Private Dance Lessons…A Great Investment in You!

adult dance studios near meIn my 21 years of experience as a ballroom dance instructor, there’s one question that we hear often regarding Private Dance Lessons. “What makes one-on-one dance lessons worth so much?”. “Well, that’s an easy one!,” I always reply. I can only speak for our studio, but at Dance FX Studios, you’re going to receive something you cannot find anywhere else, and that is social dancing! Not Dancing With the Stars type of dancing, but moves that you can use in a real-world situation, like on a date, or at a wedding.

Learning to dance with us is a truly one of a kind, unique experience. Most importantly, you’re going to get exactly what you pay for! For example, if you have always wanted to be a kick-butt Country dancer, come visit us and we’ll make it happen! Or maybe you want to learn to lead with confidence in any dance style from swing to salsa. Let’s do it!

Dance FX Studios has only one item on the menu, great dance instruction! Our lessons are like a perfectly cooked steak. Marinated in strong connection, and with a tasty glass of perfectly aged experience on the side! Of course – if the budget doesn’t agree with the appetite, I suppose you could very well just go to a different restaurant and order the same thing, right? Wrong… and let me further explain. Have you ever wanted something nice for dinner, but didn’t really have the penny for it? What do you do? You go to a different restaurant, one that’s maybe a little lighter on the wallet. You order your regular steak or whatever you would’ve ordered in the first place. You take your first bite with anticipation, only to be let down by some other slightly mediocre replacement steak. Now, let us get this straight. We don’t blame the cook. His was an almost impossible task. However, that steak was more than likely derived from some lower source of meats, and the flavor is a dead giveaway. The cook couldn’t have prepared this dish any better, but as the saying goes; “a chef is only as good as his ingredients,” and that’s what you’re paying for! You see, anyone can buy and prepare a steak (or teach dance lessons) but it’s the cook’s experience combined with where he gets his ingredients that is all the more important, and more relevant to the cost than you know! There’s always more than meets the eye when it comes to the cost of our everyday goods and services. Even something as simple as a steak dinner or adult dance lessons can be put into perspective when you think of it this way.

Back to dancing…my favorite subject! Our instructors at Dance FX Studios are trained to be effective, supportive, and knowledgeable in how to create self-assured and skilled social dancers. What’s even more is that, unlike our competitors here in the valley, we do not train you for competition dancing. Meaning, we prepare you for a more real life setting and purpose. In our experience, we know most people don’t want to learn how to dance to become a competitor. We have found that most people want to learn how to dance so that they can better connect with the people around them, and feel more comfortable doing so.

So if your purpose is to connect and gain confidence – like everyone else’s – then isn’t it worth paying whatever it’s worth to learn the right way, even if it does cost a shiny penny? Make the investment in you by learning to dance. It’s a hobby and skill that no one can take away from you that is guaranteed to enhance your life more than you know. Come into Dance FX Studios in Mesa, AZ, and witness for yourself why making an investment in yourself is worth every penny!

How Athletes Benefit from Ballroom Dance Lessons

ballroom dance lessons for beginners mesa arizonaWe are about to kick off the 2016-2017 NFL football season, (Lets Go Cardinals!) and it couldn’t be more exciting! All the athletes we love and admire have been training their hearts out for months just to make us proud – and to win, of course! Every last one of them, doing everything they can to stay fit, strong and prepared for anything that comes their way out on the field.

Although most of us probably know that their training includes things like throwing and catching passes, as well as remembering their assignments on every play and run,  did you also know that a huge part of all football players game day preparation includes dancing? Now, just to be sure – I am not speaking on those famous victory dances when a touchdown is made, like Victor Cruz’s salsa dance. I am, however, talking about ballroom dancing. Crazy enough, popular dance moves like the Grapevine (think “side, forward, side, back”, and repeat in a straight line) are used in football, but they directly stemmed right from the traditional ballroom dances like the Waltz and Foxtrot. The Grapevine has in fact helped many football players to stay light on their toes and ready for anything. And what about balance and coordination? Those are two key things that every football players needs. Ballroom dance lessons and tips from ballroom dancing in general are a very useful tool that can enhance those qualities in any athlete. Pretty cool to know, right?!

