How to Treat Her Like a Lady on the Dance Floor

adult dance lessons in Phoenix AZWhoever said “chivalry is dead” doesn’t have to be right. While the modern day man may not roll out the red carpet for a dance, there are still ways to treat her like a lady on the dance floor.

Let’s start by asking her for a dance. Now there are many ways to invite her. Extending a hand, along with a smile, to a stranger is one (very sweet) way to see if she’d like to take a spin out Country dancing, or at a Latin dance club. While this may seem old fashioned, she will most likely genuinely appreciate it. Rather than grabbing her arm and going, getting her permission will set the tone off right for an experience that she may very well want to do again with you.

Another way to see if she’d like to swing or two step dance with you is by simply asking. Start with a compliment, and maybe even reveal that you noticed her earlier, and that you’d be honored if she said yes. Flattery still goes far, and so does a great dancer, if you happen to be that guy who knows what he’s doing.

On that note, invest in yourself by taking Private Dance Lessons first. With Private Dance Lessons, you will gain the confidence to ask even the better dancers on to the floor. Then you’ll be able to sweep her off her feet, and the rest is history! Most women can’t resist a guy that can dance, so take the time to learn, you  won’t regret it, I promise!

Next, know your boundaries. Once you’ve been “approved”, she has to trust you to want to stay on the dance floor with you. When your out Country dancing, for example, protect her from the other guys who are slinging their ladies around like rag dolls. Make sure not to run her into any walls, chairs or on coming “traffic”. While you’re out salsa dancing, please make sure she is comfortable being pressed against you before drawing her in too close. Bachata dancing is very close and intimate, as an example, and if she’s not ready for that, please respect her and give her some breathing room. To determine your limits, start out with a dance that is more platonic by respecting her space. From there, bring her a bit closer and she how she reacts. Gauge from there her comfort level and be sure to keep things neutral or you won’t get another dance. Social dancing is meant to be fun, not intrusive, so please be mindful of your partner.

Finally, partner dancing is a two way street. It should be an enjoyable for both parties at all times. Whether you’re two stepping or tango dancing, seek to work together as a team. There’s no use in outshining her on the dance floor just to show off. Or trying really advanced moves on her that she may not be able or ready to follow. Take things slow and layer in your moves from easiest to more challenging and stop at the point where she really shines. You will ensure yourself another dance, and you’ll make her feel good in the process. Good plan, right?

Social ballroom dancing is an incredible hobby for couples and singles alike to enjoy. It’s fun, healthy and exciting! Respecting boundaries, inviting her for a dance and dancing to her skill level will make both of your times on the dance floor a positive one. Remember to prepare by getting some beginner’s dance lessons for adults under your belt first and the rest should be easy! Good luck and see you on the dance floor!