Country swing was recently recognized as one of the many swing dance variations. Join Dance Fx Studios and learn to dance.

Kick up Your Heels with Country Two Step

Learn to Country Two Step Mesa AZGrab a pair of cowboy boots and lets get Two-Stepping. Well technically you do not need cowboy boots, but it is just a bit more fun that way. The Country Two-Step is a fun and easy dance, with twisting, turning, and twirling. It is one of the most popular and traditional Country Western dances that will make you want to get up and go!

Here are some quick facts about the Country Two-Step: The Two-Step travels along the Line of Dance (LOD), a counter-clockwise motion. Other dances you may have seen this in are the Waltz, Tango, and Foxtrot. Country Two-Step typically has the basic steps that follow quick, quick, slow, slow and it is also danced with a partner.

There is even a form of Two-Step that is almost done exclusively here in Arizona! It is called the Rhythm Two Step and is mostly stationary. It doesn’t matter what form of Two-Step that you end up doing, you are sure to have a great time. It can also be a relaxing and fun new hobby for you to partake in. So get your partner, a group of people, or just solo, and take some Country Two-Step lessons today!

If you are looking for a place to dance, on Saturday, April 7th, Dance FX Studios will he hosting another fun and exciting dance party. This upcoming dance party is going to feature Country dancing with a 5-piece Country and Rock cover band, Two-bit Shotgun. Here is the great part, if you want to try Country Two-Step lessons, there will be a mini Country Two-Step class for beginners at the event! The event starts at 8 pm and there will be drinks, dessert, and dancing. To purchase tickets and find out more details about the event, visit

Dance FX Studios will also have a new Intermediate Country Two-Step class starting on April 2nd. This class will be on Monday nights at 8 pm. For more information about Country Two-Step group classes please go to

Learn to Country Two Step With Style in AZ!

Country Swing Mesa AZHave you wanted to learn some dance moves, but do not know where to start? What about the fun and easy style of Country Western dancing? You may be thinking, well where am I ever going to use Country Western dancing, but there are many places and events where you can show off your moves, especially in the southwest.

The southwest is known for being a place to find and do Country Western dancing. It is almost a rite of passage to learn how to Country Western dance if you grew up in the southwest. Country music can be found playing at weddings, bars, and even night clubs, giving you an array of times and places to demonstrate your abilities. There are also so many variations and types of Country Western dances making it highly unlikely that you will ever become bored of it.

Some types of Country Western dancing are Country Two Step, Country Swing, and Country Waltz. The Two-Step is a partner dance that is progressive, moving counterclockwise around the dance floor. Since there are so many variations of the Two-Step, there is not one specific one that is the correct way of doing the Two-Step. Another progressive Country Western dance is the Country Waltz. The Country Waltz has a more relaxed posture and frame and does not have the exaggerated hand and arm gestures of other Waltz styles.

If you are interested in learning how to Country Dance, you can try our Introductory Offer of a one hour-long private Country Western dance class. Dance lessons are available by appointment Monday through Friday from 12 to 8PM and on Saturdays from 12 to 4PM. Or try our group dance Country Two Step classes, which start March 8th at 7PM.

NEW Country Band Comes To Dance FX Studios!

Country Dancing ScottsdaleTwo-bit Shotgun comes to Dance FX Studios on Saturday, March 31st at 8 pm. Join us for a night of drinks and dancing!

Tickets sell out quickly so come and join in on the fun! Are you a beginner dancer? We will hold a mini Country Two-step group dancing class for beginners to introduce you to the basics!

Remember that all of our dancing events with live music are also charity events. This year, we are donating 100% of all raffle proceeds to the Wounded Warrior Project. If you own a business and would like to donate to our raffle, please contact us at 480.968.6177.

Don’t country dance? Then save the date for our next Swing or Salsa dancing event with live music! Check out our events page for more information on upcoming dates at .

