with Dance FX Studios! You will be surrounded by beginner, intermediate and advanced Country dancers so you can see others at your level, to know that you are not alone, as well as have something to strive for in your own Country dancing as you progress. No one is stopping to watch you, so take a deep breathe and try your best. It may be scary, but we will all be with you on your first go around.

2. Stick to the basics: Again, the beauty of social dancing is that it is not a competition. You do not have to out-do the guy dancing next to you to enjoy your night at your level. Give only those moves that you feel confident with a try first. Play around with mixing and matching 2 or 3 moves and see how that works for you. From there, if you are feeling like you can go further and explore a more challenging step that you have learned, give that a whirl and see what happens. What’s the worst that can happen? At the end of the day, you can at least say that you got out on the dance floor and gave things a go. You’ll be one step closer to building your confidence each and every time.

3. Follow the flow: Leaders, take a few songs to observe before getting out on the dance floor. See what you’re working with before jumping in. Are other dancers mindful of the directional flow in the Country Two Step or is everyone just flinging their partner around in a chaotic manner? Knowing the general feel of what you about to get into is key to fitting in and doing great. Once you have an idea, protect your partner by avoiding the “wild horses” on the dance floor (as I like to call them) and staying within a space that is comfortable for you to move freely. If the dance floor is crowded, use you navigational tools that you learned in your Country dance lessons at the studio to help you get through each dance with ease.

There’s still room for you to join us tonight at Spurs Saloon in Chandler, AZ. Dance FX Studios’ Country dance Night Out includes a group dance class, your first drink at the bar and dancing until 11 pm with us. Beginners, don’t let being new to dance hold you back. Use the tips above, plus what you may have learned in your private Country dance lessons and get out there for a fun Night Out that we are sure will be your first of many to come!