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Top Five Secrets of a Great Leader on the Dance Floor

country dance lessons in mesa azHave you ever wondered what makes someone a great lead on the dance floor? Did he start dancing as a toddler? Is he just a “natural”? What is it that gives him that look of ease and effortlessness? Well, great social ballroom dancers, like those who love to Country, Latin and Swing dance, have put in their time, no doubt, when it comes to looking so good. That’s what makes them so fun to dance with, right?!

Did you know that you too can be one of those incredible dancers, like the ones you see at the Country bars, or Latin clubs? You absolutely can. First, keep in mind that no one is born knowing how to dance. No one. While it is true that some people pick up movements quicker than others, dancers of all styles, from Salsa to Swing to Tango have learned at some point along the way, somewhere. Now that you know that, let me share some of the best kept secrets that leaders have when it comes to shining on the dance floor.

Secret 1: Make her the star.

Being a great lead on the dance floor can be very empowering for a man, as it should be! Very few guys take the time to learn how to lead well, so why should they not be proud of their good work? In partner dancing, though, the woman, or follow, should be the focal point. Think of all of the turns and twists he can lead her through to make her the center of attention. It’s pretty fantastic!

An awesome lead truly shows off his lady and makes her the star of the show. A guy who knows what he’s doing on the dance floor will highlight all of her assets and skills by dancing to her level, and making her feel and look her best. Like I always say, he’s the frame, and she’s the picture, so all eyes should be on her. For most guys, this is a relief. They can still have all the moves, but not all the attention. It’s a perfect pairing!

Secret 2: Less is more.

Personally, this is my philosophy on many things, and especially on the dance floor. Over the last two decades, I have trained thousands of men to be confident leads, and I have told each of them the same thing: Less really is more! What I mean by this, for example, is that there’s no need to yank her arms out of their sockets to turn. Have you ever seen this happen in a Country bar or Salsa club? The guy is literally tossing her around very aggressively just to get to her to move. Top leads are gentle in their “invitations” to get her to go exactly where they want her to be. Doesn’t that just sound better? Would you rather be invited into a space, or pulled and pushed to go through it? I’ll take the former please. This style of leading will basically guarantee that she will want to keep on dancing with you as you simply know how to treat a woman. It reminds me of a t-shirt that we will have in our retail shop that states “Handle with care.” It’s made for the ladies to wear to remind those aggressive guys out there to easy off on their lead. Less is more.

Secret 3: Rhythm is king.

This is a biggie! Let me explain. So many newbies think social ballroom dancing is about memorizing patterns and footsteps above understanding how to move with ease and naturalness. They get caught up on exactly where their feet should go instead of thinking about the space they have to work within. Think of how this plays out on a small, crowded floor. You’re busy running her through your steps, and she’s going along for the ride as your follow. Your patterns don’t fit into the circular dance floor and now, because you’re stuck in your routine of doing the same moves in the same order, she’s being banged into walls or run off the dance floor! Just knowing and executing your patterns can really get you in a lot of trouble.

If, on the other hand, you’re able to focus on a variety of rhythms that you’ve learned through Private Dance Lessons, and not just steps, your rigid and set movements will become fluid and easy to use anywhere, anytime. Yes, I did sneak in the fact that you will to invest in one-on-one instruction in order to be a great lead…because it’s true! That’s what it takes to get the details that you need to succeed on the dance floor. More on that later… Anyway, the point is that an emphasis on rhythm over memorized patterns is what makes a wonderful lead as a dancer. This little known fact is truly what sets the good apart from the great.

Secret 4: Mix it up.

There’s nothing that she wants more than to let loose and have a good time when you’re out dancing together. To piggyback on Secret 3, don’t get stuck in your routine of doing the same three moves over and over again. You’ll become predictable and she’ll be bored in no time! With Private Dance Instruction, you will learn what we at our studio call the Rules of Variation. With this very key secret, you’ll be unstoppable when it comes to sweeping her off her feet!

Secret 5: Let the music be your guide.