Former NFL Cardinals Superbowl Quarterback Kurt Warner participated in the 2010 season of Dancing With The Stars, and agreed that many of the skills required of athletes could probably be easily translated to the dance floor, and vice versa. He went on to further say that “I played football for so long that it became natural. It became something I was good at, but Dancing With The Stars was such a huge challenge, and was more difficult than I thought it would be.”.  Furthermore, you probably haven’t considered it, but ballroom dancing for football players is amazing for posture, core strength and improved memory, all very important traits for athletes of any sport.

Social dancing, like the Country Two Step, Swing and Salsa dancing, can help off of the field as well. First off, any guy that can dance is a hot commodity to all those singles ladies out there. Everyone knows that ladies love a guy that can move well on the dance floor. Making the investment in Private Social Ballroom Dance Lessons will therefore pay off exponentially. Once you know how to Latin dance or Country dance, your confidence will skyrocket! It may be hard to manage at first, but I’m warning you now, be prepared for the long line of ladies that will be waiting to be swept off of their feet by you. 🙂

So whether you’re on the field or not, men that can dance are winners! Gain confidence, gain poise, gain finesse, then put your dance moves to work for you. What do you have to lose? Nowadays, a man that can dance is pretty rare, so separate yourself from the crowd or you may as well be just one of many! You can become a great social dancer by taking your first step into our Arizona dance studio. Your fun awaits you here at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, AZ!

How to Treat Her Like a Lady on the Dance Floor

adult dance lessons in Phoenix AZWhoever said “chivalry is dead” doesn’t have to be right. While the modern day man may not roll out the red carpet for a dance, there are still ways to treat her like a lady on the dance floor.

Let’s start by asking her for a dance. Now there are many ways to invite her. Extending a hand, along with a smile, to a stranger is one (very sweet) way to see if she’d like to take a spin out Country dancing, or at a Latin dance club. While this may seem old fashioned, she will most likely genuinely appreciate it. Rather than grabbing her arm and going, getting her permission will set the tone off right for an experience that she may very well want to do again with you.

Another way to see if she’d like to swing or two step dance with you is by simply asking. Start with a compliment, and maybe even reveal that you noticed her earlier, and that you’d be honored if she said yes. Flattery still goes far, and so does a great dancer, if you happen to be that guy who knows what he’s doing.

On that note, invest in yourself by taking Private Dance Lessons first. With Private Dance Lessons, you will gain the confidence to ask even the better dancers on to the floor. Then you’ll be able to sweep her off her feet, and the rest is history! Most women can’t resist a guy that can dance, so take the time to learn, you  won’t regret it, I promise!

Next, know your boundaries. Once you’ve been “approved”, she has to trust you to want to stay on the dance floor with you. When your out Country dancing, for example, protect her from the other guys who are slinging their ladies around like rag dolls. Make sure not to run her into any walls, chairs or on coming “traffic”. While you’re out salsa dancing, please make sure she is comfortable being pressed against you before drawing her in too close. Bachata dancing is very close and intimate, as an example, and if she’s not ready for that, please respect her and give her some breathing room. To determine your limits, start out with a dance that is more platonic by respecting her space. From there, bring her a bit closer and she how she reacts. Gauge from there her comfort level and be sure to keep things neutral or you won’t get another dance. Social dancing is meant to be fun, not intrusive, so please be mindful of your partner.

Finally, partner dancing is a two way street. It should be an enjoyable for both parties at all times. Whether you’re two stepping or tango dancing, seek to work together as a team. There’s no use in outshining her on the dance floor just to show off. Or trying really advanced moves on her that she may not be able or ready to follow. Take things slow and layer in your moves from easiest to more challenging and stop at the point where she really shines. You will ensure yourself another dance, and you’ll make her feel good in the process. Good plan, right?

Social ballroom dancing is an incredible hobby for couples and singles alike to enjoy. It’s fun, healthy and exciting! Respecting boundaries, inviting her for a dance and dancing to her skill level will make both of your times on the dance floor a positive one. Remember to prepare by getting some beginner’s dance lessons for adults under your belt first and the rest should be easy! Good luck and see you on the dance floor!

