How to Guarantee She Will NEVER Dance With You Again

Are you a guy that takes dance lessons? If so, that’s wonderful! For a man, Salsa, Swing, Country or Tango dance lessons build confidence, help to relieve stress and are a great way to develop self-expression. Dance lessons also give you a chance to be romantic with your sweetheart. They even help balance, coordination and rhythm, of course. Whether you started learning to dance because you have come to the conclusion that every woman loves a guy that can dance or you are learning for yourself, a guy that can dance is a hot commodity in any social situation. That is, until he does one of the following 3 things below taking himself from “HOT!” to “NOT!”. Men, read the following information carefully. If you want to ensure that she will NEVER say yes to a second dance, try any of these things below and see what happens for yourself. Here we go….

1. Don’t shower: While a “manly man” is attractive from afar, close up, it’s just not that much fun to be pressed against someone smelly. Before heading out to any dance floor, make sure that your teeth and hair are brushed and that you are smelling clean. A little cologne never hurts, but please don’t overdo it.

2. Yank her around the dance floor: There is nothing more uncomfortable that being treated like a rag doll on the dance floor. Finesse is key while dancing with a lady. Yes, even in Country Western dancing, finesse makes us ladies feel like princesses instead of a wild horses that need to be tamed. You CAN show her a great time on the dance floor and still keep her arms in their sockets. As a dance instructor, I like to teach my leaders to protect their followers on the dance floor. I use the analogy of treating her like an egg that is delicate. This is not to say that she needs to be treated with kid gloves, but she should be cared for and looked after on the dance floor to give her a good time and allow her to feel swept off of her feet.

3. Show Off: Listen carefully guys…partner dancing is about your lady. Yes, you get to be in control, but it is for the purpose of taking care of her (see above), not making it a competition on the dance floor as to who everyone should watch. A common analogy that I often use in my dance lessons is that he is the frame and she is the picture. He needs, therefore, to be a support for her to be able to shine. Eyes should be on the lady because the guy is making her look so amazing.

While some of these “don’ts” are obvious, many leaders are unaware of how and what partner dancing is all about. Two people moving as one happens when we have a leader that can take care of his follower. Get these great tips and more in your private dance lessons at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona. We offer social dance lessons for beginners, couples or singles, who want to feel comfortable and confident on any social dance floor.Thinking about going Salsa dancing or hitting up a Country bar? Try dance lessons from us first and move with ease in no time!

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