Finally, there’s one more very big secret that I want to share. (More tips to come in future blogs…) Secret 5…Let he music be your guide. Please, for the love of who knows what, do not do the same dance steps, at the same tempo, regardless of the song that is being played. If you’re into Country music, for example, not every some is going to be a Country Two Step. Two Steps are generally mid-tempo-not too fast and not too slow. You are not meant to Two Step dance to every song that is being played in a Country bar. Some Country songs are Waltzes, some Swing, some Nite Club 2-Step. Each of these dances has it’s own style and personality, so use the right dance to the right music and you’ll be on your way to be known as a fabulous lead on the dance floor. One step beyond this, which I will cover in a future blog, is how to interpret the music to have your dancing reflect the highs and lows within the song itself. This is a super-cool way to stand out, in a good way. 🙂

There are so many more tips that I would love to share with you! Most of all, I recommend finding a local adult dance studio near you and getting signed up for an Introductory Dance Lesson. It’s OK if you don’t have a particular event coming up because when you do, you’ll know exactly how to be an awesome dancer! Remember that anything worth learning takes time and effort, so be patient and enjoy the journey of learning how to social dance.

Check out future and past blogs to discover more about the wonderful world of social dancing. What is one thing you would change or add to your lead to make you an even better social dancer? Comment below. I’d love to hear from you!

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Make Your Reception Special with an Amazing Wedding Dance

wedding dance lessons mesa arizonaHelping our Arizona brides and grooms start their lives together with the perfect wedding dance is one of the most joyous rewards we feel here at Dance FX Studios… especially every time a “thank you” note arrives on our doorstep. We want you to treasure your lives together, so get things going on the right foot with Wedding Dance Lessons from us!

Wedding Dance Lessons from one of our amazing choreographers means that you’re going to get a one-of-a-kind first dance made just for you. Our goal is to give you a routine that will set just the right tone for your guests. Are you looking for a wedding dance that is out of the box? Like original choreography that will really Rock Your Reception? We can make that happen! As an example, Country Western dancing is so hot right now. Maybe starting with a slow dance and then surprising your friends and family with a flashy Country Two Step filled with turns and spins will be the perfect addition to your party that will blow their boots off of everyone. Or how about a sexy Argentine Tango wedding dance? You choose the dance style and we’ll bring it to life, with your personalities and personal style in mind.

We have done it all here at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona. Our talented instructors and choreographers will listen to your ideas about what you would like to express and create something personalized and jaw-dropping just for you! Maybe Star Wars is your boyfriend’s thing? Or maybe Gone with the Wind is your girlfriend’s thing? What if you’re both obsessed with Disney movies? Why not put some time into learning some customized choreography to have a seemingly impromptu space robot dance to the music of Star Wars, Chalmun’s Spaceport Cantina scene emerging from the middle of something sweet and elegant? What a surprise that will be! A treat for everyone that gives you the perfect first dance and will impress your guests, leaving them with something to talk about for years to come.

What about a first dance that is more subdued? Let’s do it! An elegant ballroom dance can be the cherry on top of a romantic wedding affair. We can do a “sweet and simple” wedding dance that will still WOW your audience. Sometime less really is more.

Another priority of ours is to help you create lasting memories as a couple. Each time you come to your Private Dance Lessons, you will be working as a team, connecting and spending precious time together developing a new skill and hobby. That’s an incredible way to start a marriage! As I always say, couples that dance together, stay together. 😉

If you want to take dance lessons for your wedding but you have never danced before, or are worried about being a terrible dancer, let the fear stop here! During your Wedding Dance Consultation with us, and throughout your Wedding Dance Lessons, our staff will pay specific attention to your rate and style of learning, so that you get the most out of your investment. Whether you want to learn to Salsa dance or to Swing dance, we will make sure that you have the tools you need to kick butt on that dance floor! Just know that we believe that anyone can learn to dance. Yes…even you! All you need is the right information, and the rest will fall into place.

