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Country Dance All Summer Long!

Country Western dancing in ArizonaDoes Country music invoke happy thoughts? Do you find yourself tapping your feet, smiling, and maybe even singing along to your favorite tunes (even if it’s in the shower)? Build upon those feelings by learning to Country dance! Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona has been teaching social dance lessons to singles and couples in the Phoenix valley for 15 years. Many students come in specifically for Country dances! There are three popular styles of dances done to Country music here in Arizona that you MUST know 🙂 : Country Two-Step, Country Swing, and Country Waltz.

Country Two-Step is one of the most common dances in the bars. It is a fun and easy dance with twirls, twists, and turns! There are two varieties of Country Two Step dancing: Progressive or Rhythm. The only difference between the two is that one travels (Progressive) and the other is mostly stationary (Rhythm). Both are great to know in preparation for going out dancing, however, in Arizona, Rhythm Two-Step is done almost exclusively out in the bars because it is effective for crowded dance floors.

Country Swing was recently recognized as one of the many Swing dance variations! It does have certain guidelines, which includes cool turns, spins, and combinations, that help keep you on time with the music while having fun on the floor. It is also adaptable to music other than Country which makes it great to use at either a wedding or a bar! This dance is higher energy, fun, bouncy and often results in many smiles!

Country Waltz is a progressive dance that has a more relaxed look to it than other Waltz styles. In the Country Waltz, the frame, hand and arm gestures are not exaggerated. This is a great dance to have in your back pocket for slow Country songs. Remember to keep that romance alive!

Cowboy boots are always welcome, but not necessary. In the end, we want YOU to have a great time! Dancing can be a relaxing, fun, new hobby for you to partake in whether you are dancing with a partner or just solo. This is a skill you’ll have for the rest of your life!

If you are interested in learning how to Country Dance in Arizona, give us a call at (480) 968-6177 to try our Introductory Offer for Country Dance Lessons. We are available Monday through Friday from 12 – 8 PM and on Saturdays from 11 AM – 4 PM. Soon YOU will have all the tools to keep you on the dance floor all night long!

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Singles, Make New Friends Through Dance!

why-different-imageWith more social media sites and online connections than ever, it seems we have loads of communication, but not the best kind –good old fashioned face to face, personal communication. Dating sites and websites like Twitter and Facebook are new ways of meeting people and getting to know new individuals, but we think the old way is still the best way! Social dancing is an excellent way to get yourself out in the real social world and meet new people, make new friends and chat with them in person. At Dance FX Studios, we will equip you to become a great social dancer who has the capabilities and assurance to connect with anyone on the dance floor!

Not only will you meet new people when you take your new Swing, Country Two Step or Salsa dancing skills out on the town, but you will also have the opportunity to make connections right here at Dance FX Studios. We have quite a few single students who are all in the same boat! Our events are excellent for getting to know other local singles. Dance FX Studios’ in-house dance parties create a comfortable setting that mimics being out a bar or club, but with the security of still being in the studio. Our Nights Out events get our students out to local Country bars and Latin dance clubs where they can socialize with students and bump in to other locals as well. They can become familiar with places in our area where they can go out on their own, where the face to face communication can flow!

Not only do we have events, we also have group dance classes in Salsa, Country Two Step, Jitterbug and Country Swing! Even Line dancing classes will begin in June for you to participate in! Our group classes are for couples, friends or otherwise, so each person needs to bring a partner. You may be thinking “But wait, hello, I don’t have a partner!”. Surely you can bring someone you just met, a friend, or we even have a group on our Facebook page specifically for people who are looking for a partner for the group dance classes! Not only can you meet people in your dance class, but you can also use what you learn from your dancing class and go to bars, clubs, and dance venues. Asking someone to dance, or just knowing how to and accepting an invitation, is a great way to break the ice with someone new.


Dance FX Studios offers Group Dance Classes, Private Dance Lessons, and hosts many events to get students out dancing as well. We offer Country, Latin, Swing, and more! For more information about any of our events or to schedule your first visit, call us today or explore our website! See you soon 🙂


Need a New Hobby?

dance lessons mesa azTired of the same drab routine? Need a hobby that is fun, exciting, and diverse? You should try dancing! Dancing could be the most amazing hobby that you have ever had. It is unlike those other repetitive hobbies, whereas dancing can actually be challenging. There are various difficulty levels within each style of dancing and different variations of dances that you can attempt to master. Even if you become a master of each style, you will find that you are having too great of a time to ever stop.

Once you start learning to dance, you will see how each style embodies a different mood. For example, Swing dancing is playful and lively, Country Western is fun and easy, and Ballroom is romantic and elegant. Start off with a style that fits your personality and your abilities and then you can branch out as you gain confidence and start to enjoy dancing more. It won’t be long until you realize what you have been missing out on over the years.

Over time, you will realize that dancing is not only a great new hobby, but it also has so many other wonderful benefits. There are health benefits, physical benefits, mental benefits, and spiritual benefits. There are not too many hobbies out there that can boast about all of its benefits, that is why dancing in particular is such an amazing hobby. What are you waiting for? Start your new hobby today!

Located in Mesa, Arizona, Dance FX Studios offers Private Dance Lessons and Group Dance Lessons. Try our Introductory Offer of $40 for 2 thirty-minute (or 1 hour-long) private dance classes. More information about Private Dance Lessons can be found at

Group Dance Classes are held over 4 consecutive weeks and are available for beginning and intermediate dancers. A list of recent Group Dance Lessons offered at Dance FX Studios can be seen at

Dance Your Way into People’s Hearts

learn to dance mesa azAre you in a new city or state and don’t have any local friends? If you are currently in need of socializing and making some new acquaintances, possibly even friends, did you know dancing was a great way to meet new people? Whether you are in college, single, married, retired, or are in another situation, dancing can be the perfect tool for you to meet some new people.

Seeing the same group of people continuously in a dance class can help you foster some new relationships. You automatically know you have a common interest because you are in the same dance class. Since you have to see each other every week it is easier to start up a conversation and get to know one another. Even if you do not become best friends with your classmates, you now have a new hobby that you can potentially meet people with.

Lets say you have just finished one entire dance class; you can use dancing as a way to meet people even beyond your dance class. Now you can put your skills to use at local dance clubs, bars, and other local places where you can dance. Asking someone to dance at one of these places can be great for meeting people as well. You just cannot be afraid to hear “no” when you ask someone. There are plenty of other willing people that will dance with you; you just have to find them.

If you are interested in meeting some new people in the Phoenix area, Dance FX Studios is located in Mesa, Arizona. Dance FX Studios offer group dance classes in many different styles. Try one out or try them all. Group Dance Classes last 4 weeks long: