Western Romance with Country Waltz

istock_000015934486xsmallThe Waltz, just like many other dances, has different variations and styles. The specific style that will be covered today is the Country Western Waltz. Country Western dances are some of the easiest dances to learn, which make them a great starting off point if you are just learning how to dance.

Surely you have seen the Ballroom Waltz with the perfect posture and elegant lines. The Country Western Waltz is not as precise, having a more relaxed frame and posture, a good thing for beginners since it is one less thing to worry about. Although it lacks the poise that the Ballroom Waltz has, the Country Western Waltz is still elegant and even playful at times.

The Country Waltz is also a mostly progressive dance (one that moves counter clock-wise around the dance floor) and is typically faster than the Ballroom Waltz. It also differs because it is danced to country music. It is not uncommon to see many of the dancers in Western attire; cowboy hats, boots, and all. This makes for a fun and lively atmosphere that you are sure to enjoy.

However it is not all fun and games, the Country Waltz is also considered to be a romantic dance. When you compare it to the other Country Western dances, the Country Waltz brings that special connection with your partner that you may not get in the other Western styles. Possibly it is the charm or the smooth gliding movements that makes the romance come alive. You will just have to find out for yourself when you learn how to dance the Country Western Waltz!

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