Wedding dance consultations are offered at our Mesa, Arizona dance studio throughout the week for your convenience. Monday through Friday we can accommodate you from noon to 8 pm by appointment. On Saturdays, we are also available by appointment from 11 am to 4 pm. If you’re wondering how soon before the wedding to get started, the short answer is four to six months, depending on how elaborate you would like your first dance to look. We have begun preparations as soon as a year in advance or as short as several weeks prior to wedding days, but, with more notice, you will really look and feel your best. Call us or inquire on our website with any questions you may have or to schedule your consultation today at 480-968-6177. We look forward to hearing from you!

Private Dance Lessons…A Great Investment in You!

adult dance studios near meIn my 21 years of experience as a ballroom dance instructor, there’s one question that we hear often regarding Private Dance Lessons. “What makes one-on-one dance lessons worth so much?”. “Well, that’s an easy one!,” I always reply. I can only speak for our studio, but at Dance FX Studios, you’re going to receive something you cannot find anywhere else, and that is social dancing! Not Dancing With the Stars type of dancing, but moves that you can use in a real-world situation, like on a date, or at a wedding.

Learning to dance with us is a truly one of a kind, unique experience. Most importantly, you’re going to get exactly what you pay for! For example, if you have always wanted to be a kick-butt Country dancer, come visit us and we’ll make it happen! Or maybe you want to learn to lead with confidence in any dance style from swing to salsa. Let’s do it!

Dance FX Studios has only one item on the menu, great dance instruction! Our lessons are like a perfectly cooked steak. Marinated in strong connection, and with a tasty glass of perfectly aged experience on the side! Of course – if the budget doesn’t agree with the appetite, I suppose you could very well just go to a different restaurant and order the same thing, right? Wrong… and let me further explain. Have you ever wanted something nice for dinner, but didn’t really have the penny for it? What do you do? You go to a different restaurant, one that’s maybe a little lighter on the wallet. You order your regular steak or whatever you would’ve ordered in the first place. You take your first bite with anticipation, only to be let down by some other slightly mediocre replacement steak. Now, let us get this straight. We don’t blame the cook. His was an almost impossible task. However, that steak was more than likely derived from some lower source of meats, and the flavor is a dead giveaway. The cook couldn’t have prepared this dish any better, but as the saying goes; “a chef is only as good as his ingredients,” and that’s what you’re paying for! You see, anyone can buy and prepare a steak (or teach dance lessons) but it’s the cook’s experience combined with where he gets his ingredients that is all the more important, and more relevant to the cost than you know! There’s always more than meets the eye when it comes to the cost of our everyday goods and services. Even something as simple as a steak dinner or adult dance lessons can be put into perspective when you think of it this way.

Back to dancing…my favorite subject! Our instructors at Dance FX Studios are trained to be effective, supportive, and knowledgeable in how to create self-assured and skilled social dancers. What’s even more is that, unlike our competitors here in the valley, we do not train you for competition dancing. Meaning, we prepare you for a more real life setting and purpose. In our experience, we know most people don’t want to learn how to dance to become a competitor. We have found that most people want to learn how to dance so that they can better connect with the people around them, and feel more comfortable doing so.

So if your purpose is to connect and gain confidence – like everyone else’s – then isn’t it worth paying whatever it’s worth to learn the right way, even if it does cost a shiny penny? Make the investment in you by learning to dance. It’s a hobby and skill that no one can take away from you that is guaranteed to enhance your life more than you know. Come into Dance FX Studios in Mesa, AZ, and witness for yourself why making an investment in yourself is worth every penny!