The Votes Are In! Toby Keith’s Dance Competition Is Back

Scottsdale Country DancingToby Keith’s Bar in Mesa AZ is bringing back their monthly dance competition and guess who their judges are??? You guessed it! Dance FX Studios has hooked up with Toby’s to become their new Country dance instructors and judges for a once-a-month evening of fun and prizes!

Toby guests can look forward to new and exciting Country dances that will be introduced each month including Country Two Step and Country Swing. Cool prizes for first, second and third places will also be given to those who enter the dance competition held right after the free class.

The plan for this fun, new addition to Toby’s already thriving bar? To invite and introduce the everyday “non-dancer” to the basics of Country dancing so that they can see for themselves how EASY dancing can be! Owner of Dance FX Studios, Nicole Dekavallas, admits that “Most people stand on the sidelines because they just don’t want to ‘fake’ their way out on the dance floor. They want to look and feel cool! Free dance classes will give bar-goers the perfect chance to dance.”

For those who already feel confident on the dance floor, the dance competition following the complimentary class will give them an opportunity to shine. Big prizes and fun surprises are in store for participants who dare to get out and strut their stuff.

Looking for that competitive edge? Know that Dance FX Studios’ judges will be scoring each couple on three components; the “WOW” factor, musicality and overall performance quality.

Toby Keith’s/Dance FX Studios’ next complimentary dance class and competition will be held on St. Patrick’s Day. Mark your calendars for Saturday, March 18th at around 7 pm for the festivities to begin. This is a night you won’t want to miss!

If you want to learn to Country dance, maybe we’ll see you out on the dance floor at Toby Keith’s next competition!

Dance FX Studios Judges a Toby Keith’s Dance Competiton

Arizona Country Western DancingDance FX Studios in Mesa Arizona is very excited to be holding a pre-Valentine’s Day group Country Western beginner dancing class and dance competition at Toby Keith’s in Mesa this Saturday, February 11th!

If you’ve been waiting for the perfect place and occasion to go Country Western dancing in Mesa, you’ve stumbled upon the perfect chance! Come out to one of the most popular country music bars in AZ and join us for an excellent night of country two step, country swing, line dancing,country waltz and more! The Dance FX instructors will be teaching a free group class for beginners from 7-8pm.

If you want to show off your moves on the dance floor, we will also be judging a dance competition from 8-9 pm. The dance competition will also have fun prizes for the winners! Then at 9 pm, there will be a live Country band where you can join us out on the dance floor for even more dancing and fun!

Whether you’re a country dance professional, or have never danced before, there’s an exciting night awaiting you! All you have to do is grab your boots and meet up at Toby Keith’s this Saturday night. For more information, check out . See you on the dance floor!

Where Country Two Step Got It’s Name

Country Two Step Dancing Tempe AZCountry Western two step is known as a traditional and very American-rooted, cowboy style dance. With fun turns and combinations danced to the likes of Conway Twitty and Kenny Rogers, Country Two step is as old as American pie.
Traveling along the dance floor, or along the Line of Dance (LOD), always requires counter-clockwise traveling. The confident reason as to why this occurs counter-clockwise as opposed to clockwise is unknown. One theory is that the travel moves to the left because the right side was the power position. From the queen to the ranking of military members, the person on the right is viewed as the most respected. It is also believed that if the line of dance was clockwise, the larger male bodies would block the audience’s view of the female dancers.
This type of partner dancing involves a basic step which occupies 6 beat of music; 2 ‘quick’ steps and 2 ‘slow’ steps. This is the typical timing for most social dancing.
So why does “two-step” dancing earn the most literal name? The waltz, in fact, appears to be the original dance style to carry the moniker.  The “valse a deux temps”, or two beat waltz, was an early 1800’s dance style rejection because many felt that it was too jerky to be enjoyable.  Not until 47 years later did Henri Cellarius lament over the terminology, stating that the term “deux temps” would be better accepted if it were called “deux pas” (two step). The dance style as we know today then actually transitioned into a dance similar to the foxtrot around the 1920’s. From this creation we now have adapted our current version of the two step!