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Two Left Feet? Relax It’s as Easy as 1, 2, 3!

beginner Swing dance lessons ArizonaWhen you decide to start your new hobby, learning to dance Salsa, Swing or Country Two Step, you may get cold feet. We have had students sign up using our $25 New Student Offer, only to call each day before what they feel is impending doom and move their first appointment back and back!  Once they get here, though, they realize they had nothing to fear. In fact, they have a GREAT time and wish that they would have come in sooner.

Along your dancing journey, you may realize it takes a little time to get to looking smooth and natural on that dance floor. Just like the first time you committed to dance lessons and walked in to your local dance studio in Arizona, have no fear and keep plugging along! Remember your goal of being a versatile social dancer and that knowing how to dance is a timeless and extremely useful skill.  However if ever you feel like throwing in the towel before your mission has been accomplished, here are a few tips to get you back on track:

Don’t over-think your dancing! Being stuck in your head has stopped many dancers with great potential from sticking with it. Obsessing over dance moves won’t make them sink in. In fact, constantly being in your thoughts and getting stressed out will make everything worse. The trick is to trust the music and your body. Those muscles do have memory! Relaxing and just letting your body go for it is the best course of action. You will be surprised at how much you actually retain during your private dance lessons with this attitude in mind.

Remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is your dance repertoire. Though Country Two Step dancing seems like a breeze, those out there who are stealing the spotlight, have put in their time training. While everyone would love to be great instantly, knowing how to dance just doesn’t happen overnight. Our tip: keep your dance lessons close together and practice as much as you can. This will speed you along both in retention and learning when it comes to owning those cool moves that will make you stand out in a crowd. If you only show up for your dance lessons one or two times per week, remind yourself that it will obviously take longer to become a competent social dancer.

Commit to your goal. This is a biggie! You have invested your time and financial resources to learning to dance. This is for you, a skill you have picked that will last you, or you and your partner, a lifetime. Decide to stay the course and see your dancing journey through to the vision you have for yourself on the dance floor. Stick with it and remind yourself that anything that is worth doing takes time and effort. Then, when you have that ball rolling, you’ll have people waiting in line to dance with you! (Trust us, this will happen.)

Have fun and reap the benefits! Social dancing has so many wonderful benefits, from weight loss to stress relief to improved balance and coordination, increased social life and even couples therapy! While you are probably creating one of the best investments that you can make in you, you are also doing this for fun! Enjoy it, dancing Salsa, Merengue, Cha-Cha, Foxtrot and Argentine Tango are all exciting dances to learn! Tons of fun! The benefit is plenty rewarding and the end result … a new and improved, proficient dancer, YOU!

So if you’re committed to learn to dance, you must also be committed to put some time and energy into creating that dream.  If you happen to live here with us in Phoenix, Arizona, we invite you to learn to dance from our school, Dance FX Studios, located in the Phoenix East Valley. We can help you to explore popular dances like Salsa, Country, Swing and AZ Two-Step. Our New Student Offer is the best way to get started for just $25! So get started now, relax, have fun and remember it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

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Make 2015 Great With Dance Lessons

Country Swing dancing in AZIt’s a new year and that means it’s time to “get to work” on those New Year’s Resolutions! Well how fun is that? We daresay, not very. Even though we have yet to hit February, statistics from previous years reveal that many people will have already tried and given up on their resolutions. It’s sad but true.

So how do we keep from quitting our goals so soon in the year? We recommend trying a different approach to making your dreams come true. Are you ready for this? We suggest giving social dance lessons a go in 2015. Believe it or not, social dancing (by that we mean those cool dances and moves that you see in the Country bars and Latin clubs) ticks off many of your goals for the year ahead- you just don’t know it yet.

This year, you can reach your fitness, social, and even emotional goals-all through discovering how to Country Two Step, Tango or Swing dance! Yes, it’s completely true! Partner dancing is wonderful and exciting for couples and singles, so much more fun than working out in a gym or bellying up to your favorite bar stool. With benefits galore, come learn to social ballroom dance this year and swing your way into next year with style.