To Tango or to Two Step, Which Dance Should I Learn First?

argentine tango lessons arizonaDecisions decisions… “To Tango, or Two-Step… that is the question.”  I’ve been waiting so long to use that! Okay, so beyond all funny play-on-words, let’s say that you’ve decided to take adult dance lessons. Congrats! What a great new hobby for both singles and couples to discover! Now you get to choose between these two absolutely amazing, but quite unique, social ballroom dances. How on earth are you supposed to do that? Both partner dances offer something cool that the other might not. Both dances especially bring out a wonderful feeling of confidence that you can take with you to other dance styles, and/or just life in general, so where to start?? The choice is yours! In this blog we’ll discuss the benefits of learning both the Argentine Tango and the Two-step, and give you all the information you’ll need to make the most informed decision possible. (Keep in mind, you can always learn both over time. 😉 )

Let’s start with the good ol’ Country Two Step! This Country Western dance is unbelievably exciting, with amazing moves that will thrill and challenge you, and give you so many tools to take beyond dancing and into your everyday life, like self-assurance, for example. There’s no better dance to use with your favorite Country dance music in order to have complete blast on the dance floor.

If you’re looking to learn something new or just pick up a new hobby, adult dance lessons are a great idea. Country Two Step lessons will be both practical and a fantastic way to meet new friends! The exciting moves you will learn will leave you in complete euphoria as you move freely throughout the dance floor. Not just that, but who doesn’t like watching other people dance to a song they like, and who also actually look like they know what they’re doing? If you have been out Country dancing, you may have already discovered that learning to Two Step is not that hard. If Two-Step is the route you take, you’ll definitely not be disappointed.

If you’re looking to add more passion and romance in your life, Argentine Tango is the dance for you. Most of us have at least seen a couple dance Tango somewhere, be it in the movies or on tv shows like Dancing With The Stars. We know exactly what this steamy dance looks like, from the rose in the mouth, to her legs wrapped around his body. The tango says love and definitely brings something that most dances do not. With the exception of Salsa perhaps, this dance takes you to a sensual and sexy place within yourself, and allows you inner dancer come alive.

Tango dance lessons are incredible for singles who are looking to add something to their life that might “up” their chances in the romance department. What better way to wow someone than to be a great dancer, especially in the Argentine Tango. And once you know this dance, you will be able to lead or follow the other ballroom dances with ease. The only way to experience the beauty of the Tango is to visit your local dance studio for adults and experience it up front and in person.

If you’re asking yourself why you should take Tango lessons, you merely need to watch a video of a couple dancing it. You’ll see how sure and confident they look so you can imagine what it feels like to move in that way yourself. Tango can give such a profound feeling of confidence that you cannot find by any other means.

So now that you have some information about two really great social partner dances, it’s your turn to decide where you want to begin. Both dances bring something special to the table and a skill that you can use beyond the dance floor and into your everyday life, as I said before. You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain with adult dance lessons, so pick your favorite style and get that ball rolling today!

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Express Yourself with Ballroom Dance Classes…

Ballroom dancing near Chandler ArizonaWant to be a leading man or lady for an evening? Pull out your best clothes from the back of your closet, dust off your dancing shoes and start learning some smooth moves. Trying Social Ballroom Dance Classes for the first time can feel intimidating, but keep in mind that becoming a proficient dancer doesn’t happen overnight, but the rewards are well worth the effort. Whether you are looking to be a professional dancer, or an amateur dancing for fun, you are going to need to start somewhere. The first place to begin is with a Private Dance Lesson or two (or three or four). Regardless of your skill level, you can use a little imagination and lose yourself in the seduction of Latin dancing or kick up your heels to a Country music beat with some confidence and knowledge under your belt.

Dancing isn’t just about the steps, and it isn’t just a collection of beats – it sets a tone and creates a feeling on that date or at the wedding you’re attending. Footloose, Grease, and Dirty Dancing are all movies that found their success in large part because of their dancing leads. Picture the scene in Dirty Dancing when the music starts, “I had the time of my life… and I owe it all to you” and true movie magic begins. Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey found their chemistry in dancing and a very famous lift scene. Your magic moment on the dance floor awaits you!

Can you imagine Tom Cruise in Risky Business without the famous dancing in his underwear scene or Footloose without Kevin Bacon following his heart and learning to Country dance while at the same time trying to change the mindset of an entire town? These movies just wouldn’t be the same without these iconic dance scenes; important pieces of the stories would be lost and a critical part of the characters would be undeveloped.

