Kick up Your Heels with Country Two Step

Learn to Country Two Step Mesa AZGrab a pair of cowboy boots and lets get Two-Stepping. Well technically you do not need cowboy boots, but it is just a bit more fun that way. The Country Two-Step is a fun and easy dance, with twisting, turning, and twirling. It is one of the most popular and traditional Country Western dances that will make you want to get up and go!

Here are some quick facts about the Country Two-Step: The Two-Step travels along the Line of Dance (LOD), a counter-clockwise motion. Other dances you may have seen this in are the Waltz, Tango, and Foxtrot. Country Two-Step typically has the basic steps that follow quick, quick, slow, slow and it is also danced with a partner.

There is even a form of Two-Step that is almost done exclusively here in Arizona! It is called the Rhythm Two Step and is mostly stationary. It doesn’t matter what form of Two-Step that you end up doing, you are sure to have a great time. It can also be a relaxing and fun new hobby for you to partake in. So get your partner, a group of people, or just solo, and take some Country Two-Step lessons today!

If you are looking for a place to dance, on Saturday, April 7th, Dance FX Studios will he hosting another fun and exciting dance party. This upcoming dance party is going to feature Country dancing with a 5-piece Country and Rock cover band, Two-bit Shotgun. Here is the great part, if you want to try Country Two-Step lessons, there will be a mini Country Two-Step class for beginners at the event! The event starts at 8 pm and there will be drinks, dessert, and dancing. To purchase tickets and find out more details about the event, visit

Dance FX Studios will also have a new Intermediate Country Two-Step class starting on April 2nd. This class will be on Monday nights at 8 pm. For more information about Country Two-Step group classes please go to