Dancing…So Much More Than Just “Steps”

You did it! You began the new year by fulfilling a resolution that took you 10 + years to get up the nerve to do. You went for it and signed up for Country dance lessons for you and your wife. How exciting! How glamorous! How…SCARY! Now, literally steps closer to the dance floor than you have ever found yourself since prom 20 years ago, there is still one thing holding you back… that dreaded first step on to a “real” dance floor. No longer in the presence of your instructor at your local dance studio, it hits you that, in order to enjoy dancing, you must go out and use it.  Suddenly, the tapes that have been floating around in your brain all of these years are being put to the test. “What am I doing out in this Country bar? I can’t dance!”, you say to yourself. Even with 30 plus hours of dance lessons under your belt in the last few months, you have the biggest hurdle in front of you yet…YOU! The fear of failure, looking stupid or drawing a blank is right in front of you and the pressure is on.

Thanks to Nike, telling yourself to “Just do it!” does build some confidence. What most people don’t realize, though, is that becoming a great social dancer is more than just knowing your steps. Getting over that psychological hump of not feeling “good enough” is a process that everyone goes through when they are first learning how to dance.

If you can relate to this guy and his story, you are not alone. Inadequacy is one of the biggest hold back’s of couples and singles giving dance lessons a try. He wants to please her, she wants to feel sexy and elegant, and the expectations can cause a lot of pressure. Fortunately, gone are the days where many viewed dances like Two Step, Salsa or Swing as feminine. But now, guys are stuck with not feeling “man enough” on the dance floor. So much pressure! Here are a few things to keep in mind when that time comes for you to get out and dance for the first time:

1. Everyone has a “first time”. It’s best to get over yours now so that you can say you did it and move forward from there. Hey, with enough positive inner dialogue, you may even remind yourself of how much you actually DO know about dancing so that you can relax and give it a try. Who knows, you may even do better than you thought on the dance floor!

2. No one is watching you. It’s more than possible that others may be having their “first time” too and they may be so wrapped up in what they are doing, that they don’t even notice you. Everyone else will be busy either showing themselves off or figuring out this whole dancing thing too.

3. Only practice will make perfect. If you never get out on an actual dance floor, how will you be able to apply what you have learned in your dance lessons? Make the most of your investment in each other by taking that scary leap and trying out what you know. Worst case scenario: You forget everything. So what, you got out your initial jitters and you will live to dance another day.

In short, while dancing can be intimidating, it would be so much less fun if you didn’t do it. You would be missing out on one of life’s greatest joys. Push through the pain and the rewards will be met on the other side. Don’t believe us? Ask some of our students how they feel about dancing.

We at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona specialize in creating social dancers who can enjoy any “real-world” dance scene. Located in Mesa, Arizona, we offer private dance lessons and group dance classes to singles and couples. YOU can enjoy all of the amazing benefits of knowing how to dance for yourself. Give Salsa, Swing, Country Two Step or Tango dance lessons a chance and discover a hobby that you can use for a lifetime.