So how exactly will knowing how to social dance change your life in the next 12 months? Let us explain…

Social Ballroom Dancing Builds Confidence: If you can use a bit more confidence when it comes to knowing a hobby that (almost) every woman loves, give private Country, Swing, Latin or Tango dance lessons a try. With private dance instruction, you will get the tools needed to dance with ease. Knowing a skill such as social dancing helps to build self-esteem, not to mention develop grace and poise.

Dancing also helps to widen your social circle, which is great for new friendships and possibly even more. With more friends comes an opportunity to have others to talk with, and dance with, of course. Friendships help to have support when times are tough, which is important for everyone. Are you beginning to see the impact that dancing can have on your life already??

Dancing Adds Romance: If you’re married, or a part of a long-term relationship, dancing is a must! What you can learn from a Salsa dance lesson (as an example) with your partner includes, but is definitely not limited to, teamwork, the importance of embracing each other often and a fun outlet as a couple.

For singles, dancing allows for a sense of freedom and self-expression that can be very attractive to the opposite sex. Latin dancing in particular is also very sensual, lending itself to captivating onlookers. If you’re on the shy side, dancing can bring out your inner diva and reveal a more courageous side. Who can’t use a bit more of that?

Dancing Can Replace The Gym! Would you love to shed unwanted weight and tone muscles without going to the gym? Then start exploring Argentine Tango or Country Swing dancing. Both of these social dances, plus many other fun styles, are great alternatives to the traditional total body workout. In fact, you will discover muscles that you never knew you had once you really get dancing. Skip the daily grind on the treadmill and Two Step your way back into a healthier you!

Read our upcoming blog on the many other benefits of making learning to dance your number one resolution for 2015. For those of you who reside in Arizona, visit us at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, AZ to get the ball rolling. Our New Student Offer will give you a window into how, through social dancing, confidence, romance and health really can be yours this year.




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Physical Benefits of Ballroom Dancing in Arizona

Many of you know that social ballroom dancing can be a rewarding hobby. In order to be great at popular social dances like Country Two Step, Swing and Salsa dancing, dance lessons are in order. Did you ever realize just how beneficial dance lessons are your physical health? Though it doesn’t seem like exercise in the traditional way we think of lifting weights and running, dancing actually offers a total body workout. When you Cha Cha or Swing dance, you use all of your major muscle groups and improve your cardiovascular health as well! With ballroom dance lessons, you will become more toned, and your heart will thank you too. Located in Mesa, Arizona, Dance FX Studios has been a leading social ballroom dance studio for many years, helping couples and singles enjoy the benefits of dance, while having fun!

Getting fit should be pleasurable, not boring. Ballroom dancing, from the Waltz to West Coast Swing, can actually burn as many calories as a gym workout. For many people looking to get fit, the dance floor offers an exhilarating alternative to the drudgery of the gym, and experts say sticking to an exercise regime is much easier when it’s not a chore. It makes sense – if you enjoy what you’re doing, you look forward to it and won’t be looking for excuses for why not to go. With the stress relief and fun that comes along with Country and Latin dancing, you will be surprised as to just how much you are enjoying a work out regime.

Depending on the dance, like Country Swing, Bachata or even the sultry Argentine Tango, ballroom dancing can burn anywhere from 250 to 500 calories an hour. It is considered a moderate form of exercise, about the same as a brisk half-hour walk on a treadmill. Even better, fast-paced dances like the Salsa and the Cha Cha, can be equivalent to a weight lifting session at the gym (but much more glamorous!). Dancing also improves flexibility, aiding in the relief of chronic pain and stiffness. Wouldn’t you rather be out somewhere at a Latin dance club or Country bar here in the Phoenix East Valley area kicking up your heels dancing, instead of being on a treadmill? You can meet new people with similar interests and let off some steam while enjoying the music, food and culture of our great area! Way better than the gym, right?

If you have noticed a drop in your motivation and energy levels, taking ballroom dance lessons may just help. Research has found that dancing can increase energy levels. A lot of us have sedentary lifestyles, working in offices behind computers and studying for several years in schools and universities. This lack of activity and physical stimulation can take away our energy and leave us feeling drained. Once you get yourself out on the dance floor and put a little Swing dancing or Country dancing in your life,  your metabolism will rev up and get that blood flowing so you will feel yourself starting to come alive again!

