To Tango or to Two Step, Which Dance Should I Learn First?

argentine tango lessons arizonaDecisions decisions… “To Tango, or Two-Step… that is the question.”  I’ve been waiting so long to use that! Okay, so beyond all funny play-on-words, let’s say that you’ve decided to take adult dance lessons. Congrats! What a great new hobby for both singles and couples to discover! Now you get to choose between these two absolutely amazing, but quite unique, social ballroom dances. How on earth are you supposed to do that? Both partner dances offer something cool that the other might not. Both dances especially bring out a wonderful feeling of confidence that you can take with you to other dance styles, and/or just life in general, so where to start?? The choice is yours! In this blog we’ll discuss the benefits of learning both the Argentine Tango and the Two-step, and give you all the information you’ll need to make the most informed decision possible. (Keep in mind, you can always learn both over time. 😉 )

Let’s start with the good ol’ Country Two Step! This Country Western dance is unbelievably exciting, with amazing moves that will thrill and challenge you, and give you so many tools to take beyond dancing and into your everyday life, like self-assurance, for example. There’s no better dance to use with your favorite Country dance music in order to have complete blast on the dance floor.

If you’re looking to learn something new or just pick up a new hobby, adult dance lessons are a great idea. Country Two Step lessons will be both practical and a fantastic way to meet new friends! The exciting moves you will learn will leave you in complete euphoria as you move freely throughout the dance floor. Not just that, but who doesn’t like watching other people dance to a song they like, and who also actually look like they know what they’re doing? If you have been out Country dancing, you may have already discovered that learning to Two Step is not that hard. If Two-Step is the route you take, you’ll definitely not be disappointed.

If you’re looking to add more passion and romance in your life, Argentine Tango is the dance for you. Most of us have at least seen a couple dance Tango somewhere, be it in the movies or on tv shows like Dancing With The Stars. We know exactly what this steamy dance looks like, from the rose in the mouth, to her legs wrapped around his body. The tango says love and definitely brings something that most dances do not. With the exception of Salsa perhaps, this dance takes you to a sensual and sexy place within yourself, and allows you inner dancer come alive.

Tango dance lessons are incredible for singles who are looking to add something to their life that might “up” their chances in the romance department. What better way to wow someone than to be a great dancer, especially in the Argentine Tango. And once you know this dance, you will be able to lead or follow the other ballroom dances with ease. The only way to experience the beauty of the Tango is to visit your local dance studio for adults and experience it up front and in person.

If you’re asking yourself why you should take Tango lessons, you merely need to watch a video of a couple dancing it. You’ll see how sure and confident they look so you can imagine what it feels like to move in that way yourself. Tango can give such a profound feeling of confidence that you cannot find by any other means.

So now that you have some information about two really great social partner dances, it’s your turn to decide where you want to begin. Both dances bring something special to the table and a skill that you can use beyond the dance floor and into your everyday life, as I said before. You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain with adult dance lessons, so pick your favorite style and get that ball rolling today!