The fun, seduction, and need to dance are driving forces that aren’t limited to just the movies, but can be accessed and embraced in real life. With some time, dedication, and a trusted teacher, you can find your inner John Travolta and Olivia Newton John or Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey for an evening. How romantic would that be?! Once you find your confidence and learn the steps,  you can dust off your dancing shoes anytime you want.

At Dance FX Studios, we embrace our students and love to share the talent we have so that everyone can know the joy and confidence of dance in their lives. Dancing gives you an opportunity to express a piece of your personality the world might not otherwise get to see. It is a skill and a gift that doesn’t go away. We can teach you and your partner how to create the seductive and sexy feeling of Latin dancing or how to kick those Cowboy boots to a Country Two Step. The process of learning to dance should be fun and challenging; it should give you that opportunity to express yourself. Whether it’s a specific event like a wedding or just a fun thing to do, we would be honored to help you set the tone or mood of your moment and channel your inner dancing movie star.

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Swing Dance Your Way Into Summer

Arizona Swing dance lessons for beginnersHere in Arizona, many would argue summer started last month. As we head into the official summer start date, we start dreading the inevitable and begin asking ourselves the big question – how do I get “bathing suit ready”?  Am I right? We here at Dance FX Studios have the solution, Salsa or Swing dance your way into summer with beginners social ballroom dance lessons! Aside from the benefits of learning a skill that allows you to meet new people, social ballroom dancing provides some serious body benefits including cardiorespiratory fitness, firmer calves and legs, an overall better booty and fat-loss from exercise that is at what is called the “target heart rate” for burning fat while keeping muscle. Sounds pretty good, right?

When you are out Country Swing dancing at your favorite Country bar here in Arizona, have you ever stayed on the dance floor long enough to become winded? If your answer is yes, that means you experienced something called cardiorespiratory exercise! “In 2014 about 136,830 people are predicted to be diagnosed with colorectal cancer in the US, and about 50,310 people are predicted to die of the disease. In both men and women, colorectal cancer is the third most commonly diagnosed cancer and the third leading cause of cancer death”, according to the American Cancer Society from 2014.  Did you know that recent medical studies indicate that colon cancer is best prevented by regular participation doing, guess what? Yep, cardiorespiratory exercise and two dances perfect for cardio exercise are the Country Two Step and Country Swing Dancing! YEEHAAAW!

The Aerobics Center Longitudinal Study, which was conducted over 29 years, found that cardio fit people also have a significantly reduced risk of digestive system cancers. Further, their findings support regular cardio exercise, i.e.: Tango or Swing dancing, provides a protective role against total digestive tract, colorectal, and liver cancer deaths, especially in men.

Staying on the health topic, let’s talk about what the true “target heart rate” is for fat burning. This is a topic that few people understand because most people have been told over and over to head directly to the treadmill, stair master or a high intensity cardio exercise like aerobics for an hour, or longer, in order to lose weight. This type of workout, where you feel your heart racing, does burns calories, but it also starts to burn off something highly coveted – muscle. The fact is that low intensity workouts like yoga, weight lifting or ballroom dancing, not only provides cardiorespiratory fitness, but it is also ideal for burning fat! So why not Salsa or Cha Cha dance your way into lean muscles and a toned, firm body? We think you should.

Body builders have it all figured out. They do lots of weight training and low intensity exercise and maybe only 30 minutes of cardio every other day for their muscle building routine. That is soooo much better than overworking that body unnecessarily! Try beginner dance lessons and you will get your health and social benefits knocked out all in one!