Dancing sounds pretty great, right? But what if you don’t even know where to start or you are afraid that you won’t be a good dancer? That’s where we come in! Dance FX Studios here in Arizona has been teaching adults of all ages and abilities to gain the confidence and skills they need to let dance affect their lives in a great way. From the ever popular Country Two Step to the sexy Tango, it doesn’t matter which dance you learn first. Give ballroom dance lessons a try and you will see your body transform itself before long.

Are you ready to experience this enjoyable and beneficial alternative to the gym? Private dance lessons at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, AZ are made by appointment Monday-Friday from 12-8 pm and on Saturdays from 11 am-4 pm. To get started, we suggest you begin with our Introductory Special, only $40 (per couple or single) for a one hour private dance lesson. We are confident that one hour is all we need to show you our unique method of teaching and how invigorating dancing can be for YOU!

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Learn to Social Dance at Dance FX Studios

Social ballroom dance lessons are so beneficial to adults of all ages for a multitude of reasons. Not only can you be active and tone up, you can also relieve stress, improve your self-esteem and confidence, build and strengthen relationships, liven up your social life and so much more! If you live in the Phoenix East Valley, lucky for you, Dance FX Studios has been a leading social dance studio of Arizona for over 12 years! Located in Mesa, Arizona just off of 101 Freeway, our studio is close to many cities of the Valley, including Gilbert, Chandler, Tempe, and Scottsdale. We offer several ways for you to learn and explore the world of social dancing, but our most popular services are group dance classes and private dance lessons. Whether you want to learn to dance Country Two Step or dance the sensual Argentine Tango or Salsa for your next night out at a Latin club, we have dance lesson programs just for you!

Group dance lessons are a great way to practice what you are learning in your private dance lessons. You can also learn dance basics in a group setting with friends and newcomers. Our current group classes are for couples, or friends that pair up together, so you and someone you know can come and learn together and share the cost. You can also meet other couples who are learning to dance just like you, extending your social dancing circle and help you to make new friends with similar interests. Our group classes beginning April 7th, 2014, are progressive dance classes, meaning that each week your class instructor will build off the previous week’s lesson, incorporating new steps and tips each week. This creates a more efficient, productive way to learn. You will get the most out of your 4-week lesson package this way! These progressive group classes are just $75 per couple for all four weeks of classes. On Monday nights, we offer Country Two Step, Tuesdays are for Salsa, Wednesday is for Country Swing and Jitterbug Swing takes place on Thursdays. All of our group dance classes are at 7 pm. Sign up today to reserve your space!

Private dance lessons are the best way that you can become a skilled, confident dancer in the least amount of time. In private lessons, you and your partner (if you bring one) will receive personalized instruction, one-on-one with your instructor. You don’t have to wait for any feedback; your instructor is there with you the whole time! While group classes are an excellent, fun way to learn, private dance lessons are much more effective if you want to become a a confident social dancer in a shorter amount of time. Many of our private lesson students take what they learn in their lessons to group classes, practicing and getting extra feedback through group classes. Each lesson in our private lesson packages is personalized to you and your capabilities, learning styles and goals. We understand that everyone is different; they learn differently, want different things and need different things. Our unique mode of customized instruction is what sets us apart from other studios in the area! You can see for yourself what we mean by trying out our $40 Introductory offer. You will get an hour of tips and dance basics on the floor, as well discussing what you want to get out of learning to dance, which helps us create the perfect set of lessons just for you.

Now that you know more about what makes what we offer so great, get in touch with us to schedule your first visit! If you want to learn to Country Swing, Salsa dance, Jitterbug Swing and so much more, Dance FX Studios is just what you need.