Though you do care about your health, I am betting all of you are reading this because you also want to look sexy and shapely! The first example of just such a body that comes to mind is Jennifer Lopez. She has been famous for that shapely body, and her sought after bottom, long before another “endowed” star, Kim Kardashian, ever became a household name! J. Lo may tell you her famous booty is directly due to her time spent dancing. Growing up in the Bronx, in New York, her Puerto Rican parents enrolled their children in singing and dancing to keep them out of trouble. Jennifer specialized in ballet, jazz and flamenco dance genres. Jennifer gained attention showing off her dance talent and physical beauty as a back-up dancer for New Kids on the Block and catapulted to national attention dancing as a “Fly Girl” on the television show In Living Color. Ladies, are you listening? You can get your hips moving to all sorts of spicy Latin dances like Salsa, Merengue, Argentine Tango or Bachata!

When I think of male bodies who attribute their chiseled abs and muscular thighs to dancing, the image of a long ago famous poster of Mikel Barisnakoff in his white tights immediately comes to mind. Other examples of what dancing does for a male body are: Patrick Swayze, Ricky Martin and Maksim Chmerkovskiy. If this does not convince you what dancing can do to transform your body to shapely, sexy and bathing suit ready, there are many other fit-bodied dancers to view, simply by watching the popular TV shows like Dancing with the Stars. Guys, are you listening? Start learning popular social ballroom styles of dancing to get fit and be as popular with the ladies as these famous stars are by summertime!

Find out what learning to County Swing, Country Two Step, Salsa, Tango, and other styles of social ballroom dancing can do to get your body looking great and feeling good, not only for the local pool side barbeque but out on the dance floor at your favorite club.

Maybe there is another event in your future, like a a wedding, a high-school reunion, or a team-building event for your company? So, are you ready? Fat burning exercise and lots of FUN is waiting for you with us at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona! Why not discover dancing now and get that body of yours summer-ready? Call our dance studio today at 480-968-6177 and make your appointment for a New Student Offer today. Dance FX Studios is located conveniently in Mesa, bordering Tempe and  Chandler, Arizona. We hope to see you on the dance floor!

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“Giddy Up” in 2015 and Learn to Dance

Couples Country Dancing in ArizonaWelcome to part two of our previous blog on why every couple and single should learn to dance in this new year! As we have already revealed, social dancing, like Country Two Step or Salsa dancing, for example, is an incredible outlet for forming new friendships, sparking (or re-igniting) romance, and getting fit in 2015. You’d think that the benefits of knowing how to dance end there. Nope. There’s so much more that partner dancing can offer! Did you know that…

Dancing Relieves Stress: Committing to New Year’s Resolutions that force you to do something that you regularly would never want to take part of in the first place is stressful enough. That’s why when you make learning to social dance a goal this year, you can wipe away the pressure of losing weight, finding love or making more friends in the boring old ways that you’ve tried in the past. What a relief! Forget about online dating or running every morning and give Swing dance lessons a try! With active, fast-paced dances like the Jitterbug, or even slow and romantic ones like the Tango, you’ll be enhancing your life in ways unexpected to even yourself-until you start fitting into those old jeans and maybe finding someone else who also loves to Swing dance (wink, wink). With social dancing skills under your belt, you can check off many other “to do’s” and get many of your needs all in one exciting and useful hobby.

With such a fun means of letting go at the end of your day, you may find yourself wanting to dance several nights a week. Even better! Of course, the more you come to your dance lessons, the sooner you will also feel more confident in your new skill, relieving any and all unwanted stress and providing a healthy outlet from outside burdens and worries.

Dancing Equals Connection: Connecting with others, from your spouse to a complete stranger who may become your new best friend, is what social ballroom dancing is all about. Since every body you dance with will act and react in their own unique way, dancing is a cool way to explore the many layers to getting to know someone.

Partner dancing can also interestingly reveal many insecurities in a man or a woman. Through partner dancing, those feelings of “less than” can turn into strengths as one grows in their skill level with time and practice. This positive transformation can all take place within yourself or someone you know, all from learning awesome dances like the Country Swing or Cha Cha. Now that is cool!

Once again, there are even more aspects of social dancing that can lead to a fun and happy 2015. With more to share in an upcoming blog, there’s no need for you to wait for the fun to begin. Arizona locals can find the happiest place to dance in Arizona at Dance FX Studios in the Phoenix East Valley. We would be thrilled to share the many features of becoming a confident social dancer with you, beginning in our New Student Offer. Make this year the start of something great in your life with social dance lessons!


Reconnect Through Social Ballroom Dance Lessons in AZ

Couples who dance together, stay together, right? No matter the style of dance – be it Salsa, Swing, or Country Two Step – dancing is a great way to help couples connect. If life has been pulling you in separate directions (not everyone wants to golf with their spouse!) private dance lessons are a great way to reconnect, rekindle, and reunite. How, you ask? Let’s dig a little deeper!

1. Guaranteed Date Nights – When you’re learning a new hobby, especially one as fun as ballroom dancing, the only way to improve is through time commitment. The plus side to this is you are ALSO making a time commitment to your partner. With all of the outside obligations we have to friends, family, work, and the world, it’s incredibly easy to take our partner for granted. Taking private dance lessons guarantees at least an hour a week of “us” time to relax, learn, and enjoy the company. The cherry on top? Once you have a few moves down, you can take your dancing with you! You two now have a great hobby you can use on cruises, at work functions, or just a night out on the town. This hobby for two is an amazing way to end a stressful week full of soccer games and meetings.
2. Dancing Releases Endorphins – You know those “feel-good” things your body releases after a good workout or a laugh? Dancing involves music, movement, and a physical connection with your partner – ALL of which release those intoxicating chemicals. All those endorphins not only brighten your mood, but they can increase your emotional connection. Who knew that learning to Cha Cha could be so great!?
3. Better Communication – Dancing is literally talking without words. It involves the man, or lead, using his body to effectively communicate with his lady, or follow. A skilled dance instructor is able to help you understand both how to “speak” and “listen” to one another with your bodies. These physical communication skills eventually overlap into verbal communication skills. As my mom used to tell me, communication is key to a happy, healthy relationship. As the saying goes, it takes two to Tango, and all great relationships are built on strong communication-verbal or not.
If you’re interested in exploring the immense benefits of partner dancing, check out more about Dance FX Studios and our unique approach to dance instruction. Our trained staff is here to help you discover what type of dance is right for you! Maybe you need the sensual Argentine Tango, or maybe you need to relax with some fun Country Swing dance lessons. Our introductory offer is only $40, so there’s no reason not to enhance your relationship through social ballroom dance classes. Dance FX Studios is conveniently located in Mesa, AZ just off the 60 and the 101. Are you ready to take your relationship to the next level with us? We are!

Enjoy Life and Ballroom Dance!

Have you ever thought about trying a new hobby? What about challenging yourself physically, mentally and even emotionally? Did you know that learning social ballroom dances like Swing, Country Two Step, Salsa and Argentine Tango can offer a new hobby, a challenge, romance and more? It’s completely true! Over the past 13 years, we at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona have watched thousands of couples and singles transform before our eyes through the power of dance. What makes learning to become a confident social dancer life-changing? Let us explain…

1. Confidence spreads. Learning to Latin dance or Swing dance does not necessarily come easy to most adults who have never tried social partner dancing before. It’s something that you tend to watch others enjoy out socially with envy. “Wow, I wish I could look that sexy on the dance floor. If only I knew how to be a great leader on the dance floor like you. How does he do that cool stuff?” Well, once you learn to become a great social dancer through a series of private dance lessons, your confidence will soon soar. You will have a hobby that very few people can do well, but that everyone wants to know. Dancing in Country bars or Tango clubs is an empowering and rejuvenating way to spend an evening. You will have others want to be like you and that is a wonderful confidence-builder! Before long, we have seen the shy and “meek” change into strong and self-assured individuals, all after learning to be a great social dancer.

2. Dancing adds romance. If your relationship needs re-kindling, there’s nothing more exciting than a ballroom dance lesson to help you to re-connect. With more romance in your life, you are sure tho not only live a longer, happier life, but you will have someone special to share it with. For singles who have a new found confidence through ballroom dancing, finding romantic connections is that much easier. What woman doesn’t want to be swept off of her feet and what guy wouldn’t enjoy a woman who moves with poise and certainty.