Get Comfortable Country Dancing in Phoenix

Country dancing here in the Phoenix East Valley is a blast! You can enjoy dancing the Country Two Step, Country Swing,  Nite Club Two Step and Country Waltz in bars and clubs across the Valley. Dance FX Studios is situated perfectly in Mesa amongst several cities in the area, including Tempe, Scottsdale, and Chandler. Whether you’re a regular at Toby Keith’s, want to get ready for Country Thunder here in Arizona, or want to be ready to dance the night away at a wedding coming up, we are the place for you! Dance FX Studios has been teaching adults of all ages to Country dance for over twelve years. While learning the steps to each dance, dance form, and how to lead and follow are all crucial, it is also important to know things like dancing attire and some social dancing guidelines to take with you when you dance outside the studio. If you wear clothes that are uncomfortable or not appropriate for boot-scootin’ the night away, it could affect your whole night. Let’s discuss what to wear when you go out Country dancing, to avoid such mishaps:


No matter what the season is, you are probably going to get warm when you go out dancing, especially here in Arizona. Wearing several layers or thick clothing is probably going to turn up the heat even more, so it’s best to stick to clothing that is breathable and cool.

You are going to be doing a lot of spinning, dipping and turning all over the dance floor, whether you are Two Stepping, Swing dancing, so finding something to wear that will not need to be constantly readjusted will be to your benefit.

Though it’s best to leave dips and lifts to the pros, if you’re going to wear a skirt or dress, it is a good idea to wear spandex underneath to avoid any unintentional peeks. Shorts or jeans in the winter will save you from embarrassment or worry if you prefer.

When it comes to Country dancing, less is more, so keep your jewelry simple and minimal. Long, dangly necklaces or earrings have a tendency to become a hazard to you or your partner during spins or turns. Large rings also end up scratching or getting caught on clothing, and bracelets become a nuisance when a leader is trying to do various moves with you.

Wearing comfortable shoes is an absolute must, and they must also be slip resistant. Our instructors recommend wearing leather soled boots. They are comfortable, and the leather soles make for easy turns. Mary Jane’s can also be an alternative because the strap will ensure that they won’t slip off and they can usually be worn longer because they are typically not a very high heel. If you want to keep your toes intact and avoid broken shoes, leave your flip flops at home! Of course, when going out Country dancing, a great pair of Cowboy boots is always a great investment.


We as women understand that men like to be comfortable and casual, especially if they are Country dancing. A clean tee shirt or a short sleeved button up shirt looks nice with a pair of jeans or slacks. Short sleeves will keep the temperature down, and if you’re worried about perspiration, you can wear an undershirt (and don’t forget deodorant!).

As far as shoes go, leather bottom boots are usually the best bet, but a pair of tennis shoes also works. Boots are best, just as we recommended for the ladies, but if you don’t own a pair, that’s OK too. Again, avoid wearing flip flops so your toes go unharmed and your shoes don’t hinder your foot movements.

If you end up wearing a hat, be sure to make adjustments in your dancing so that it doesn’t get knocked off!

All in all, with a little consideration, you won’t have to worry about your wardrobe malfunctioning on the dance floor or preventing you from having fun. Comfort is key, and with these helpful hints, your night out Country dancing will be a success!

If you want to be even more prepared for a fun night of Country dancing, check out our Introductory Offer for private Country dance lessons! For just $40, you will get a full hour of dancing and discussing tips and goals for your Country dance hobby with one of our excellent instructors. Call us today at 480.968.6177or check out what we offer on our website!

Dancing…So Much More Than Just “Steps”

You did it! You began the new year by fulfilling a resolution that took you 10 + years to get up the nerve to do. You went for it and signed up for Country dance lessons for you and your wife. How exciting! How glamorous! How…SCARY! Now, literally steps closer to the dance floor than you have ever found yourself since prom 20 years ago, there is still one thing holding you back… that dreaded first step on to a “real” dance floor. No longer in the presence of your instructor at your local dance studio, it hits you that, in order to enjoy dancing, you must go out and use it.  Suddenly, the tapes that have been floating around in your brain all of these years are being put to the test. “What am I doing out in this Country bar? I can’t dance!”, you say to yourself. Even with 30 plus hours of dance lessons under your belt in the last few months, you have the biggest hurdle in front of you yet…YOU! The fear of failure, looking stupid or drawing a blank is right in front of you and the pressure is on.

Thanks to Nike, telling yourself to “Just do it!” does build some confidence. What most people don’t realize, though, is that becoming a great social dancer is more than just knowing your steps. Getting over that psychological hump of not feeling “good enough” is a process that everyone goes through when they are first learning how to dance.

If you can relate to this guy and his story, you are not alone. Inadequacy is one of the biggest hold back’s of couples and singles giving dance lessons a try. He wants to please her, she wants to feel sexy and elegant, and the expectations can cause a lot of pressure. Fortunately, gone are the days where many viewed dances like Two Step, Salsa or Swing as feminine. But now, guys are stuck with not feeling “man enough” on the dance floor. So much pressure! Here are a few things to keep in mind when that time comes for you to get out and dance for the first time:

1. Everyone has a “first time”. It’s best to get over yours now so that you can say you did it and move forward from there. Hey, with enough positive inner dialogue, you may even remind yourself of how much you actually DO know about dancing so that you can relax and give it a try. Who knows, you may even do better than you thought on the dance floor!

2. No one is watching you. It’s more than possible that others may be having their “first time” too and they may be so wrapped up in what they are doing, that they don’t even notice you. Everyone else will be busy either showing themselves off or figuring out this whole dancing thing too.

3. Only practice will make perfect. If you never get out on an actual dance floor, how will you be able to apply what you have learned in your dance lessons? Make the most of your investment in each other by taking that scary leap and trying out what you know. Worst case scenario: You forget everything. So what, you got out your initial jitters and you will live to dance another day.

In short, while dancing can be intimidating, it would be so much less fun if you didn’t do it. You would be missing out on one of life’s greatest joys. Push through the pain and the rewards will be met on the other side. Don’t believe us? Ask some of our students how they feel about dancing.

We at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona specialize in creating social dancers who can enjoy any “real-world” dance scene. Located in Mesa, Arizona, we offer private dance lessons and group dance classes to singles and couples. YOU can enjoy all of the amazing benefits of knowing how to dance for yourself. Give Salsa, Swing, Country Two Step or Tango dance lessons a chance and discover a hobby that you can use for a lifetime.

Country Two Step Your Way into 2013!

With the new year approaching, there are so many reasons to dance! Being that we live in Arizona, Country  is one of those popular dance styles that YOU need to know in the upcoming year. Let’s take a  look at why Country dancing is a must-have in 2013 for everyone…

Country dancing is FUN and EASY!: Who doesn’t want to venture into something that you KNOW you will be able to learn and use in a very short amount of time?! Country dancing, including the Two Step, Swing and Waltz are both exciting AND cool to know! Since there are no sexy hips to master like in Latin dancing, anyone can get out on to a Country dance floor and enjoy the basics with just a few private dance lessons under their belt.

Country dancing in AZ is practical!: Guys…if you’re going to be dragged out on to the dance floor by your lady, learn a few dances that you will actually use here in Arizona. Country bars are everywhere around Phoenix and surrounding cities in AZ, so learn to Two Step and Country Swing dance and your bases will be covered wherever Country music is being played. Even at local weddings, you will find that Country music is common, so why not learn something that will get you out on the dance floor and make you look great!

Ladies LOVE to Country Dance!: As we all know, every woman loves a guy that can dance. Men, learn to Two Step or Country slow dance and see how impressed she will be on your next date night. With all of the spinning and fast and furious moves in the Swing contrasted by the romance in the Country Waltz or the Nite Club 2 Step, a woman will have all of her Country dance needs met with just a little effort on her man’s part. (If you need more arm-twisting, refer to reason #1 as to why you should learn to Country dance.)

So how do you get started with all of the excitement that Country dancing has to offer? Our recommendation is to give us a call here at Dance FX Studios here in Mesa, AZ! We have been the Country dance hub for over a decade when it comes to becoming a confident Country dancer. Learn to Country dance with us and be prepared for ANY social dance event where Country music is being played!

Dance FX Studios is located just off the 101 highway on the border of Tempe, Gilbert and Chandler, AZ just a few miles from Scottsdale and Gold Canyon. We are here to meet all of your social dancing needs from Country dancing to social Latin and Swing dance. Check out our website for more details on how you can be a comfortable social dancer with lessons from us at Dance FX Studios.