3. Dancing is relaxing. Why belly up to a bar when you can relieve stress in your dance lessons. Not only can you focus solely one just one thing when you are in a dance lesson, but dancing is going to raise your heart rate, putting you in a better frame of mind by the time your hour-long lesson is through.

Enjoy learning to become a comfortable and confident social dancer with us at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona. We are near Tempe, Chandler and Gilbert in the Phoenix East Valley. In each dance lesson you have here at Dance FX Studios, you will grow into a great dancer that will open up new doors and possibilities. Are you ready to enhance your life? Then try our Introductory Offer and see how dancing can benefit you!

Cool Tips for Beginner Ballroom Dancers

So, you want to learn to dance? Many of you have seen ballroom dancing on shows like the ever-popular Dancing with the Stars, which is entertaining to watch, but not practical in the real world. Most people who want to learn to dance prefer to learn a skill that they will use for any occasion, anywhere, anytime. That’s where social ballroom dancing comes into play!

Here at Dance FX Studios, in Mesa, Arizona, located in the Phoenix East Valley, we can help you to become a great social dancer with private ballroom dance lessons in all of the most popular dance styles from the Country Two Step to the Swing to the Argentine Tango. Private dance lessons are the most efficient way to become an awesome social dancer, since you are working one-on-one with an instructor on personalized lessons created just for you. This way, you learn the dances that you are interested in based on the type of music you like and where you see yourself going out dancing.

Private dance lessons give you the opportunity to choose the amount of dances and dance styles you want to learn. You may decide you want to focus on just Latin dances, like the Bachata or the Salsa, since you know that you will only be going out to the Latin dance clubs around Phoenix. Maybe Swing dancing is more to your style. Not sure which dance is best for your needs? No worries! You have the option to learn 3-4 different types of dances within your private dance lessons so that you can dance anywhere, anytime!

To begin with private ballroom dance lessons, Dance FX Studios offers an Introductory Special for only $40 (per couple or single). This one-hour private dance lesson is an ideal, low cost way to check out our studio and our exclusive methods of teaching. It also lets your instructor determine your rate of learning, what you want to learn, and what your goals are for learning to dance. And, you can also see how much fun and how easy it is to learn from us!

Now we know that many times, once someone has decided to learn to dance, they want it to happen NOW! Keep in mind- this is a journey, sort of like learning a language. If you were to learn a new language, do you think you will be fluent in the language after only a handful of lessons? Of course not. You may learn some new words, maybe put a few sentences together, but you certainly will not be fluent. The same is true with learning to dance. Be patient with yourself and your dance partner, be consistent with your lessons, and before you know it, you will become an accomplished dancer.

While in the beginning stages of your private dance lessons, we do have a few tips that may help:

1.     Don’t practice! We know that this doesn’t sound right- doesn’t practice make perfect? Yes it does, once you know what you’re doing. If you try practicing on your own at this point, you may do it incorrectly, which will then affect your lessons. So, take a break for the time being- you’ll have plenty of chances later on to practice.

2.     Keep your initial lessons close together. If you spread out your beginning dance lessons, each time you come in for the next one, you’ll be spending half the time reviewing from the last time. It’s best to come in as often as possible in the early stages of learning to dance so you’re able to retain what you’re learning and apply it to each forthcoming lesson.

3.     Stick to dances that you will actually use. When determining which type of dances you want to learn, remind yourself of what type of music you like and where you want to go dancing. You don’t want to spend valuable lesson time learning the Country Swing if you plan only to go to Latin clubs. Think of how much better you’ll be and how much more enjoyable your lessons will be when you’re doing the dances you will use in your everyday life.

Are you ready to begin this exciting new venture into learning to dance? Excellent! Dance FX Studios is waiting for you! We have been teaching students social ballroom dancing for over 12 years and we would love the opportunity to do the same for you. Come and see how exciting, rewarding and beneficial dancing can be for everyone.